Looking for an advanced, yet still age-appropriate, book for your child? You’ll find something just right on these grade-based book lists for gifted readers. Some gifted readers take to advanced books like a fish to water. Others need to a little push to try a more challenging read. And under the Common Core Standards, all kids are encouraged to read “complex texts“. So we created these book lists to help parents and teachers find challenging reads with age-appropriate themes for kids in elementary and middle school.

Books to challenge gifted 2nd grade readers
Folktales, historical tales, and fiction that will captivate and challenge your second grade reader with new ideas, words, and settings.

Books to challenge gifted 3rd grade readers
List of classic — or almost-classic — books to help your child improve reading, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Books to challenge gifted 4th grade readers
Exciting and relatable tales that will grasp your child’s attention while helping them stretch their vocabulary and comprehension.

Books to challenge gifted 5th grade readers
These entertaining and interesting reads also qualify as “complex texts,” a key reading standard for fifth grade readers.

Books to challenge gifted 6th grade readers
Engrossing tales with complex language, ideas, and settings that will help your child improve their reading, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.

Books to challenge gifted 7th grade readers
Stories that will engross your seventh grader and help them think deeply about and how they value family, group associations, and history.

Books to challenge gifted 8th grade readers
These stories delve into questions of identity and self-awareness in a way that will inspire your eighth grader to consider who they are and who they want to be.