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Public charter
Fresno, CA
Students enrolled: 333

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3135 North Harrison Avenue
Fresno, CA 93704

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(559) 248-7060
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March 24, 2015
I am an experienced, dedicated, compassionate, and knowledgeable educator who has been proudly teaching at Dailey Charter from the start. Dailey Charter is, without a doubt, an incredible school that succeeds in teaching the whole child by providing unique learning experiences each day. Every staff member believes in children and holds each and every child, as well as themselves, to a high standard. Our scholars take great pride in being Dailey Dragons and exude confidence, kindness, and a sincere love of learning. Each day, I am amazed by my students desire to make a difference in the world. Dailey Charter was built on a foundation of quality instruction, rigor, respect, and open-mindedness for all people. I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach at Dailey Charter and wish all kids received the same educational experiences that our dragons receive every day, every hour, every minute.

- submitted by a teacher
March 23, 2015
Dailey Charter is all around amazing and above the rest. As part of my paid profession, I am in local schools all over the Valley working with teachers and administrators to better their schools. I see nothing that comes close to comparing to the academic challenges, supportive staff and dedicated, COMMITTED, knowledgeable teachers that Dailey provides. If you are in doubt, go visit another school and then come to Dailey. The difference will be immediately obvious. I also want to note that we had some concerns about our daughters' self-esteem and confidence when she entered school two years ago. She is now in second grade and a bright, eager, well-spoken young lady. People often congratulate my husband and I on our daughter and how she communicates so clearly with adults. I attribute this solely to Dailey and their loving, patient teachers who have only ever had the best of intentions with my children. Thank you, Dailey Charter, for EVERYTHING you have done for our family.

- submitted by a parent
March 15, 2015
I am disheartened by some of the negative comments about Dailey Charter. In fact, I had to do a double take to make sure I was reading reviews about the correct school! I have been an extremely happy parent at Dailey since it reopened as a charter in 2010. Dailey is not a Fresno Unified school and does not run under the exact guidelines/programs of an FUSD school. However, Dailey Charter DOES comply with education codes and state standards! To imply otherwise is absolutely ridiculous and irresponsible. English Language Learners ARE tested and students DO have breaks (15 min in the a.m., 30 min for lunch, and 10 min in the p.m). I have spent 5 years and countless hours volunteering in my child's classrooms, participating in events, and even helping in the office and I'm continually impressed by the respectful, fun, hard working, and kind staff. On many occasions, I have witnessed educators from other districts, near and far, tour Dailey to see the incredible things the teachers are doing for our kids. From what I can see, Dailey is paving the way for all students by providing innovative learning experiences. My child has grown academically and socially during our time at Dailey!

- submitted by a parent
March 14, 2015
As a parent of a third grade student, I am not only surprised, but more appalled by the misinformation and uneducated views of certain parents. From kindergarten, our family has been nothing but pleased by the high academic and behavioral standards, the amazing teachers and staff, and the overall atmosphere of the school. I have an extremely shy third grader who comes home every day and tells me all the new things she has learned. She has struggled multiple times with assignments here and there since starting Dailey (writing was a major struggle) and each teacher I either e-mailed or met with had multiple options on how to make my student successful. If parents are having an extremely difficult time at Dailey, enough to complain and post negative comments about a truly remarkable learning institution, maybe the problem doesn't come from the school. From day one, Ms. Dutra told all kindergarten parents that Dailey is a school of choice. If it isn't a correct fit for you, you have a choice to take your student elsewhere. I will always be a Dailey supporter!

- submitted by a parent
March 10, 2015
Y child has been going to Dailey for four years and we love the school. I'm sad to read the previous posts, because the information is completely false. Dailey is a all about their students. My family has been in education for many years and we have never found a school that is so focused on students. Admin knows each child by name and welcomes them every morning. The teachers work extra hard to bring hands on learning experiences to each child. Dailey welcomes and supports every child. They do teach at grade level and above, which is perfect for our family. They also have very high be anion standards so kids can focus on learning, which is awesome. Dailey has made my kids thinkers and problem solvers. The other day my daughter was doing her homework and my middle school niece could not believe the things she was working on. I am blown away everyday at the vocabulary and discussions we can have as a family because of this amazing school. It is a school of choice and I'm so glad, because it is the perfect fit for my family!

