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Prescott Valley, AZ
Students enrolled: 770

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3300 Lake Valley Drive
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

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December 11, 2013
I have had three children at this school. One child especially needed help with reading. I had suspected that she had some type of learning disability regarding reading. I had approached this school several times asking for help. Unfortunately this school let this child fall through cracks, wouldn't address issues and basically didn't address issues. The entire first half of school year this child's teacher was more focused on training her student teacher as opposed to focusing on the child. The child was given reading material 3+ years ahead of academic school year and was expected to test on material. I am extremely disappointed with this school. If your child is on honor roll, excellent! However, if a child needs extra help... do not trust this school!

- submitted by a parent

July 24, 2013
My children have attended Liberty since Kindergarten, and this year my oldest child will be in 7th grade. The school consistently focuses on high academic achievement and striving to improve. While some individual experiences have been negative, the overall experience in our 7 years with this school have been wonderful! My one frustration: class sizes have been continually raising, making the service of individual student needs challenging. Last year my 5th grader had a class of 32, and my 3rd grader a class of 30 with no full time aide to assist the teacher.

- submitted by a parent

April 22, 2013
After just one year of my child being at liberty in 1st grade I am very dissapointed the teacher spends very little time helping the studdents understand the consepts she is basicly there to hand out papers and collect them. Believe me there are plenty to hand out as nothing is hands on learning just paper work. My son spends at least 2 hours doing home work every night but they do not get any credit for doing it in fact they dont get credit for doing alot of there work just what the teacher choses to grade. The teacher has been telling him sense winter break that he is going to be held back. The teacher has made him believe that he can not succeed. My son has come out crying many times from being bullied and beat up by another student and when I confronted the teacher she told me that the students know to run the other dirrection when they see him. After a few more times I took him into the office when he came out crying because this other student had kicked him. The lady automaticly knew who the other studdent was because of previous problems with the studdent bullieing other students, yet nothing has happened they just keep making excuses for the other student .

- submitted by a parent

November 18, 2012
All three of my children have been at Liberty for 5+ years and we wouldn't want them anywhere else. They all have completely different learning styles and Liberty's teachers have been exceptional. The teachers communicate well with each other and we are very pleased with the high academic standards.

- submitted by a parent

July 31, 2012
I was extremely disappointed in this school for many reasons. The Principal was very ineffective. He never responded to calls I left for him regarding situations with my daughter. The teachers seemed to care little about educating, rarely grading assignments or helping when there were things that she did not grasp. They even sent home information sheets for assignments or field trips that were filled with typos and grammatical errors. The emphasis seemed not to be on providing a good education but more so on handing out BIP's (behavioral improvement papers) or referrals. Most of these were regarding dress code infractions. It was so extreme that she got a referral because her jacket was not the exact shade of red required by their standards. When I objected to this I was told that it had to be Crayola Red. So, I then carried a crayon when shopping for school clothes! Electives are not electives when they are assigned without choice. The electives offered are also ridiculous...Science Enrichment, Note Taking, Math Enhancement and absolutely no Arts or creative electives. Also, PE is not a requirement. The School was a former prison and that is how it looks and feels. Do not go here

- submitted by a parent

May 17, 2012
Our family loves Liberty. It is a great school with great leadership. My children look forward to going to school and have developed great friendships. Liberty's principal is stable and sets high standards for the students of the school. This is a school that also encourages family involvement.

- submitted by a parent

January 17, 2012
I would STRONGLY caution parents new to the area from sending their children to this school. We recently moved and after less than 3 weeks class time, I received a notice in the mail that my son is in danger of being held back without ever receiving outreach from the school via a phone call or a meeting request that doesn't become part of his perm record! This is after a stressful move and right in the middle of the holidays. Hes been out of school due to breaks and holidays more than hes been in class.Very insensitive in my opinion and he is 13...already feeling out of place. I'm all about grades, but when teachers fail to pick up a phone and start slipping pieces of paper into children's permanent records after 3 weeks when they are brand new and at the awkward teenage stage, after a move and during the holidays... WE are failing! There is no compassion at this school, you are up to par or you're not and you don't get a chance to explain. He got nothing less than a C at his last school, I read the reviews and went with LTS. BIG mistake, there are many schools to choose from in the area. I'll be considering these options while I await the meeting - which isnt until next week.

