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Like a Sponge podcast: Sampling the future

How can high schoolers sample the future? This public Georgia high school has perfected a pathway program that leads to college, careers, and even stardom.

Like a Sponge podcast: Forget college prep. Start college now.

One small Texas early college high school manages to do what so many high schools try but fail to do: prepare all students for actual college success.

Like a Sponge podcast: The problem with high school

Most high schools have been using the same old playbook for more than a century. Why haven’t they caught up with the times?

Like a Sponge podcast: Humility’s bad rap

We want our kids to be confident learners. We tell them to “speak up in class” and “fake it till you make it.” But what about that old-fashioned virtue, humility? New research suggests it may be the key to learning.

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