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Magnet only school


doritSL October 19, 2012

We have been informed that our local middle school (Thomas Starr King)will be getting ride of the "home" school and will have 3 magnet schools starting next year ("Wall to wall magnet"). We already have a Gifted and Environmental magnet, the new school will be a film magnet. Has anyone else had experiences with magnet only campuses? How did the transition work out for the kids in the home school (especially for the students who are not interested in the new magnet subject matter?). My daughter will not be affected too much (she will be in 8th grade next year and is already in the gifted magnet) But i am concerned about her friends in the home school and for the families who still have kids in grade school

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mdorn05 October 26, 2012

There is a discussion regarding King Magnet at the end of this forum, you can ask the parents there.

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