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How to get my 4year old son to want to go to preschool?


Angel55 September 4, 2013

I had him in a preschool program and one day he just stopped wanting to go. Attending preschool for a whole year prior to he loved going to school. Then one day he absolutely refused, tried not to get out of bed fussed as I tried to have him get dressed when we arrived at the school to go inside he would hold on to the sides of the car cling on w/ all his strength, kicking and crying and once inside he would hold on to me for dear life, grabbed on to me hid his face in my neck shaking and would not let go. There was no way I was going to make him go. I tried staying at the school with him. The teachers and other students parents we tried to figure out what went wrong offering play days etc. but it was never the same. So he took the summer off and now the school year begins and he still tells me he doesn't want to go. He even cried begging me not to find a new school. He cried and said but mommy I don't want to go I really really really really don't want to go. Every chance I get I am encouraging him. How do I get him to see how important it is to go to school?

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user5279477 September 5, 2013

Hi Angel :-) Sounds like something happened that he didn't like, is there a new student or new teacher? Any new rules? My nephew had a situation, 2.5yr old, new teacher kept kids in high chairs too long or hours long naps when he didn't like to nap. Loved school until this, then had the same reaction afterward, freaking out about going back. Sis did a few pop ins and same thing every time, strapped in a high chair or laying on a mat awake, so she took him out (a Lyndhurst school). Sometimes it can be hard to get out of a child what happened, it can even be the littlest thing, or bigger like what my sis went through. I know a sudden dislike must be confusing :-( Maybe bring him around a new school just to sit and watch the kids, or say hi to the teacher there, something might interest him? Good Luck! My kids are going to prek for the first time next week, I'm more nervous than they are!! :-)

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