Help your kindergartner learn the beginning sounds of letters by creating a name book. He’ll love reading this book over and over while practicing the names of letters and identifying the beginning sounds of the pictures.

What you’ll need:

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Word-processing program such as Microsoft Word
  • Paper
  • Digital camera (optional)
  • Crayons (optional)
  • Two pieces of sturdy paper or card stock for the cover and back
  • Hole punch
  • Three key rings

Here’s how to do it

Using a word-processing program, have your child type each letter of his first and last name on the top of separate pages. Have your child observe as you increase the font size of each letter to make it more visible on the page.

Now you’re going to find pictures of objects that have the same beginning sounds as the letters in his name. If you’re using a digital camera, demonstrate how to take digital photos. Show your child how to safely hold the camera. Show him how to look through the viewfinder or LCD panel. Demonstrate which button to push to take the picture.

Walk around the house or neighborhood to help your child find objects that start with the same beginning letter sound as the letters in his name. Have your child take a digital photo of objects beginning with each letter. Download the photos into the computer.

Help your child insert pictures on each letter page that have the same beginning sound of each letter. If you don’t have a digital camera, your child can help select clip art or draw pictures after the pages are printed. If you are unsure how to insert graphics or photos, go to your software program’s Help menu for directions. Print the pages. Then bind the book using sturdy paper and key rings.