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What are the Best Private and Parochial Catholic elementary schools in Los Angeles


Dadof2girl May 13, 2012

Can someone fill me in on what are considered the best private Catholic elementary schools in Los Angeles? Specifically looking from Hancock Park westward. I have not seen many. Notre Dame Academy Elementary comes to mind as one. Also, what are the best parochial Catholic elementary schools as well. Academics, class size smaller are what's most important to me. Thanks!

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CAOsas May 14, 2012

You should visit and tour Saint Anne School,, which is located at 20th Street and Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica. Saint Anne's tuition for 2012-2013 is $3960, and can be paid monthly. There are discounts for multiple children in one family and financial aid available. The school has an 11-month, 200-day school year, after school program on site until 6:00 daily (free to grades 2-8), free instrumental music instruction in all grades, SMART Boards in every classroom, a state-of-the-art computer lab, special enrichment in science and art history. It has wonderful faculty and all have a master's degree and/or a teaching credential or are enrolled in a program to obtain them. Don't overlook this hidden treasure!


marybplus3 May 28, 2012

You should take a look at St. Timothy School (Pre-K thru 8th grade) on Pico Blvd - opposite the Rancho Park golf course in West LA. They have a maximum class size of 25 throughout the school and they have an advanced academic curriculum. The teachers are all amazing and enthusiastic and with the small class sizes, all children get maximum attention and really excel. They have a foreign language program and instrumental music as part of the curriculum. The have after-care until 6pm every day. I have 3 children at the school and we could not be happier with everything that we have experienced thus far at the school. Our children are all really engaged in the learning process and love it there. The phone number to the school is 310-474-1811 - you can call for a private tour at this point in the school year.


evelyn9 May 28, 2012

St Timothy School in West L.A. is amazing. In addition to teaching the curriculum a year in advance and being very academically competitive it is also a wonderfully well rounded school. The personal attention given to each child is great and there is emphasis on discovering the strengths and passions of each individual child and helping them nurture those talents. The vibrant and forward thinking faculty are always pushing the envelope to stay current with cutting edge educational technology and programs. The students here are regularly accepted to the most competitive and sought after high schools in Los Angeles and yet everything about the school is happy, welcoming and comfortable. STS is really fantastic.


mdorn05 May 30, 2012

You can also check out:
-St Brandan Catholic School
-Good Shepherd Catholic School
-St James school

All 3 schools are within 1-5 miles from Hancock Park.

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