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I need help please


user5523236 April 16, 2014

Ok so I'm in 7th grade and the school hear is almost over and my grades right now is bad an I don't know what to do? All I want is my grades to just go up a little bit. I have two f's and no A's I've already tried school tutoring homework club and I asked my teacher for help even my mom. Anything else's?

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TeacherParent April 25, 2014

To bring up your grades you need to look at how the teachers' grade. Do they give a homework grade? A test grade? A class participation grade? Every teacher grades a bit differently than the next. If in one class the teacher counts classroom participation, then in that class you need to make a point of raising your hand and participating in class. If the teacher grades homework, then in that class you have to always hand in your homework on time.
What subjects are your 'F's in? Do those classes have closed book memorization tests? Or at home essays? It's rare for any class to base the report card grade on just one thing. Even if you do poorly on tests, you should be able to get some help with homework and always be sure your homework is done well and a good homework grade can pull up your overall grade.
You have to figure out what's going wrong - tests? Homework? Class participation? Writing? And focus your efforts purposefully in those different categories.

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