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Help. I am moving to Little Rock, AR and need a good school.


jessicajung April 8, 2008

I am moving to west Little Rock and am looking for a good school for my 1st & 7th grader. It needs to be little to no expense. It appears that the public schools in the district that I am going to be in are not good. I know that some private schools offer grants but it appears that I am past the deadlines on those. Does anybody have suggestions or know of any good new schools opening in the area?

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cjohansson May 4, 2008

I am not familiar with Little Rock and since we are a new community of parents from across the U.S. it may be hard to get your question about a local area answered for now.

Have you checked out our Research and Compare page to find information and parent reviews for schools in your new area? Go to> If you search for "Top-Rated Schools in a City" you can also find some basic information on what it is like to live in that city. In addition, you can search our site for articles on moving or tips on how to choose a school.

To find out about new schools in the area you could try contacting the school district to see if they have any information.

You could also contact the school's parent association for more opinions on individual schools. Some school websites have a link to the parent association, otherwise you can call the school and ask them for contact information for their PTO, PTA, or similar organization.


ABSSparent July 9, 2008

Fulbright is a good public elementary school in WLR. A new public elementary school is being built on Hwy 10 by Taylor Loop Rd but it won't be completed by this school year. Lisa Academy is a charter school that I've heard is good but they rank the kids by academic strength & place them in classes accordingly so I'm not sure how encouraging that is for the students. Keep checking with the private schools on scholarships. There are several really good, safe private schools in your area. CAC, Little Rock Christian & Ark Bapt are excellent schools. We attend one & have friends at all the others. Great schools.


dmcnealar December 4, 2008

Depending on where you are in West LIttle Rock, we do have the new Chenal Elementary School (public) 1st year open (off Kanis Rd) by the time your first grader gets to middle school they should have a new middle school built. As for your 7th grader... I would recommend private. I do not recommend Pulaski Academy though.


AnnieStudent August 2, 2009

I would like to suggest Fulbright Elementary and Dunbar Magnet Middle School! I currently attend Dunbar Magnets GT program, and I am blessed to attend! For your 1st grader, I would also like to add LISA Acadamy North, located just outside of North Little Rock. I personaly can assure you that your 1st grader would have a GREAT year at LISA North. They have great 1st grade staff and even for your 7th grader!!!!! YOU would enjoy any of these three!
I would encourage you to look at these schools! Your kids will greatly benifit, and you will be so proud of what they accomplish, but please let them choose their school. Know one knows what the best school for your kids is, but your kids!
LISA North-

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