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Public district
Fullerton, CA
Students enrolled: 641
Before care: No

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300 West Laguna Road
Fullerton, CA 92835

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(714) 447-7725
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March 11, 2015
My child is thriving at Laguna Road, and I couldn't be happier. Mr. Sullivan can be seen in the mornings greeting parents and is just so personable. This is definitely something that is absent at a lot of schools I've encountered. Both my children are doing great in the GATE program, and I love the parent involvement. They also have an effective no bullying policy which is so important now.

- submitted by a parent
November 29, 2014
With 31 years experience in high rated public school system I am so pleased with the academic, social, as well as parent interest and involvement in this fine school. My children both attend this school and we've found all staff to be caring and highly proficient. Previous reviewers are both uninformed as well as racists in disguise. After working with numerous populations, the parents at Laguna are not only sincerely involved, non biased , and respectful. All schools should be so lucky . It will be a sad and terrible day when the principal of this school leaves. I've never encountered such a warm, intelligent , supportivec( to all concerned) administrator - other blue ribbon schools pale in comparison to this one. Special kudos to Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Yousling, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Lawson , Mrs. Frutchy , Mrs Penner, all the fabulous GATE teachers. This school needs to go charter and not be constrained by the districts other woes and foibles ..

- submitted by a parent
June 16, 2014
The school is biased. Administrators don't do anything. Sullivan needs to retire. Parents step in and do too much. And they ask for money for everything. We moved to a new school in a new district and couldn't be happier. Our new school is academically much more challenging (for both of my GATE students), is demographically diverse, and I wasn't asked for a penny for back to school night! Not like Laguna where they expect parents to dole out $50 - $75 per child. The programs at our new school match everything offered at Laguna (Walk Thrus, OSS, etc) plus more....two computer labs with computers that work and a Principal that holds teachers accountable and is engaged in running the school. Best part of all....when they get there, our kids will not be wasting their 6th grade at this new school putting on a play. Not only does this new school offer an art program similar to All the Arts, but there is also an amazing district wide band program for 5th-12th grades. Laguna's reputation precedes the reality of what that school truly offers today. The world is changing quickly and Laguna is not keeping up.

- submitted by a parent
June 15, 2014
My children all had an amazing year with enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers. Math lab, science rotations, musicals, performances, literacy centers, teachers tutoring after school, All the Arts programs, and a happy safe environment. The teachers promote taking risks in learning. The families are really involved with their children's education. There is a spirit of volunteerism and pride. From my perspective, parents and students are really happy with the school and the teachers there.

- submitted by a parent
February 27, 2014
Laguna Road School is a great school. The "big buddy program" is very helpful. My daughter had wonderful experience in kindergarten. Her 1st grade teacher was very efficient. She's now in 2nd grade and is doing well.

- submitted by a parent
February 26, 2014
My child currently attends this school, and I was once a student here 25+ years ago. Let me address some issues and concerns I have read thus far. Yes. There are a lot of Korean students here (my child is one, I was one 25+ years ago). For many of the parents, English is not their native language. I originally had a problem with it, but you know what I realized? People hang out with their friends, and talk with their friends. Once you actually try to reach out and be friends with them WITHOUT any judgment, you'll see that they are just like everyone else...just may speak a different language. The parents are so involved and are always there to support the school, the kids, the teachers. Yes. There might be some teachers that are not the best, but I believe that there is not a school out there where 100% of their teachers are amazing.

- submitted by a parent
October 26, 2013
This school is pretty average. As many of the previous users stated, the lower grade teachers are great. However, I disliked the sixth grade teachers. One, who I will not mention the name of, has favorites and will give them privileges (i.e. better roles in the musical). The musical itself is a great experience, many students get to know each other better through the experience. However, I believe that the school is running low on funds and may not hold the musicals anymore. The Korean moms do sometimes get annoying and too nosy. The thing I absolutely hated was that the CST came with no warning. The teachers did not review anything with the students and the specific dates weren't given.

- submitted by a parent
January 28, 2013
Leotards? Really? I've been a parent at this sch for 5yrs now and have not seen anyone dress inappropriately. Y is it wrong for moms to dress nicely at their chrn's sch? Y r u picking on the Korean speaking moms? Doesn't everyone congregate among friends n chat n laugh? I don't think they r talking bad about anyone. From what I've experienced, they volunteer in the classrooms, donate supplies, and reach deep into their pockets to save our programs. even tho they may not speak a lick of Eng. AND... We only have one administrator. If u r talking about the teaching staff, there isn't anyone near retirement so I don't know what u r talking about???

