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How would you deal with this situation


shukrik May 28, 2013

My son's English teacher told my son today that he will fail the Reading SOL (VA) test because my could not explain the meaning of a word on piece of persuasive reading that the class was working on. The teacher called him after the class and said, " Sorry to embarrass you, but you will fail the SOL test." My son was very upset about this and could not say a word. I would like to write an email to the teacher but am not sure how to approach. The test will on Thursday and I am concerned that my son will not perform well on the test because of what happened to him. How do I deal with this situation. I want to reach out the teacher and basically ask her why she said what she said and if she thinks he will fail how can I and the school help him not to fail. I know we only have one day until the testing day.
Any suggestion is appreciated.
My son is in middle school.

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MagnetMom June 3, 2013

Hi shukrik, and welcome to GreatSchools Parent Community.

You have the right idea. I would definitely reach out, and assume the best. Maybe this was the teacher's attempt to inspire your son by challenging him.

Even if he does not perform well, it's a good idea to find out what steps will be taken by the school to improve his outlook for next year.

Let us know what happens.


FRSandpiper June 4, 2013

Sometimes teachers forget how they come across. I think this was absolutely inappropriate for the teacher to say to your son, but I expect it was intended to be a kick in the butt, not a kick in the groin. I would probably approach it with, "I know my son doesn't always hear what he needs to hear, but this is what he reported to me, and I was wondering if he heard it correctly..."

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