Tools for families

It’s no secret: family life can be tough! If you’ve ever wished you could transform your family’s interactions to create more cooperation and understanding, these tools are worth a try. They will help your family resolve conflicts, foster positive relationships, and build your children’s emotional intelligence.

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Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence’s Kathryn Lee explains why the Family Charter works.

Family Charter: shared goals, shared feelings

Would you like to get your family on the same page and create a more respectful home? The Family Charter does just that. A written agreement that everyone in the family creates together and signs, the Family Charter helps build a positive emotional climate in your home. Read more »

Create a Family Charter with your family. Download pdf

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Shameka Anderson talks about using a Meta-Moment instead of being a “ticking bomb.”

The Meta-Moment: managing our emotions before they manage us

Have you ever lost your temper in a way that you later regretted? Most parents would say yes. The Meta-Moment is a tool that helps us press the pause button before we respond to a challenging feeling.
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Listen to Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence Director Marc Brackett talk about how the Meta-Moment works.
Use this cartoon to remind your family to use Meta-Moments Download pdf

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Carol Lloyd shares what happened when she insisted her two daughters use the Blueprint to resolve a conflict.

The Blueprint: resolving conflict by looking at the world through someone else’s eyes

Are there any conflicts in your family? We all have our own truths. But conflict often arises when we think our truths are the only truths. The Blueprint is a tool for overcoming conflict by getting each person to look at the conflict from the other person’s perspective as well as their own. Read more »

Try the Blueprint with your family. Download pdf

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Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence’s Robin Stern explains how to use the Mood Meter to guide your child’s emotional learning.

The Mood Meter: a tool for developing greater emotional awareness

Have you ever made a decision you regret? How you’re feeling on the inside can have a huge impact on how you’re parenting on the outside. The Mood Meter is a tool to help us learn to recognize emotions (in ourselves and others) and talk about our feelings.
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Explore the Mood Meter with this fun printout. Download pdf

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Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence’s Kathryn Lee explains why children need a feeling words vocabulary.

Feeling words curriculum: building emotional literacy one word at a time

Emotions matter. Studies have found that emotions have a huge impact on our learning, our attention, and our memory. Emotions influence our decision-making and color our relationships. Help your child develop the skills to become emotionally intelligent. Read more »

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