What is Grade-Level Essentials?

Year-round, customized newsletters deliver essential learning information to parents and teachers.

How we reach the whole school community in real-time

How we support capacity-building for diverse communities

Easily implemented and aligned to your Title I, Title III & ESSER funding needs!

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Grade-Level Essentials newsletter

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Family newsletters are customized for:

  • PreK through 12th grades
  • English and Spanish
  • School and/or district co-branding

Monthly teacher newsletter provides:

  • Parent engagement resources
  • Free instructional materials
  • Equitable teaching strategies

Special themes address:

  • Family literacy
  • Special Education
  • Summer learning
  • College and career readiness

District-level family engagement tools include:

  • Social media content on learning themes
  • Summer learning resources
  • Implementation guide and support


Interactive features include:

  • Monthly interactive check-in
  • Pre- and post-year surveys
  • Quarterly tracking and reporting

Expert content addresses:

  • Social and emotional learning
  • Reading, writing, math, science, & STEM
  • Character

If your district is prioritizing family engagement,
contact us about how Grade-Level Essentials can help you achieve your goals.

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