- submitted by a parent
October 06, 2012
The problem with this school is that, the admin staff is antiquated. Perhaps well intentioned, but they are simply tired. And I don't blame them. The influx of transfer students, the deluge of Koreans - many of the parents dont even speak English and if they do, they're rude and don't respect school rules. The mommies, in their pumps and leotards, yapping and texting on their cellphones... it's a joke. This was once a wonderful school with an incredible program. We're moving out.

- submitted by a parent
June 25, 2012
I agree with last post for the most part. Great teachers in lower grades but the class sizes have grown... which is sad for the kids. The school culture does determine social opportunities. I believe parents have valid concerns but don't feel like they will be supported. Again teachers are for the most part great but outside influences are not being regulated by those that could. If you are looking for a school with high academic standards this is a great school.

- submitted by a parent
May 16, 2012
This is a good school BUT there are drawbacks. The majority of lower grade teachers are good and caring. When you get to the upper grades the trouble starts. 2 of the 3 4th grade teachers I recommend. 1 of the 3 5th grade teachers I recommend. I recommend no 6th grade teacher. Its not age or experience that makes them sub-par it is the attitude toward the job. The 6th grade teachers are concerned about how they are perceived by others rather than if the students are learning or not. They spend too time on the 6th grade play and little time reviewing for the CST. They berate the kids while practicing for the play that few kids enjoy the experience. They rely too much on student helpers to take attendance, collect homework and grade homework and tests. The teacher who teaches science said that Evolution is a "myth" fine if you are evangelical but not for public school. Beware of the music teacher, she's a bit off and preaches or prays during her lessons. She's a volunteer and not fit to teach. One final issue, the Korean majority. If you're not Korean then your student's social opportunities are limited. They keep to themselves and speak Korean to each other at lunch and recess.

- submitted by a parent
December 18, 2011
I LOVE LAGUNA ROAD!!! i used to go to a private school(not mentioning the name..) and i really liked it there but this was even better!!!! all the arts, library, student council, and all the teachers really helps with learning... i really feel sad that im going to leave here for junior high next year....

- submitted by a community member
September 30, 2011
I went to Laguna Road ( early 90's ) I LOVE THIS SCHOOL, It is EXCELLENT!! The teachers (every single one ) we're awesome! & Of course Mr Sulivan, I cannot believe he is still the principal WOW!! He is such a great person & reallly loves what he does & you can tell from the moment you meet him, he is passtionate about those kids & they're education!!! That alone shows and tells A LOT about that school, most schools go through quite a few principals/ and or teachers!! Next time I'm in town I would lOVE to come visit, I have never been back since I left & went off to Jr. High :(

- submitted by a community member
August 27, 2011
This school is a happy place of student learning. My children loved each of their teachers, and learned through a variety of means in the classroom. The science is hands-on lessons, not just book learning. The math labs set up by the teachers cement concepts learned so students apply their learning in different ways. The musical programs each year are fabulous. The teachers look at the whole child, not just test scores, (though test scores are great). I believe Laguna Road School produces students who love learning.

- submitted by a parent
June 22, 2011
Lauguna Road is one of the best elementary schools in the Fullertin District. I don't think district provide any funds to the school programs... only receives credit for what the parents contributed in the school.

- submitted by a parent
June 19, 2011
"To say that the school repects only one ethnic group, is laughable." Your kid spends two years there and you can make that statement. The idea that you are in a position to make or reject someone else's experiences and concerns is laughable at best. Just go along and find out what you see in the next 4 years there if you don't decide to transfer to another school in the district that has no bias and has a more diverse ethnic breakdown.

- submitted by a parent
June 10, 2011
This school has been, and is, consistently great! There are pro's and con's to everything, but Laguna Road has managed to provide their kids with an experience that is well-rounded REGARDLESS OF ETHNICITY and is academically tops! My 1st grader is absorbing everything like a sponge and is excited to be there. Of course parental involvement is encouraged...I wouldn't have it any other way. To say that the school repects only one ethnic group, is laughable. Donating to the school in order to optimize the resources available to the school to give their kids the best learning environment is a worthy investment like any other...KUDOS to Laguna Road staff, the kids, and the parents!

