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Students enrolled: 4,802

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September 08, 2014
We have been with AZVA from 1st grade and now the girls are in 11th grade. I am the Learning Coach and mom and dad are both brick and mortar teachers. We chose AZVA for its rich curriculum, the online classes and ability to interact with teachers. The girls have excelled due to the excellent curriculum, the ability to adapt to each girl's needs and the support of caring teachers and administrators. We are very supportive of this school. Yes, we have had a few issues, but they have been dealt with in a positive and supportive manner. The teachers and administrators really care about each student. One of the girls, I believe, is strong in math only because of this "home school" program. She struggled with the basics and only because I could teach and reteach using different methods until she understood is she the A student she is today. She has those basics down! That would never have happened in a regular school environment. The girls have made many friends through online sessions and school activities. When given an option before 9th grade, they chose to stay at AZVA. We love AZVA and look forward to the next 2 years knowing we will be fully prepared for college!

- submitted by a community member
July 24, 2014
We had calls, in the first few weeks last year, inquiring how things were going; however, as soon as we figured out what our issues were, there was NO support. If you have a child with special needs, or a child that is working above grade level (we have both), forget it. No one was able to help us with strategies for our child with special needs, and it is a common diagnosis. They didn't seem concerned at all. He learned NOTHING in two of his subjects the entire year. We were told, prior to enrolling, our other child could work ahead so as not to get bored working two grade levels behind his ability. What they actually meant was he could skip every few lessons, but he still had to complete a certain amount of those lessons/week. He wasn't able to get to his grade-level ability the entire year because of this requirement. Now I'm attempting to speak with administration about these issues before I decide whether to enroll them this year. I just get tossed from one voicemail to another with no return calls. It has been weeks, and no one has returned one call. AZVA is convenient and free but if you have a different learner, the convenience will come at great cost to your child.

- submitted by a parent
May 29, 2014
My son attended AZVA in 4th grade. It was very intensive and alot of work, but when he went back to a brick and mortar class, he was so far ahead they had to bump him up a grade. I'm tired of his current schools attitude. The learning is a joke and they treat parents like the enemy if they hold the school accountable for anything. We are going back to AZVA next year. I'd rather worry about the curriculum being too tough than worry that he's getting a second rate education.

- submitted by a parent
May 07, 2014
We have had 3 children attend AZVA, and it has been a lifesaver. It lets us run our own schedule, our businesses from home and still be completely involved with what is going on with our children. We had our youngest start school with AZVA and he is now going into 3rd grade. He has a 6th grade reading level, and is doing much better than I believe he would in a regular school. We have had 2 kids graduate through AZVA and I believe that they were able to focus more and do actual school compared to their brick and mortar schools they attended before. Love AZVA, love the support, the teachers, flexibility, and we absolutely recommend this school. They supply everything, even computers. Great way to "homeschool" with the support of real people and teachers.

- submitted by a parent
January 26, 2014
My son was enrolled in Arizona Virtual Academy for Kindergarten. We were very displeased with our experience. The teacher was nice, but never really helped me my son when he was struggling to "catch up" as pressured by the school since he started the program a couple months into the school year. He needed the time to start at the beginning and I was under the impression that the flexibility of the school would allow him to do so. The school overall treated us like $ signs and a number in their system. They could care less about my son. The curriculum was "so-so" and I was not pleased with the overall workload they expected a 5 year old to take on. We have since enrolled in another virtual school that is absolutely amazing. The curriculum is excellent and teacher support wonderful. We are looking forward to started our third year with the school this fall.

- submitted by a parent
August 23, 2013
Arizona Virtual Academy is an excellent school! The curriculum is available for you to view, the planning is made so that it is super easy for the learning coach, the staff is always available to assist in anyway possible, the feedback is instant, and the teachers are high quality!

