Links and resources for Humility’s bad rap

Cultivating intellectual humility may help us learn better — and have more productive ideological debates.

Here’s how to help your kids be open-minded, mindful of their strengths and weaknesses, and considerate of others.

World-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck explains the core idea behind “Mindset,” her breakthrough book on how to truly motivate kids.

Want to build a virtual community at your child’s school? Check out our series of free presentations on raising compassionate, courageous kids. Designed for anyone to deliver over Zoom or in person, they come with a presenter script, an entertaining slide deck, and audience participation prompts.

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Music in this episode: “Miracle” from Matilda the Musical; “It Was Warmer Then,” by Helios; “Sound and Color,” by Alabama Sha; and “I’m So Humble,” by Adam Levine. Like a Sponge’s Season 2 theme is Blue and Green by RimskyMusic.