- submitted by a parent
no rating February 07, 2010
Laguna Road's diversity is changing because of the large number of transfer students, including transfer students from under-performing schools. Yet, Laguna Road is extremely successful educating ALL students with enthusiastic teachers, a fabulous principal. and dedicated parents. Too bad they cannot separate from the district and become a charter school.

- submitted by a parent
October 27, 2009
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
no rating September 16, 2009
Laguna Road is a California Distinguished school and has won several awards. Laguna Road is the #1 elementary school in all of the area.

- submitted by a parent
June 11, 2009
Great school, but gate classes are way overly tough. Way to much homework at nearly all grade levels, it gets ridiculous. Demographic is not representative of the real world. Fantastic parent involvement, second to none. I finished in 2006 and I've been well prepared for junior high and high school. I'd recommend to many kids, but think twice about GATE and be sure to consider other schools such as Beechwood where I attended 6-8th grade and loved it there.

- submitted by a student
January 15, 2009
My kids are getting an exceptional education and we love the parent involvement at this school. The teachers go above and beyond to have a learning environment be fun and successful.

- submitted by a parent
no rating December 03, 2008
In spite of great scores, some of teachers do not have clear expectations and goals. For example, my child's teacher does not have consistent rewards and punishments systems. The homework is unchallenging. She does not try to meet individual needs nor does act on the best interest of students.

- submitted by a parent
October 16, 2008
Laguna Road School boasts great scores, fantastic parent involvement and great teachers, but it is not as wonderful as it might seem on the surface. The scores are very high mostly due to the enormous effort parents put into their children's education outside of school. Most children attend academic after-school programs. The parent participation is great that is true and it is to be commended. The teachers vary- there are some wonderful dedicated teachers and some less interested in the child's best effort. In our 6 years at Laguna Road School we have met some teachers who did not care nor did they even try to help when there was some extra help needed. The principal is very personable, but does not take a stand when it is needed, therefore the teachers do not fear any repercussions when they do not perform. We were definitely fooled by the scores.

- submitted by a parent
June 25, 2008
This is a great school. Just two years ago my daughter and my 4 nieces attended at the same time. The involvement of the staff, teacher, principal, parents, and kids, make this school what it is...GREAT !

- submitted by a parent
no rating January 24, 2008
This school is outstanding! My son attends and I am impressed almost daily by how much the teacher cares for each and every student's success. The parental involvement is high, the principal is involved as well! Sometimes you'll see him out directing traffic in the morning! I am so pleased with this school and look forward to many more years there!

- submitted by a parent
December 20, 2007
An amazing school that is so involved in its students education. Being a parent of a child with special needs and seeing the patience her teacher has with her makes me feel really great that she is here. Wonderful school

- submitted by a parent
November 25, 2007
I love my school! It is the best 'cause everyone pitches in and helps in a time of need.

- submitted by a student
October 03, 2007
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
no rating July 31, 2007
lauguna road is fun and cool place to learn plus the teachers always heip when need.

- submitted by a student
August 28, 2006
This school is the best. They have great teachers.

- submitted by a parent
March 09, 2006
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a former student
January 13, 2006
Laguna Road Elementary is basically a public school that offers a private school education. There is a large group of dedicated parents who volunteer and fundraise to make sure that the school is the best it can be. Parents from throughout Fullerton seek to send their kids to Laguna Road, which can be a disadvantage at times because I'm finding that many of my child's classmates live nowhere near us. The programs are excellent and the majority of teachers compassionate about educating the children.

- submitted by a parent
September 18, 2005
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
September 03, 2005
I have a daughter that is entering the 3rd grade this year and has been attending laguna road since kindergarten. All of our experiences through out the years have been great. We did run into a couple of concerns last year with her teacher being a little too tough. Mr Sullivan the school's pricipal took the time to listen and talk with the teacher and handle our concerns. He is great with the kids, he is very involved with the students, many of the class programs that we have had, he always stops in the class to view. He knows many of the parents and students by name. This school overall is great. The parent participation level is amazing. Everyone involved in the school makes it clear that it's all about the students. We as a family love this school and are looking forward to the future.

- submitted by a parent
March 23, 2005
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
May 17, 2004
I have 2 children at Laguna Road. We have had a wonderful experience over the past 5 years. The number of hours that parents volunteer is amazing. The teachers are outstanding. My daughter doesn't like summer because she loves her teachers so much. Laguna Road has won numberous awards including being selected this month as a California Distinguished School.

- submitted by a parent

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Laguna Road Elementary School
300 West Laguna Road, Fullerton, CA  92835
(714) 447-7725
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