- submitted by a parent

November 06, 2011
LTS has a challenging academic curriculum and offers choir and sports among other options. The faculty truly care about each students' success and provide individual attention as needed. LTS is an excellent school.

- submitted by a parent

November 02, 2011
My kids currently go to school at Liberty. The curriculm seems to be right on and they are focused on education and strive for students to accept more than average. I don't like the very strict uniform policy. I understand the concept but it is over the top if a kid has a tiny emplem on their shirt (i.e. a Nike swoosh, osh kosh, etc.) My son accidently wore jean shorts one day and they made him change them immediatly into a school owned pair of khaki shorts. I understand not having pockets all over pants in reagrds to school safety, but a pair of carpenter pants are not allowed. The grading scale is different than most, you can't receive an "A" unless you earn a 94% or higher, "B" is an 86% or higher, etc. Kids are not allowed to enter the classroom with a jacket that isn't solid red, white, or blue. It's a little too conservative, but they also keep structure so pick your poison I suppose. Some teachers are amazing (Ms. Corradi) and some (Ms. Crisp) have zero patience for kindergatners who are still trying to adjust to structure and disciplines. She is better suited for high school and will not be patient with kids perhaps slower learning things. Needs more arts and sports there.

- submitted by a parent

April 19, 2011
A great school. I tutor students from many schools but always enjoy kids from this school which seems more concerned with a good education than most other typical schools. The last poster seems a bit too concerned about their child being "stressed out" over grades and discipline. It used to be in our generation that we were all stressed out by that but we learned something in school. This attitude, all too common these days, is one of the reasons for a high (30% in some places) high school dropout rate and why states have had to lower academic standards. The idea of recognizing kids for trying but not for success is very poor preparation for adult jobs. Companies are now getting stuck with younger employees (as opposed to the older generations) who expect rewards, raises and promotions whether or not they perform well on the job. Result: many are disciplined at work or just terminated.

- submitted by a community member

July 19, 2010
After two years at Liberty we are choosing to leave. It does have a great program, but my son was a little more stressed out over grades and trying to stay out of trouble than a good natured, 6-year-old should. We felt like praise was given more for getting 100% on tests, than just trying your best and striving for self-improvement. We also felt that giving out weighted grades was a bit intense and intimidating for an elementary student. It is a good school, just not for us.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
November 18, 2009
My children have attended Liberty for four years. Over that time the campus has gon through many changes, however the excellent education has not changed. With growth this campus has evolved into a well rounded and beautiful experience for my daughters. I have both a high learner and a lower learner and both have grown in this school with teachers who truely care, on a campus small enough where they did not get lost. Thank you Liberty!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
September 03, 2009
I went to this school 6-8th grade, and im not saying I dont like just cause, the teachers are good, but the dress code is so strict, you accidently have your shirt hanging out even a bit and they write you what they call a bip, I am now a sophmore in high school, and if you want your child dissiplined than ok, but if not do not go here

- submitted by a student
no rating
July 28, 2009
I feel that Liberty Traditional School is a great school. My son enjoy going and has learned so much. I have recommended to all my family.

- submitted by a parent

January 10, 2008
My daughter is now in second grade and I am extremely happy with the school. The levels of academic integrity and parental involvement are outstanding!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
July 05, 2007
Liberty has been an excellent school for my children. The staff is caring and professional. The dress code is fair and modest. Academic standards are exceptional. Parents are supported and encouraged to be involved. I won't have them at any other school in the district.

- submitted by a parent

May 30, 2007
My child has gone to Liberty since Kindergarten, and has just now completed the 7th grade. I believe Liberty is an excellent school. In an era where academics and achievement often take a back seat to movies, field trips and assemblies, Liberty protects the academic time of the child to optimize learning at the critical young ages. That is not to say that other important skills are not emphasized. Music and band are well taught, a fine computer lab is utilized by all students, and art is also part of the curriculum. The middle school is little known, but of high quality, with various well rounded electives available. Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to participate at all levels, including a very active PTO/site council, and communication is stressed between parent and teacher. All of this is pulled together by a dedicated staff led by a caring and professional principal.