- submitted by a parent
June 24, 2013
My daughter attended AZVA from 5th-8th grade. She went back to brick and mortar for her freshman year of high school. She took all honors classes and finished the year with a 99% average. The curriculum is solid and I assumed it was my full time job to teach her and monitor her work and progress. My son's AIMS scores went up 30%tile rank points in just one year with AZVA. I have no complaints and love the time with my kids, though there are some rough days here and there, but their education is MY responsibility primarily with AZVA. We've always completed all the assigned work in 4-6 hrs. (depending on the grade level) and we've always finished the year several weeks early. Learning is hard work and it's fun!

- submitted by a parent
April 12, 2013
Our daughter is learning much more in Arizona Virtual Academy than in the brick and mortar charter school that she attended for kindergarten the first three months of first grade. Since she is already motivated to learn, the online program through K-12 is perfect for her and she does not have to learn at a much slower pace with less disciplined children (although normal for that age)as in the previous charter school. Her mom is the learning coach and is responsible for the majority of the learning, but they also have class connect with her teacher and other students online for an hour daily, at least three times each week. The learning and program took about six hours daily to accomplish in the first 4-6 weeks, but is now accomplished in about four hours with short breaks between classes as we (now) comprehend the program and how to navigate the web site, as well as being organized with the classes. It is great being able to go back over material and help our child understand difficult segments, which is not likely in a brick and mortar experience with another 25 children for the teacher to attend to. Additionally, we can call or email (k-mail) the teacher as needed.

- submitted by a parent
January 30, 2013
Ha Ha! The best they can do to rebut my review is to say "K-12 is not breaking the law" ROTFLMDAO!!!!!

- submitted by a teacher
November 22, 2012
Thank goodness I do not have any relatives in this system. The students I have helped are stressed by the 2-3 lines used to give them information on the subject and questions. Unacceptable base for decison making. Escorted student to Phoenix English test. Teacher did not arrange in advance for the test, when she arrived at the library even contact the staff I felt whole way was unprofessional, ncluding whispering to student, kneeling beside the student (which made the student very uncomfortable) moved the student midway thru test to an ever more public and noisy area, seating the 12 year old on a chair at a table for 3-6 year old. I was so concernedat this point I insisted my husband get an adult size chair for her as i WAS afraid she would set on the small chair that would not support her weight, set upon the floor or kneel by the student again. When I questioned the whole unprofessional way the test was scheduled...I was by Ms. Sanche it was my fault, even though I had told her2 months before I could be available with the student the 5th on November. Finally, I insisted thru the students parent that I not take the child without a date and time. Mary E. Bryce

- submitted by a community member
October 28, 2012
Student beware. My granddaughter went there for six months and graduated from there. The teachers she had gave her enough homework to do which was much worse than actually attending class. In particular the English teacher was a reprobate who did not explain assignments, piled it on and graded like a vampire. There was more work to do in assignments every week than an online graduate program that i attended through the University of Phenix.

- submitted by a parent
October 01, 2012
We are returning to AZVA. I am educating my grandchildre so their parents can work at their careers while ensuring their children are well educated. One grandson was in AZVA for 2 years. He went from being a low B student to a straight A student. He returned to public school in 8th grade. Now a Freshman in high school, he maintains his A average. His younger brother was in AZVA for 1st grade, homeshooled along with his cousin without AZVA in 2nd, and we are enrolling them both in AZVA now. It has flaws, but the quality of the curriculum and the accountability are excellent. He has high functioning Asperger's, and the teachers work well with his needs. It isn't for everyone, and it won't work without a strong commitment from the parent. It has flexibility, but that doesn't mean you don't have to do a lot of hard work. But you know your children will get a good education, and that's what any school should be about. If you can't dedicate the time and effort, AZVA isn't for you. If you want to know your children are meeting the standards while teaching them at home, it's an excellent choice.

- submitted by a parent
September 10, 2012
Charter schools are run by corporations. By law, those corporations may choose to operate as a for profit or as a nonprofit entity. K-12 is not breaking the law, and they do have to pay taxes on the money they get from student enrollment. Of course, the learning coaches don't get any renumeration for their part in teaching their kids. What they do get is a great family experience and better educated children!

