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Sample Letter??


user5486700 March 18, 2014

I'm currently in battle with my child's school, over unfair discipline to my child, on the school bus, the school refuses to let m hear the videos, I don't even care about viewing them, I want to hear them, because the bus driver is making claims of several of offenses, in which I was never made aware of, nor has proof been provided to me. I am attempting to write a request for my child's records, and am completely lost about what to put in this letter. Help please?? Texas

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TeacherParent March 24, 2014

How soon do you want the records? If soon, the quickest way to get them might be to call the Principal and alert him that you are putting a request in writing for a copy of your child's records.

But to make sure they send you everything that's in those records, I'd first go in to the school and look at them. Make an appointment with the Principal, then - while there - ask to view the records. That way they can't remove anything from the file.
Take a letter with you and leave it with them asking that copies be released to you.

Something like
Mr. Smith:
In keeping with the Family Rights and Privacy Act, I'd like to request a copy of my child's school records. Kindly send copies of all papers and documents in his file to _______________________________

That's all you need to say - if you want to be nice, sign it

Sincere thanks.

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