- submitted by a parent

May 22, 2007
Our daughter began kindergarten this year and it has been a wonderful start to her school years. She loves LTS as do we. The Principal, Teachers & Staff are Wonderful...We couldn't be happier. We like the uniforms as they are quick, easy & all kids are egual. We love the 'Six Pillars of Character' something more people should follow. I volunteer and really enjoy doing so. LTS is Great and we are have been very happy this year.

- submitted by a parent

March 24, 2007
Liberty is an incredible school. My children have only been in private schools until this year and I have been impressed time after time. Academics are high, moral and ethical standards are excellent and the care and concern my children receive from their teachers and other staff is exceptional. I would highly recommend Liberty to any parent who not only wants a solid education for their child but also looks for opportunities to be involved in their child's life. Liberty supports the entire family unit and in this day and age families need all the encouragement they can get.

- submitted by a parent

January 27, 2006
We have been very happy with Liberty Traditional. Great teachers, great principal.

- submitted by a parent

December 11, 2005
Liberty is a great school. The teachers are truly dedicated to the traditional model and the principal is awarm and caring man who truly wants the best for students.

- submitted by a teacher

November 26, 2005
Unfortunately, this school is a very stressful place starting at a young age. It is written all over the children's and teacher's faces. (The parents too, after hours and hours of homework!) The halls and classrooms are bare; not a place where the joy of learning unfolds. They do the same work (memorizing)day after day after day, without application or concern for individual learning styles. A well-rounded education is not stressed (gym class, music, etc).The children are very critical of themselves (My child thinks a 'B' is failing!)and are quick to point out flaws in others. The school lacks 'climate' and the only dicipline methods are yelling and demerit slips. The school is getting more and more kids in need of 'fixing', so it must be that people think it's a military school. I do agree with the other review about the arrogance of the parents.

- submitted by a parent

October 21, 2005
Liberty is a great school for a traditional student who fits well into a regular classroom. They have a strong emphasis on academics, especially reading and mathematics. They are more conservative with dress code and discipline than other public schools. Their weakness would be in the area of special services. Their resource room, ELL and gifted progams are limited. Also, the school is growing rapidly and losing some of its small school feel.

- submitted by a parent

October 12, 2005
Liberty is an excellant school for many children. It has high academic standards and strong emphasis on reading, writing and mathematics. Most of the teachers are superb. It does not have great resources for special needs children - limited resource room, limited pull-out programs. The school is growing rapidly and having some increased problems with students with bad behavior and attitudes. It does offer many opportunities for parent involvement and parents may walk into a class at any time to see what's happening.

- submitted by a parent

May 12, 2005
Yes,it is an alternative in the district, but it is not for everyone. Year after year, there is a prevailing elitist/ snobbish attitide that is espoused, but if they only knew how it comes off to outsiders. For those who need it, it provides rote learning; no real world 'thinking outside the box'. The pressure to regurgitate info. at a fast pace begins in kindergarten. To each their own. It serves a certain clientelle.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
April 20, 2005
Traditional back to basics, dress code.

- submitted by a parent

December 30, 2004
Our son was having difficulty with school last year. We then placed him in Liberty. He has done so well in this enviornment and the teachers are excellent. I would highly reccomend this school.

- submitted by a parent

October 03, 2004
My son has just started this year. We like it a lot. Wish they had a foreign language class offered. Teachers are very professional and friendly. Principal is very good.

- submitted by a parent

May 18, 2004
This is our first year at Liberty and overall, we like it a lot. Structured classes, uniforms and great teachers are plusses that come to mind.

- submitted by a parent

May 14, 2004
I enrolled a third grader with challenges academically. During the year we did a review with the pricipal and teacher. The pricipal's advice was sound. The teacher only followed through with 1 our of 4 suggestions. I was disappointed with her overall learning experience. It may be a great school for kids that are excelling in all areas of school life.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
July 21, 2003
LTS is a great school. The teachers teach very well and keep the students in line. As a former student there I would recomend this school to everyone. In the six years I was there I witnessed no fights between the students

- submitted by a student

March 29, 2003
I think Liberty Traditional School is a wonderful choice in our school district. My three children have received a quality education, and one on one attention at LTS. I am an involved parent volunteer, and always feel very welcome on campus. I keep in constant contact with each of my children's teachers, and they are always very helpful.

- submitted by a community member
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Liberty Traditional School
3300 Lake Valley Drive, Prescott Valley, AZ  86314
(928) 759-4000
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