- submitted by a community member
July 10, 2012
My daughter attended AZVA for her 7th and part of 8th grade. She completed her 7th grade and 3/4ths of her 8th grade in one school year. Towards the end of her 8th grade she had to return to public school cause I was no longer working from home. They accepted her into 8th grade knowing she was from AZVA and now, a year younger then most kids in 8th grade but she aced the end of public school. She went on to high school the following year, 9th grade, and aced that year cause she was so ahead at AZVA it was so easy for her to ace it. For her 10th grade, public school finally got to her and she does have a 3.5 grade avg but she complains it takes to long for teachers to settle the kids down before starting class. She is asking to go back to AZVA and this year it should be possible since I might be working from home again. I will not do it unless she is able to stay for the next two years and have her graduate from AZVA that way I won't have to worry about public schools making it hard for charter, or homeschoolers to go back to public school by testing them. It is work for the parent, but teach them organization and were to find information online and it takes a lot off your back.

- submitted by a parent
May 28, 2012
This school has taken my children to an entirely different level both in learning and self esteem! Kudos AZVA~

- submitted by a parent
April 15, 2012
I have two children in AZVA and I cant say enough wonderful things about them!

- submitted by a parent
March 01, 2012
We LOVE this school!!! Both of our boys are doing very well. They both score high on the AIMS test, even though we do very little extra test prep. When we had them in a brick and mortar school, it seemed all they did was prep for the test. They are able to really dig into lessons they get excited about. The curriculum is awesome. We are offered Spanish and Music at the third grade level. We also get P.E. everyday which, most schools have cut down to once or twice per week. This program requires a high level of parent participation and commitment at the elementary school level. This is what I love about it! We get to see exactly what our children are learning and can provide extra instruction in the areas they need help. Our children are learning to be independent thinkers and to be self disciplined. We also participate in community activities for social outlets. We have even started a couple of group activities. This program is far and away the best thing going.

- submitted by a parent
February 26, 2012
I go here because I have a sickness that caused me to miss quite a bit of school. I like it and the teachers are friendly, but I would have absolutely no friends if I did not got to an in-person school before this. You really have to sit there all day and do your work, like a regualr school, but you do not really get to talk to other students or hear their opinions. It's like being in an enclosed bubble all day long. There are outings, but it's awkward since you don't know anyone. When it comes time for me to have kids, I will not put them in online school unless they are bullied or sick all of the time. You have no social life and they have no way to tell if you are cheating. I do not cheat, but I am certain they have problems with that because there is no way to find out if someone is cheating. It works well for my situation for the time being though.

- submitted by a community member
January 29, 2012
We like the material and it is easy to use. The parents need to be real hands on with the younger students and don't just turn them lose on the computer.

- submitted by a parent
October 03, 2011
This school was probably the best school that my child has been in .She has been in many non-home school schools but always was never satisfied with any of them because she ,lets just say, loves challenges and being ahead and in traditional schools she couldn't do that because the teacher would have to explain it to the other 17 - 20 kids while she just sat there being bored out of her mind.Now that we have azva, she can go ahead as much as she wants and even skip grades which she is completely thriving on and getting awesome scores on her AIMS tests and and learning to her hearts content.We are completely happy with azva and hope that for many others it would the same thing.

- submitted by a community member
August 08, 2011
We just started our second year in the AZVA school. I have had wonderful interaction with the teachers. They are always there to answer any questions, to speak with your child and to encourage them to succeed. I have been thrilled with the program so far and I have watched my son progress much faster than others in a public school, we would recommend AZVA (K12) to anyone willing to put in the time with your child. Why would I want anyone else to get to see my child learn and grow when I have the time to invest in him myself! GREAT PROGRAM!

- submitted by a parent
July 26, 2011
There are many things to like about AZVA. All the materials are free, it's very structured, and you know exactly how well your child is doing in class almost up-to-the-moment. It's a great school for a child that is highly motivated and can work well independently, or for a family that wants to home school but needs extra resources. We didn't fit into either category, so it just didn't work well. A big warning!!!! Now that my son is going back to a public high school, we found out that they don't accept the accreditation that AZVA has, even though we were told by AZVA that all credits will transfer. He has to retest on EVERY core class that he passed and score 70% or higher to receive credit for it. Otherwise he will only get credit for it as an elective.

