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Public charter
Los Angeles, CA
Students enrolled: 351
Before care: No

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5431 West 98th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90045

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(424) 789-8337
(323) 954-6415
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June 11, 2014
This school has so much potential! The thing that makes it not as functional as it could be is that the planning and collaboration between teachers and staff occur at the last minute for everything. If this school were able to set aside more time for teacher collaboration, planning and have the year schedule planned prior to the start of school year it would be 5 star. All the problems that this school has are organizational problems. Perhaps having older, more mentor-like teachers would also help. In terms of academics, the school is amazing. At times, the irrational inconsistency of the scheduling, rules and so on make it difficult to see how well the students are performing. A stable school community would facilitate more stability in the classroom because the teachers would be on the same page. Perhaps, if the teachers functioned more like a team then they could be consistent across the board about how they want the school community to run. It seems that the more successful teachers are engaged with building a community, a team and are constantly trying to improve. Academics is a given and improves with teacher experience, thus, the need for mentor-like teachers is great.

- submitted by a teacher
May 19, 2014
this is only a test, not a real review. I will be deleting this post very soon. I just want to see what the registration requirements are

- submitted by a community member
September 24, 2013
I would like to start out by saying that for the past 5 yrs. both of my boy's have expressed so many positive things about their teachers. As a parent i'm very involved and make sure that my boys are receiving the proper education. I have seen how the teachers are invested in the students education. I disagree with the negative comments that were made. If I felt that my boys were not receiving the proper education and nothing was being done. They would not be there at all. I'm a great advocate for my children. So again I disagree with the negative comments. We should be positive and optimistic and supportive instead of critizing and being negative. I can't speak for no one else but for my own experiece and I have dealt with very positive teachers and staff thru out these 5 yrs. I have also seen great improvement overall in this school KUDOS to Mrs. Bonilla and to all the Teachers and Staff. Love , Mrs. Salinas

- submitted by a parent
August 23, 2013
I completely disagree with all the negative comments post up on this web site . I have been attending bright star since sixth grade in 2007 and i have practically grown up in this amazing school surround by the same students who start off in this school as 11 year olds with the whole world ahead of them and 6 years later as 17 year olds in the twelelth grade are ready to hit the real world and thanks to this school that has provided us with this opportunity to stay in the same school 5th though 12th grade without changing schools every few year we have been able to build strong bonds with our friends as we have helped each other grow stronger and also this school has some of the best teachers in the world so of the teacher i had in sixth grade are now my teacher in 12th grade again. Therefore i say thank you to the founder of this school mr.hilger

- submitted by a community member
August 07, 2013
I agree with the review posted a few days ago. Bright Star is a good school with some teacher problems. I have multiple kids currently attending and have heard from my children that they hadnt learned much from some classes, including the history class mentioned below. I was told that this teacher has been at Bright Star for some time, close to 5 years. And each of my kids who were in his class all mention how they dont remember a thing from his class. Far from perfect, my kids get decent grades, and they all did good in his class, but say they didnt really learn anything. Aside from that, Ive heard the same innappropriate comments and innappropriate relationships are involved with this teacher. How does a person like this remain a teacher at a school with pretty good leadership? I hope Bright Star catches on eventually and does something about this. Ill be sure to speak my mind to other parents since it seems others are having the same problems.

- submitted by a parent
August 05, 2013
I currently have one child attending Bright Star Secondary. I completely agree with everything the school stands for and strives to achieve. The reason for my poor rating has to do with what I've heard my child complain abot regarding some of the teachers, in particular their 7th grade History teacher. I've heard from multiple kids that this particular teacher has made several inappropriate comments about students. I didn't believe it myself until meeting with this particular teacher, and he was just as advertised. He was ill-mannered, quick tempered and didn't seem to have any grasp of who my child was or where their level of understanding was in terms of subject matter. Despite that, there are some teacher's who seem to shine above these underachievers including the math department. Also, the principal at the school was very approachable and listened sincerely. If it wasn't for this one particular teacher, and a few others, Bright Star would certainly merit higher in my regards.

- submitted by a parent
June 09, 2013
Bright Star is a really good school. They make you think of college and TRY their best to help you. They have fun and academic trips and I think that was the best experience I had there. Though, its not the same as 3 years ago when Hilger actually reinforced rules, students have rebelled more. Maybe in a few years the school will be more organized but i think they need a lot more staff and mentors. They really screwed over a lot of students that took alot of wrong classes and they dont offer many extra curricular or AP classes. The new grading system of standard based grading has its negatives and its positive but as a student, we all know its more on the negative side. The school needs to get back to Hilgers old rules (Missing Assignments, Uniform, Hair ect) , Get organized (they really need more $$) , Fit each students needs, and get students to start acting like a family again. Parents, remember that other students can either build or break your son/daughter . Even the adults/teachers get annoyed of the sudden changes of the school,

