One key 4th grade math skill

This year, it's critical for kids to master certain math skills. Find out which skills are most essential — and one simple way to practice them all!

Here’s what Ms. Hatschek wants fourth graders to really master in math so they can be successful in fifth grade, algebra, and beyond.

Video transcript:

“In the fourth grade, it’s really important that students master all four operations: multi-digit addition, multi-digit subtraction, two-by-one multiplication, two-by-two multiplication, and long division with a one-digit divisor. All these operations are really important because it lends students to more fluency in the future years in math. Especially when they get to algebra, they’ll be needing all four operations to solve those algebraic problems. In addition, long division is the sum of all the addition, subtraction, and multiplication that they’ve learned up until that point. So all four operations are the most important math concept students could master by the end of fourth grade.”

Learn more about your fourth grader’s learning and development this year, including:

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