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International school for non residents


Isbjorn January 31, 2013

Can anyone recommend a good international school in LA area for ages 10-13 that registers non resident children. They will be in US for a longer visit.

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MusicDad February 5, 2013

For an international private school, it's hard to beat the Lycee Francais de Los Angeles, which has a very international bunch of kids, and has an English track and a French track.

Check out the notable alumni on their wikipedia page:


doritSL January 31, 2013

LAUSD doe snot ask about residency. As far as to which school you should send you children, check for the school you should be going to and check it out. If you still have questions, the parents (mostly moms of course) at are a great place to find out the ins and outs of almost every school in the district.
good lick!

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