- submitted by a community member
February 07, 2013
I was a student here for 5 years & it was definitely a mixed experience. The reading program (which students always complain about) is probably one of the most valuable things Bright Star has to offer. I can safely say it helped me prepare for the all the reading I need to do in college. The WLAC program is of immense help, considering it gave me a taste of what school's like in a more competitive field. Some teachers/staff members left lasting impressions on me & helped mold me into a mature young adult. As much as I'd like to continue on the positive, I can't. The way the school operates is one of the most disorganized things I'll ever experience. Their grading & reading systems change almost yearly, leaving students in danger of not graduating. Many of the rules are plain asinine. Some of the higher-ups love to play favorites, offering those favorites all the help while leaving others to fend for themselves. I had to do all of my college apps with no help whatsoever from the man we all placed our trust in; in the end, it was my own work that got me into one of the best schools in the nation. Overall, it's a good alternative to LAUSD, but the school still needs major improvement.

- submitted by a community member
February 05, 2013
I will like to acknowledge the great team work over at BrightStar. As a Parent I admire how the teachers take great interest in supporting every student by assisting them achieve their educational goal!. I also commend the teachers efforts in making the students understand how education should be their great priority and how they can invest their time being more productive. My first has attended for 3 consecutive years and has not only built a great rapport with his teachers they take the time to keep communication with Me. My other son just began attending this year and the teachers facilitated his transition easier than other schools would. The Principal has done so much for our school is increadible. Great Work!!! These are the positive feed back that I have for the Teachers and Staff. Sincerely, Mrs. Salinas

- submitted by a parent
October 15, 2012
My daughter hs been in this school for 3 consecutive years...the first one was okay, the second one was not good and the third year was excellent. I as a parent will accept that children are sometimes irresponsible and so cause their own failure, but I didn't give up! I am very happy to say that my child has learned from that. This is a great school. I'm definetley with them on their strict rules. Mrs. Bonilla is a great principal.

- submitted by a parent
November 18, 2011
To all parents looking for an alternative to the rat race that is LAUSD give Bright Star a try. My child was at a crossroads, she could have went either way.Since attending Bright Star she has made a complete turnaround.The one-on-one with instructors, the attentive counselors and the high standards in which students are held to has rekindled my teens love for learning. And the best part is the student body and administration are like family. I'm so grateful to have found Bright Star.

- submitted by a parent
July 02, 2011
Me siento muy orgullosa que mi hijo asista a esta escuela puedo ver su progreso en sus buenas calificasiones siempre estan pendientes de eyos tanto en estudios tareas y avances como en su alimentacion todo lo que nosotros como padres buscamos para nuestros ninos lo mejor y siempre hay mucha informacion felicidades a todo el persona de la escuela y gracias por preocuparse por nuestro ninos Dios los Bendiga por esa gran labor que se esmeran por aser todo lo mejor para nuestros ninos. Clara Gonzalez madre de un nino de noveno grado

- submitted by a parent
June 29, 2011
This school has a great academic curriculum. They prepare their students to go to the University. The students are rewarded with trips at the beginning and at the end of the year. These are incentives for the students to do better, they know that if they don't do good with the classes they don't go to end of the year trip.

- submitted by a parent
May 23, 2011
It was recently announced that Bright Star Secondary is the recipient of the 2011 California Distinguished School Award!

- submitted by a teacher
May 07, 2011
Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy is a great school! The programs are always changing for the better. Students we're not passing in the prior years and the principal decided that another program be created to help those students get the credits. The program is called Elements, the teachers assign homework, but the students crumble it and don't ever go back to it. The school also has a Junior college program where, some students go to West LA college in the morning to take college courses and then in the afternoon they take high school courses. The school is prestigious and wants only the best for its students. Of course everyone complains about the long, dreadful hours, the homework, the online assignments and the strict rules, but in the long run, it's helpful. I love my school, even though it's strict and the curriculum is hard. We have sports, clubs, cheer&dance, ASB and two computer rooms. This school is going to be a high ranking, prestigious school in the future!

- submitted by a student
February 20, 2011
This school is disorganized, they make up rules as they go, they change A's to F's if a child being absent due to illness! The principal does not addresses concerns. I must say some teachers are dedicated; but others terrorize our children w the modem of "My classroom, my rules your parents do not count here". Students are racists toward the few african-american students and cruel racists jokes are made and the admin. apparently does not have knowledge of this; but if your child forgets a pen, belt or is growing a NATURAL facial hair they are sent to CP and they have the nerve to force the kids to shave at school with their 'CLEAN FACE" policy but their own teachers have facial hair and outrageous haircuts! Some teachers wear revealing tops and tight clothing. I was asked to be an embassador for this school; but I don't intend to go into the community and lie to people. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO THIS SCHOOL! I agree that ELEMENTS program is discouraging children to pursue college careers. You do not solve a problem by segregating. Get organized and listen to your parents of ALL RACES !