- submitted by a parent
April 17, 2011
AZVA=online public charter school that a child can be enrolled in at no cost b/c, like all public schools, it is tax-payer funded. B/c it is a public charter school, it does not receive as high of a percentage of monies as public district schools.B/c AZVA is virtual rather than brick & mortar, child learns from home/road/anywhere. AZVA is NOT independent homeschooling b/c one registers/enrolls child in a public school that employs teachers, schedules/requires standardized testing(AIMS).When one independently homeschools,he does not depend on a state-funded school, a child is not assigned a state student ID, does not have to complete standardized test, doesn't comply w/ attendance hours,& the parent must sign an affadavit w/state assuring that they'll educate their child independent of state.AZVA is the ideal public school for us b/c we have already pd taxes to cover our child's education, we are sent materials/provided w/ tools needed to educate him, yet he does not have to spend his day in a brick & mortar public school w/teachers & peers we don't approve of. We are referred to as Learning Coaches but do 90% of the teaching.Excellent resources, live online classes, it's the best!

- submitted by a parent
February 27, 2011
I have 3 children in AZVA this is our 2nd year. We are satisfied with the school and its curriculum I am especially happy with the online Mark 12 reading program this has helped my special needs student to go from reading 25 wpm to 80 to 90 wpm, but the special needs program needs improvement you are kinda left alone to do your own thing not very supportive. The math program could use more improvements. Most teachers are helpful but not all seem to care the same about there students.

- submitted by a parent
December 25, 2010
If you want to homeschool and need free materials this is great way to go. As for a "school" AZVA is NOT that. The Leadership has gone down hill the last 2 years and I am glad this is my last year with them. There is NO parebnt involement in Northern AZ and the school just doesn't care. This school is backed by K12 and is more of a business than a school. Like I said in the beginning, if you want to homeschool and need materials start here!

- submitted by a parent
November 09, 2010
This is the fourth year my granddaughter has attended AZVA. She went to a regular school for 3rd and 4th grade. This girl is always on the principle's list and exceeds all the time with AZVA. This school has a great curriculum and I really like the education she gets here. Her only problem is there is no socialization. We live on the west side of Phoenix and there is NOTHING here for a kid to make friends. I do not count elluminate sessions as making friends. That was why she wanted to go back to a regular school, and then had to face 2 years of bullying. In the second year she asked to go back to AZVA again. This is a great school, but you just can't sit on your butt. Try helping, you might learn something.

- submitted by a parent
September 05, 2010
WOW I cant believe how many of you parents are lazy!! As for the "to much work for a elementary student" comment< you must have a kid as lazy as you. My daughter breezes through these assignments. Public school is A babysitter to you apparently and you blame AZVA for your short comings! I have no problem contacting the teacher and she hold several online meetings with the children. Stop being lazy and teach your child something or shut and don't complain when public school fails them too!

- submitted by a parent
August 25, 2010
I am the parent of the student who reviewed the school starting with "Ugh" on 1-28-2010. Let me start by saying that she was in 7th grade at the time she wrote her review. Pay attention to her writing style and grammar. It's excellent. She got that from the k12.com curriculum offered at AZVA. She also scored PERFECT on the writing and reading sections of her last AIMS test. We lived in a very isolated area of the state, where she had absolutely no social interaction with any kids her age. None at all. So her view is a little jaded on the whole social aspect of this school. If you live in any town in the state, your child will have social opportunities that my daughter did not have. She now says that the curriculum is outstanding & the school is great, since moving to an actual town.

- submitted by a parent
June 24, 2010

- submitted by a parent
no rating May 14, 2010
Teachers are awesome! The curriculum is state of the art. There is a nice 'family' feel to this school. Everyone works together for the good of all students.

- submitted by a parent
April 27, 2010
Helpful and energetic teachers and administrators and excellent curriculum make this school outstanding!

