Hard Times: a classic novel

Skill: Adjectives


Is your baby ready for Dickens? Yes! For this excerpt, at least.

This reading worksheet features passages from Charles Dickens’ novel Hard Times, giving your child a chance to try reading a more difficult text, building comprehension and vocabulary skills.


The Rabbit: understanding poetry

Skill: Fluency


There are five forms of travel mentioned in this poem. What are they?

This reading worksheet helps your child understand the many ways language can be used. Your child will read the poem aloud and then answer questions about meaning and context.


Simile or cliché?

Skill: Similes and metaphors


Not just lightweight — it’s light as a feather!

In this reading worksheet your child will learn about similes as descriptive tools, and clichés as descriptive language that’s overused. Learning the difference will help kids understand the many ways language can convey meaning, and boost writing skills, too.


Metaphorically speaking

Skill: Reading comprehension


Similar to similes … but not

There’s a reason kids learn about similes and metaphors around the same time. Both are wonderful language tools, but it is easy to confuse them (metaphors are descriptors that don’t use "like" or "as"). In this reading worksheet, your child will practice spotting metaphors, writing them as similes, and evaluating which metaphors are most effective.

Thunder and lightning

Skill: Identifying key details


What is thunder anyway?

Your child will be able to give you the answer! Here’s a nonfiction text that explains thunder and lightning in scientific terms. This reading worksheet gives your child important practice reading a nonfiction science text and answering questions to build comprehension.