- submitted by a parent
February 26, 2015
Dailys IB curriculum is none less than first rate, My son Graduated top 20 and valedictorian of Fresno High and I am familiar with its exceptional, "conceptual learning format. it is the answer for many 'dumb smart kids" IB teaches academic real life application.. HOWEVER.. Daily gets 2 thumbs down for Its director/ principal Ms Trevino who if she does not like the student will rail road the child to get them expelled. My kindergartener Does have behavior problems, but the school did not and will not work towards finding solutions. and Admin wants to exert supreme power over the parents. Their attitude is we don't have and don't need to have extra resources or programs. IB is fantastic, The curriculum is fantastic, But the teachers and staff cant seem to control a 5 year old child. . I have told them what works with my daughter and they refuse to do the same but have zero solutions or input. The director held a SST meeting and called me into it without ever telling me the nature of the meeting.....I will be filing a complaint this week with every governmental agency appropriate. Charter is not above the law...

- submitted by a parent
January 28, 2015
Dailey is a great fit for our daughter. I'm saddened by the trash talk of some parents for we have never had an issue with anyone or thing with Dailey. I think all the trash talk stems from hurt and disappointment because Dailey did not work out for their children, but I see that no reason to lash out and label everyone and everything about the school in such a nasty and condescending way. I would say, if you are considering Dailey, it would be best to talk with other parents of children who are presenting attending the school. My daughter has been at Dailey for 3 years and all her teachers are wonderful and experienced. The class sizes are small and the material is taught in a hands on fashion which reminds me of the Montessori method. We love Dailey and the great mix of cultures at the school.

- submitted by a parent
December 04, 2014
Teachers are fantastic. They go above and beyond to insure student success. School is very rigorous & it is unfortunate that parent may find it difficult to obtain IEP services for their child(ren) who may require additional support. Due to limited funding/support services on campus, parents with students who struggle have to pay for private tutoring services to insure child(ren) are able to keep up with academic expectations. There has been a recent increase in assessment testing (Fresno Unified assessment, Smart Balance, NWEA & CELDT ). School has specialty classes Spanish, art, pe and music which you may not find at other schools. School does not have transportation or after school program. School day is 745-345 pm for 1st-5th grade.

- submitted by a parent
May 02, 2014
As a parent who has 2 children that have been attending Dailey Charter since opening, I can honestly tell you this is one of the best schools in Fresno. This charter school in only 1 of 2 schools in ALL of Fresno that was awarded The California Distinguished Schools Award for its excellent academic standards. The low reviews given to this school take with a grain of salt. This is the ONLY IB ( International Baccalaureate ) elementary school in Fresno for a reason. These parents cry their kid was awesome in "regular", then bring their kid here and find they cant keep up. They are right Dailey doesn't provide all the tutors and after school mentoring. Its a fasted pace school and children cant afford to fall behind. The ones that do, their parents realize that "regular" school probably thrie best bet. Not all kids are IB material. This isn't the place if you are looking for an easy ride. Here at Dailey Charter your kids will get not only the academic growth needed but the personal growth as well. They foster an environment which includes attributes that make your child not only a scholar but a great human being. All and all, Dailey has great staff and is a great school.

- submitted by a parent
March 16, 2014
This is a small elitist school that doesn't reflect the multicultural and differently abled world we live in. We found too many stressed out kids,stressed out teachers and desperate parents who thought their children had ADHD because they didn't fit into mould. Not enough creativity, too much emphasis on letter grades, extra long school day, lots of homework, left us not enough quality family time on weekdays. The administration can be mean spirited when challenged and Looking for a happier, healthy balance for our darlings.

