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Best Choice for 3rd Grader with ADHD/Autism Spectrum?


kerrigoen January 12, 2012

I am thinking of moving to Tucson this summer, contingent on whether I can find a school for my son. He has behavioral problems, but is at or above the expected level academically. He currently attends a Leander ISD school here in Texas, and it is phenomenal! Though I really want to relocate to Tucson, I am worried about moving my son out of a school that has been so accommodating, to a city with (from what I've heard), less than impressive schools. I'm hoping that Tucson does, in fact, have some worthy schools! Can anyone recommend some schools that are well-equipped to handle children with behavioral issues, in a sensitive, but proactive manner? He has only been in public school, which, as aforementioned, has always been wonderful, but I am wondering if he might do even better in Montessori or Waldorf, or some other alternative school. Are there any experts out there who have any advice about this?

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anjoisma January 23, 2012

My son and daughter go to the only public Montessori school in Tucson. I would caution you strongly, before considering Montessori in any form - public, private or charter - to do quite a bit more research about it before placing your son in a school environment that may be totally foreign to him. Most local charter Montessori schools won't take students in the upper elementary grades unless the child has had prior Montessori experience; there are waiting lists that stretch for years.

I would encourage you to visit a Montessori school, talk to the director or directress, principal, etc., and then ask if you can come back to observe a classroom in action. You might want to do this research BEFORE you move, so you have an idea of what Montessori education is, and what it would mean for your son.

You'll know instinctively if it's a good fit - or not. After all, you're your child's first teacher, and you know him better than anyone.

As for finding a good school - they're plentiful enough in Tucson. I personally focused on finding a guide who was a good fit for my son and daughter first - and while I do look at a school's rating, and its standardized test scores, I don't allow that to overly influence my decision.


biancabell21 February 13, 2012

i am a sixth grader at Miles ELC and highly reccomend it for your son. it has a great autism program, and depending on the severity of the autism, the kids are either put in a special autism program with good, special ed teachers or the kids skip around schedules with different classes. the teachers are very good and patient with the kids and trained in how to handle their behavioral issues. i think youd like it. NOTE: socially, the autistic kids dont get eased but have no friends


freckles43 March 1, 2012

The one thing I can tell you that I have been told, even though there is open enrollment if you have a child on an IEP/504 plan it is not likely to get in. They look at what it cost them for a child on one versus a child who is not on one. I hear there are good schools here, but it is hard to find the right one. We are getting ready to try and put our kids back on base, they are in A Sunny Side school right now.


STOLENCARGO March 5, 2012

@ Freckles and Kerri plz consider and look into Amerischools K - 8 Academy( 520-620-1100) located at Speedway and Country Club behind the car wash. They are an performing plus tuition free charter school that does make a difference in this community and to their own student community and they do accept and work well with an IEP/504. The public schools in Tucson are lacking in a lot of areas especially TUSD! If you do decide to go public schools get into the Flowing Wells district. My son has Asperger's, ADHD, General Anxiety and Tourettes and has been in this school from day one of kindergarten and is in 7th grade this year and is doing well thriving learning growing and is very happy to go to school. My daughter went to this school for all of her K 8 and has now left to go to the Amerischools college prep academy. There is hope to the quandry we parents face in educating our children.. Charter schools are definitely worth a serious look as the alternative to the public school nightmares!! my son's kindergarten class was the pilot class to the zoo phonics reading program. when his class began the mass majority couldn't read but by the end of the year the success of this program was this... 100 % of that class was reading books not just words or short sentences but whole full length children's books that were age appropriate with that success it was taken on as a permanent tool and is still successful today.


hmh2031 June 5, 2012

Hi, I was looking into the Leander isd because we will possibly be moving there in a year. I wanted to know which school was good for your son. I have two with ASD and one has behavior issues (cannot stay focused for long, gets aggressive, doesn't like to do class work). He is not on meds but I am going to see a psychiatrist this summer because he's going into 3rd grade & this cannot continue. My other son has more severe autism & is in a life skills class going into 1st grade. If you can give me this info it would be so helpful. Even though they are all good schools, things vary from one to the other when it comes to ASD.

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