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AZmom23 March 5, 2012

Moving to Tucson in the summer and looking for a good academic preschool. I visited a few but are only on waiting list. We will live in Central Tucson. Thanks

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MagnetMom March 8, 2012

Hi AZmom23,

Use this link:

Type in your zip code and read the parent reviews of schools in your area. Good luck.


Mommyto3kids March 9, 2012

All 3 of my kids went to Sunshine School in Oro Valley. The school recently celebrated 25 years in operation. The director is top-notch and retains her teachers by paying them well and creating a supportive environment. The teachers have teaching degrees and many are former parents of Sunshine students. Many have been at Sunshine School for 5-10 years and some longer. That is amazing for ANY school. The teachers and staff are warm, caring, and treat children like the capable individuals they are. Even living in central Tucson, the slightly longer drive from your location would be worth your time and effort. Local area schools know when they get a "Sunshine Student" they have a child excited to learn, ready for kindergarten and beyond. This school excels in academics, in teaching kids to be kind, to have a "can do" attitude, and to be responsible. Make an appointment with Sue for a tour of the school. She will warmly greet you and you'll be amazed to see all the things kids get to do at this wonderful preschool. They also have a great website to get you started.


loriaw March 12, 2012

We are at the International School of Tucson. The pre-school is a full day language immersion program in either German, Spanish, French or Chineese. In the Junior school they spend half the day in English and the other half in their chosen language. My daughter started in the German program, having had no exposure to any language other than English, when she was 3; she is 6 now and is fully fluent (she speaks and reads in German). My son began at the school when he was 6; he is 10 now, and though he speaks quite well, it is clear that those few extra years made a huge difference. The cost of the pre-school program is comprable to others, but there isn't a better school in Tucson. The staff and parents are amazing. The school has a family atmosphere that doesn't exist anywhere else in Tucson.


abanana May 25, 2012

My children went to St. Mark's Preschool near 3rd and Alvernon and loved it there! It's a play based curriculum and the many of the staff have been there for 10 + years. It's also NAEYC certified and the teachers are great! I have also heard good things about Tucson Community School and Second Street School! Good luck!!!

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