- submitted by a parent
September 24, 2013
As the saying goes, sometimes you don't know what you have until you've lost it. That is exactly how my 1st grader and I are feeling at the moment after I did not re-enroll my son at Dailey and enrolled him at a highly rated Clovis school for first grade! I knew that Dailey Charter was leaps and bounds better than the Fresno Public school my son would have attended for kinder but because of their reputations I was under the assumption that Clovis schools would be about on par with Dailey......I couldn't have been more wrong! The work he is doing as a first grader at this Clovis school is sad in comparison to what he was accomplishing and learning at Dailey. He is literally doing work that he was doing halfway through his Kinder year at Dailey!!! At back to school night we learned they would not be learning clocks or money, which he already learned in Kinder!! Also, I had great communication with my son's Kinder teacher at Dailey and she was extremely responsive via email but unfortunately we are not seeing the same level of communication currently. I can not wait to re-enroll my son at Dailey, but am going to basically do another lesson plan at home everyday to keep him up to speed

- submitted by a parent
August 29, 2013
I love Dailey my daughter has gone there since day one. She was getting bored in class so they tested her and started giving her classwork of the next grade up. To challange her and she still kept up on everything. I do agree on one persons review they should test students to see if they qualify for an advanced school cuz I had a family member whose kid did go here should've stayed at a regular school. That way they don't feel bad when everyone is getting 100% and advanced on star testing and they are failing.

- submitted by a parent
August 15, 2013
My son will be starting his third year at Dailey on Monday. We LOVE this school. The teachers are enthusiastic and friendly. There in NO teacher burn-out here! My son has some anxiety issues, especially in social settings, and Dailey has been wonderful for this. He is now very comfortable speaking in front of an entire class of students, which is amazing. The curriculum is advanced. Students are typically taught about one grade level higher. His K teacher admitted that when she taught in a public school, the students were done a disservice because the teachers didn't even attempt to teach advanced concepts. I find that with Dailey's creative curriculum, the work never feels rote or prescribed. The students get to explore many topics AND they get to come up with creative ways to implement what they have learned. With regards to the people below who stated that the staff and teachers are unfriendly or unresponsive - this could not be more inaccurate. The principal/director greets every kid by name! Emails to my son's teachers were always responded to by end of day. And parents are definitely encouraged to help out ON CAMPUS by volunteering in the classroom and at events! LOVE Dailey!

- submitted by a parent
June 12, 2013
I am extremely pleased with my families experiance so far at Dailey. My son will be in the second grade next year. He LOVES school, thanks to the amazing staff and students at Dailey. I have had no problems with this school. The teachers and staff are great. My son is getting one of if not the best education offered in Fresno. The campus is very safe and I feel confident that my son is being well educated and watched over when he his at school. I would recommend Dailey! Dailey Charter is an amazing school and worth driving out of my way every morning :)

- submitted by a parent
May 01, 2013
We are disappointed by the practices at Dailey Charter School and hoped for more in IB PYP. This is a public charter school and any child is eligible to attend. This is not a school for gifted learners and there is no test to get in, but administration will discourage English Learners and students with disbilities from applying by saying the program is accelerated. The truth is Dailey Charter is no more accelerated than the rest of FUSD grade level standards are finished early so students are ready for CST. Daileystudents are given way too much test prep throughout the year. The teaching staff is mostly white, female and inexperienced.. Not one teacher has their own school aged children, so they don't understand what a hectic family life is like and seem callous when assigning homework. The teachers have PE on their daily schedules but it's rare that classes actually go out for PE instruction. When issues arise, the administration is defensive.No additional support is given to students who need it and instead families are encouraged to leave the school.

