Calculating speed

Skill: Division within 500


How long will it take a bike rider to travel 36 miles at 9 mph?

This math worksheet will give your child practice figuring out the correct multiplication and division equations, as well as coming up with answers about speed and distance.


Dollar sense

Skill: Money math


How much allowance will Tracey have at the end of eight weeks?

This money math worksheet will give your fourth grader practice writing and solving equations regarding dollars and cents.


Elapsed time

Skill: Solving word problems


Carmen’s gymnastics class starts at 10:40 am and ends at 1:20 pm. How long does it last?

This math worksheet offers word problems about how much time has passed.


Everyday math problems

Skill: Addition to 1,000


Simon travels by train for 110 miles, by bus for 56 miles and then walks the final 5 miles. How far does he travel?

The word problems in this math worksheet help your child practice real-life addition and subtraction equations.


Everyday problems with decimals

Skill: Adding five numbers


A plumber has 6 m of copper tubing…

The word problems in this math worksheet let your child determine the addition or subtraction equation and then calculate the answer.