- submitted by a parent
April 12, 2010
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
April 06, 2010
AZVA uses the K12 curriculum and it is the most comprehensive, thought provoking program I have come across in five years of homeschooling. AZVA, the school itself, seems to change from year toyear as they tweak this and refine that. Sometimes it annoys me. Sometimes it delights me. I associate with AZVA only for access to the K12 program. I cannot afford it privately. How good is the curriculum? My sixth grader, whom I removed from Higley Elementary after a disastrous first grade and enrolled in AZVA, re-entered public school at his own request and made the honor roll the first semester. What is even more impressive is that this child was considered extremely learing disabled when I withdrew him from Higley. AZVA has a terrible Special Ed program and he received little if any services. But the program itself is designed for multiple styles of learning.

- submitted by a parent
February 10, 2010
AZVA is a home school situation. I disagree with the discouraging reviews. AZVA is great. The staff is great. My son actually likes learning again after his horrible experience in the public school! He is a happy 7th grader! On the academic level he is learning SO much more without the chaotic enviroment. Yes, it does take work from the parent, that is why they call it HOME SCHOOL. As one parent put it well,' You only have one chance with your child'

- submitted by a parent
February 09, 2010
AZVA is a terrific school. We've tried it all, private school, home school and this has been the best experience. We have flexibility to school whenever we want. As the parent of two high school students I am even more appreciative of this school. My oldest has been able to hold down a part time job and keep up with his studies. The school work is hard and time consuming but, it should be at this point. I also have a child will health issues and this school has allowed him to keep up with his school work and not be worried about falling behind, because we can do the work when he is up to it. When the kids were in the elementary program I felt it was a little easy but they were able to work at their own pace.

- submitted by a parent
January 30, 2010
As many other parents and students have said, you should be prepared for a home schooling situation with AZVA. The amount of schoolwork given is way more than students can complete each day, not to mention that students aren't given much guidance from teachers. Students at AZVA won't have time for anything other than school work. Trying to get in touch with teachers or administrators isn't easy. It can be days before they answer student or parent questions. Lessons move too quickly, not allowing students to understand and absorb what they need to learn.

- submitted by a parent
January 28, 2010
Ugh. That is pretty much all I can say about this school. First off, you don't have a teacher. TECHNICALLY, you do, but really, your teacher is your parents. The licensed teacher calls once a month to tell your parents what they could figure out by looking at a computer screen for five minutes. Now, let me get started on the motivation. In a REAL school, you have other kids to compare yourself to. Here, you just have a list telling you what you need to do. And ever get nervous when you bring home a bad grade? Oh don't worry! Your parents grade every last assignment! That doesn't make you nervous at all. So, you just hope with all your heart that you understood what the materials said, and did all the work correctly. And if you didn't, be prepared for the big 'I am so disappointed in you' speech!

- submitted by a student
January 17, 2010
I didn't like this school at all. Like the other parent said, it IS homeschooling. They provide so many assignments that there is no way little elementary school students can come close to finishing it within 4-5 hrs. It took my kids 11 hrs. a day to finish their daily assignments. The teachers will tell you to push off the work they can't complete to the next day but if you do those missed assignments show up the next day on and on until those are completed. If your child doesn't do it they end up with so much work at the end of the week that it's impossible to complete. I do not recommend anyone using this school unless you have unlimited time everyday to help your child. No life is possible with this school.

- submitted by a parent
January 13, 2010
It may not be 'called' homeschooling, but it is very much structured as a homeschooling ciriculum. It was not a good option for my 2 high schoolers. The teachers were difficult to reach. They each had at least 2-3 teacher changes in 1 semester. I wouldn't recommend this school for single working parents who don't have 4-8 hrs per day to dedicate to assisting your student.

- submitted by a parent
October 27, 2009
I have never been more disappointed with a school in my life. The teachers don't help you like they should. The teachers are suppose to keep in contact with you and check their kmail, every day of the week, answer their phones and grade papers on time. I had 6 teachers, and only one of them graded my work on time, kept in contact with me, answered her phone, and helped me when I needed it. All of my other teachers waited a week or two to call me back or kmail me back, which is not acceptable at all. I have no other choice but to go to AZVA, because I live in a bad neighborhood and I can't go to the schools there because I don't feel safe at them. I have been with this school for almost two years, and they have absolutely ruined my high school education.