- submitted by a parent
November 15, 2012
We found Dailey to be an exceptional public school alternative in Fresno. Our daughter went there for 1.5 years and loved it. The staff is exceptional - they all work together to provide a safe and challenging environment. The school day is long, but the activities are varied and meaningful. Students are taught character traits and then the teachers and principal reinforce that teaching. ALL kids are accepted and celebrated. Chronic misbehavior is not allowed to disrupt the learning process. The teachers work extremely hard to meet the needs of their students. We have moved from Fresno, and have realized (again) what a unique school Dailey is.

- submitted by a parent
September 11, 2012
We love Dailey! Obviously, the person who posted last doesn't know what they are talking about. Dailey is a charter, but from our interactions with staff and teachers, none of them are "dissatisfied" - actually, it seems the opposite! We are always met with a smile when we arrive and the staff know all the kids by name. It sounds like the person my not have correct facts; Hamilton is not an IB school. We felt so blessed when a spot opened up last year and we were able to get our kids into Dailey! Our family would never go back to a district school - we are Dragons for life!!!

- submitted by a parent
August 22, 2012
My child just started at Dailey this week in the 1st grade. We love it!!! The program and expectations were explained in detail to us with a tour before school started. The staff is warm and friendly and truly seems to care about the students. The program is challenging - they have already started writing and learning new concepts. My child was so excited to share what she has been learning in just the first few days. I have met some of the new and returning parents and they are very happy with the education their children is receiving at Dailey. The office staff is visible on campus and always willing to take the time to your answer questions. I love the fact that the focus is on academics and our children's safety. This is going to be the great year !!!!

- submitted by a parent
January 31, 2012
My son was a third grader at Dailey, I pulled him out as he quickly became disenchanted with school. He has always loved to go to school but this was NOT the case with Dailey. Parents are not welcome on the campus, teachers and the principal are not friendly or even slightly kind. For homework my son was bringing home testing materials. They spent endless hrs on test preparation, it's no wonder their test scores are high they teach the stupid test and this is their #1 priority. Thank God I pulled him out he is now getting a quality education and loves school again. If you're looking for a good school, look at Baird or Bullard Talent. Dailey is not child or parent friendly.

- submitted by a parent
October 19, 2011
My son attended Kindergarten here until we moved him back to public schools. I was so excited about the great things I heard about Dailey, from friends and teachers in the community. My personal experience was terrible. Yes, they have rigorous standards, and I'm all for that. However, the teacher was repeatedly dismissive of my questions and did not return phone calls on more than one occasion. The principal was rude and made it clear that parents were not welcome on campus. She said, "we know what we are doing, so get our of our way and let us do our job." That is a direct quote. During back to school night the teachers seemed clicky and catty to each other. It is unfortunate to me that this school was given a chance to be anything that it wanted to be and they decided to become a mock Clovis school...drill, drill, drill. The biggest problem I had with Dailey is that they staff seemed mean and cold, especially a problem during the first few weeks of kindergarten. My son had a very negative view of school due to the attitude of the staff. They will say its all in the interest of high standards but having kids who don't like school is not an appropriate cost of high standards.

- submitted by a parent
August 16, 2011
I have one child attending the 4th grade at Dailey Elementary Charter. I visited 4 schools in my area --public and private -- before deciding on this one. As a charter school, the teachers still teach to the CA state standards, but have much more flexibility in the way they teach. The IB curriculum and emphasis of this school exposes all students to inquiry based learning in music, world views, foreign language, PE and art. Some of the exposure is direct and some is embedded as a way to convey curriculum content. The IB curriculum is both challenging and rigorous. Not for the faint of heart. I feel the extra 2 hours a day of class time is a benefit and allows my child more learning and not pressed to have to memorize to the test. The principal founded this school one year ago and has the vision, energy and enthusiasm to make it extraordinary. Her qualified staff is energetic and creative. The student population is diverse and the parents are very active in keeping the school going and thriving. Dailey has provided my child with exciting learning opportunities which I don't think he would have found at the typical public or private school.

- submitted by a parent

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Morris E. Dailey Charter Elementary School
3135 North Harrison Avenue, Fresno, CA  93704
(559) 248-7060
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