- submitted by a parent
November 22, 2010
this school is not that good of a school but i went there for one semester and they just really don't have it under control. the school is very unorganized and they make up rules as they go. they also changed any C's to F's its just not a really school so please don't go to that school. they make students stand up if they didn't do their homework but yet they want to send students to CP (connecting place) which is like the deans office if they didn't bring a belt. the school is really unorganized and isn't ran well. i dislike the school

- submitted by a student
November 12, 2010
I am not pleased with this school, no homework is given, My child was put into an program called Elements which segregates them from the other Bright Star students. No child left behind is not at all represented at this school. The school focus is set up to fail students. My child's classmates from their honors program informed them that the students in the Elements program will NOT go to college. I am not pleased with the dismal at the end of the day for the Elements student. I was informed by a parent who child is in the honors program had to stand up if homework is not completed. My child received a progress report was excellent...but I still questioned her grades...I now see why we as parents in the Element setting do not meet in a group but one on one. the office staff is not friendly at all until they are approached by a Spanish speaking parent and immediately a bond is formed. There were some things that I disagreed with at my child's former school but I addressed the matter and it was explained and I continued to support my child. My child enjoyed her middle school, but every since day one my child has not been pleased with this school.

- submitted by a parent
September 27, 2010
Bright Star Academy has a great and challenging academic programs, That gives their students the right tools for their journey in the real world. In this school every student is an invidual and No!! student is left behind. Special Thanks to its founder for giving our Kids this opportunity.

- submitted by a parent
June 05, 2010
This is a fantastic school. My children have really progressed academically and are really enjoying themselves.

- submitted by a parent
April 30, 2010
After attending school for five days, I have come to know some of the students and teachers up close and personal. I have fallen in love with Stella and its inhabitants. My earlier review showed a lack of intimacy. I am know a Stella Mom.

- submitted by a parent
September 02, 2009
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
August 26, 2009
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
August 21, 2009
My son went here but needed resources in math! They were very late initiating it and he was too far behind by mid-semester. They switched to block schedule the day before school started which was killer for my son. They were waiting on funding for arts & performance classes and my son was a dancer. 2 hour classes, 6 min break and another 2 hour class was brutal however those students who thought in a linear fashion did very well especially because of the use of the Study Island CA Standards computer program. Teachers lacked experience but put in 100% heart and pushed learning by rote and mucho reading time. The best feature is the young staff is computer literate and communicate all progress to other teachers. Kids did not get home until 7PM. They have since returned to the 1 hr. sched! Resource staff would make this school superior!

- submitted by a parent
August 02, 2009
I must agree with Bright Star has outstanding teachers, but Principle Kim as stated needs to become a true leader. My kids stress level was so high, I was doing more damage then good. I've decided to take them out of Bright Star and they are currently attending a diffrent school, they have time for family, friends and yet have great grades oh and they actualy get a lot more sleep for fresh minds in the morning! Field trips are very misleading my son has yet to recieve his 8th grade trip he is now in 11th grade. They have been other issues that we have had with Kim and it was very sad when we saw a wonderful principal Stickley leave and Sister Ramona. Just for other parents it took alomost a year for my kids transcripts to be sent to there current school.

- submitted by a parent
July 31, 2009
BRIGHT STAR IS THE BEST! has outstanding teachers, however the Principal KIM needs to become a true leader, implement an actual sports and extracurricular program. 10 hours of school plus unecessary extra homework makes students into zombies not kids.. they should be challenged but are they forgetting they need to have a little time to be kids and enjoy life. the field trips are always misleading and 7 out of 10 times horrible organization leads to chaos and what should be a great learning experience turns into a nightmare.. this school has a lot of potential.

- submitted by a parent
June 16, 2009
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
January 22, 2009
Currently I have an 11th, and 8th grader attending Bright Star. Teachers and staff are truly concerned and willing to help their students at all time. Involvement from parents, teachers and staff, make Bright Star a great place to attend school. High standards are set for students and expectations to meet them are high. Parent involvement, after school programs, sports, weekend school and college courses are just a few innovative ideas which the school uses to help students improve and advance in their education. Students are held accountable for their citizenship and work ethics. Passage of grade is not based on social promotion.

- submitted by a parent
no rating January 16, 2009
This school has provided a grounded education for students, with a diverse background, that prepared them and exposed them to a diverse curriculum and also promotes education as its basis for success.

- submitted by a community member
no rating August 18, 2008
My daughter is a brand new 9th grader to this school and I have heard nothing but good thing about Bright Star. My only concern was the beginning of the year trip (which she's on now) I am very worried about her as she has never been away from us for an entire week (except with family) but I believe she will be ok and it will give her a chance to be independent and make new friends. For me it was like sending her off to college, I almost cried... I can tell she was a bit concerned too but I have high hopes that she will be just fine and will have tons of fun. More to come as the years go by.

- submitted by a parent
January 14, 2008
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent

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5431 West 98th Street, Los Angeles, CA  90045
(424) 789-8337
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