- submitted by a student
August 17, 2009
This was the BEST decision I could have made for my kids! I am loving having my kids at home learning and having the ability to work at their own pace. The staff is wonderful as well as the study materials that are provided...This school gives parents more say as to what their child is learning. Most importantly, I am no longer dealing with the DRAMA from fellow classmates that my kids would spend so much time and energy stressing out about. If you are considering this education option, GO FOR IT!

- submitted by a parent
June 24, 2009
At AZVA, I am able to do schoolwork in any order I choose. I am also allowed to start an assignment one day and finish it the next. All that bugs me is that parents may start to slack off, thinking kids won't goof off without their supervision. Think about it, a teenager is on a computer for his/her lessons, but they don't want to do them. Without the push of an 'in-person' teacher, the child is most likely to go on a game website and play. It has happened to me before. It is a good school, but remember, the teacher in the classroom makes sure the students don't goof off. With no teacher, the parent needs to make sure the student doesn't goof off.

- submitted by a student
May 05, 2009
My daughter has just completed a very satisfactory 7th grade year at AZVA. This school provides a solid academic curriculum with enormous flexibility to support each individual child's strengths and weaknesses and encourage them to progress at their own level and speed. Our biggest concern before she enrolled, the lack of opportunities to make new friends, has been less of a problem than expected, and when the students do get together they really enjoy each other's company. There's no teasing or bullying at this school! Next year, my daughter is being encouraged to take several High School courses (for high school credit) while still in the 8th grade. We have been very impressed with all of the AZVA teachers and administrators. They are unfailingly supportive and willing to work with our special requests.

- submitted by a parent
March 23, 2009
I like it because i can pick the time i want to do the work. and i have my mom to help me

- submitted by a student
February 24, 2009
I disagree with the previous folks...I do believe this is home-schooling. By definition ~ YOU as a parent are schooling them with provided materials at HOME. I have 3 kids in this program and we love it and appreciate the accountability that it provides compared to homeschooling on your own. The kids have been able to test out of subjects they already were skilled in and stay in a lower place for whatever the other subjects are. I have done it both ways ~ but this is homeschooling. We love it and will continue to do it.

- submitted by a parent
January 10, 2006
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
June 27, 2005
AZVA is a great option for people looking to 'school at home'. This is not to be confused as 'homeschooling'. Your child will be considered a public charter school student. This is a very important distinction to keep in mind. For those who have actually homeschooled, being accountable in the way that is required may be a bit annoying. However, the flexibility within a traditional school year is great. You can truly school anytime of day. You do need to meet the daily hour requirements and number of days in school. The best part of this program is the curriculum and the set up on the computer. It is fantastic! It is light years above what many public school require.

- submitted by a parent
June 23, 2005
AZVA has an awesome, very comprehensive curriculum. The materials and manipulatives are top notch. Kids can do school in the comfort of their own home and have more freedom to schedule their time around other extra curricular activities. Art and music are both included, but we didn't really care for the music program and art wasn't as fun as we had hoped. But that is our opinion - and our experience during our first year homeschooling. One parent has to commit full involvement in teaching their kids. One negative we found was too many administrative tasks, in addition to just trying to teach (and having to first learn each lesson prior to trying to teach it!). Compound that with multiple siblings and still try to maintain a home just got the best of us. It's a great program but we'll be trying something different next year.

- submitted by a parent
May 16, 2005
Arizona Virtual Academy charter school is a home based not 'home schooling'. The parents and teachers partner together to give students the best education available. They have a rigorous curriculm that is unmatched by any. If the program is used as intended, it is impossible for the students to fail. I am a parent and a teacher for this school. My son loves it.

- submitted by a teacher
April 27, 2005
AZVA has helped me and my boys get back on track with reading & math. Instead of concentrating on their behavior problems, we got to concentrate on the curriculim. If this is a first time for any parent homeschooling their child, this is the school to go with. They provide the materials and computer. All you have to do is read what is on the screen to the kids! It's that easy!

- submitted by a parent

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