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Moving to the east side ot Tucson


grumpy247 March 6, 2012

WE have heard horrible things about TUSD. We have four children in high school. WE need to find the best school for them. We will be close to SAGUARO. Any one have advice for us. I read the reviews about bulling there. I'm concerned for their safety.

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MagnetMom March 8, 2012

Hi grumpy247,

Start by looking here:

You can read parent reviews from schools in your area to help you narrow down the choice. Tour the schools. Ask questions and ask to speak to current parents.

Good luck.


ACESParent March 14, 2012

Come to the Tanque Verde school district! We have a great high school, small school with low class sizes. The teachers really care about the kids.
The school encourages academic excellence. The teachers go out of their way to make sure the kids get all the help they need. Each Thursday is a late start day (9 AM instead of 7:30) but kids can come as early as 7 for something we call "Academic Assistance". This time can be used for anything from extra help in a class to making up an exam or lab. Meetings are also held occasionally at that time for the honor society and for class meetings. The school offers classes at all levels, from a Community based program for kids with IEP's or 504's up to duel enrollment classes in writing, math and Chemistry that will earn the student college credits while in high school. If you want to learn more about our district go to our website at and take a look around. I hope you come to us!

We are like a small family out here and we are not far at all from the area you are moving out to.


dbacks March 28, 2012

Welcome to the east side! I have a freshman son and two nephews (sophmore and junior) that attend Sahuaro and we could not be happier with our choice. I also read reviews of bullying, but I have yet to see or hear of any incidents. The administration is very receptive to parent feedback and do an excellent job communicating with both students and parents. Any time I have emailed my son's teachers I have received a response within 24 hours - they encourage parent involvement, even at the high school level. My son and nephews are involved in sports, and the coaches do a great job of telling the students that academics are top priority. Sahuaro offers lots of AP and Honors courses and do a great job emphasizing the importance of college. I encourage you to call the school and set up a time to visit.


biancabell21 April 21, 2012

Hey. I'm in TUSD and want to GET OUT OF THERE. Don't send you kids there. It sucks. But Miles ELC has two really good teachers. I kind of reccomend CFSD. I might go there next year. CFHS is a really good school, I'd check it out(:


Grandmom4two April 25, 2012

We moved from a highly ranked district to Tucson last year. TUSD is a mine field. Our kids were bored, amazed at the lack of respect shown by the kids, and teachers not controlling the classrooms. Tucson High and Sahuaro, are considered good schools here. We toured Tucson High and were impressed. Our daughter got into University High, which is like her old school, but you have to test into it. Still, you may want to give them a call. Schools were our main concern about moving here, and for good reason. Good luck.


TucsonEducator May 6, 2012

Look in to Skyview High School. Our kids just spent a whole several months combating the bullying issue in Tucson by creating public service announcements regarding bullying in schools. They also created a pledge to combat bullying and our entire student body happily signed it. They won the grand prize in the local End of Bullying PSA contest and almost every student at Skyview participated in one way or another. You can see the students' 4 PSAs here:
They're only 30 seconds long.
We also have award-winning art and fashion programs, and the teachers and staff are very attentive to student needs. It's a charter school, but it's fully-accredited, in fact, last year's valadictorian spent his entire high school career at Skyview, got a full ride to the U of A honors college and made straight A's last semester. If that's not prepared for life I don't know what is!
As far as safety is concerned, I've seen first hand monitors at TUSD schools watching kids get high across the street, but as long as they aren't doing it on school property, TUSD doesn't care. Skyview kids don't get away with ANYTHING, and discipline issues and disrespect are taken very seriously. Any student who causes problems (bullying, vandalism, drugs, etc.) gets the boot instantly.
I'm a teacher at Skyview and I absolutely love working there, because I know I'm held accountable for what and how I teach. We're also required to make at least 12 contacts to parents weekly (not each parent, but parents in general) whether the phone calls / emails are good or bad. I know most high schools don't care whether parents and teachers are in touch.
I could go on about why you should look in to Skyview...but I'll stop now because I'll over-do it!
here are a few links to visit to find out more: (school website) (Facebook) (Art website) (PSAs and commercials)


anjoisma May 7, 2012

We also live close to Sahuaro, and I intend on sending my kiddos there, if they don't test into UHS. I guess it depends on how much stock you want to put into what you "hear" from others. So much of annecdotal evidence boils down to one person's bad experiences... it may be totally different for your child. I would encourage you to go to the schools yourself, take your child or children with you, and let them have some say in the decision. I have done that with our 4th grader, and she chose to stay at the school where she started kinder, even though it perhaps doesn't have the best test scores. The bottom line is that she's flourishing and happy and excited about school, and that's what matters most. Then, if you have problems, deal with them. That's what we do in life, isn't it? Everything changes, and we must teach our children how to deal with the people and circumstances they encounter - even if that means switching schools, if necessary. I wouldn't put much stock in parental reviews. Make your own decisions, based on as many facts and impressions you can gather by doing your own homework, visiting the the schools, talking with current students, going to school functions and observing how the kids behave, etc. (like at plays, concerts, football games, etc.) Observe classrooms, and see how the teachers treat the students, first-hand. Decide if its a community you think would work for you and your family. I've often found the SCHOOL is just fine; it's the individual TEACHERS who make or break your child's learning experience, and there's little way you're going to know how those pairings will turn out until your child is placed with a teacher. It's daunting, I know, but keep at it. You are your child's first and best teacher; trust your gut, not someone else's.

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