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Children must have required immunizations?


kaikaigs February 18, 2013

We plan to move with my 5-year son from Japan. I am reading LAUSDs Immunization Guidelines for School Admission, its says children must have required immunizations. But exemptions to the immunization requirement are provided for personal belief reasons.

If we submitted a written statement of personal belief against immunizations, my son will not be required immunizations? We are not agree to have so many immunizations. Also I believe the USA is not a country having such health problems. Is our belief acceptable by schools? Or some of the parents or people in the community have common belief ? or Are we unusual in LA?
Thank you for people in the!

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mdorn05 February 18, 2013

You do have your own right regarding immunization, but the schools here required vaccinations for the sake of the children at the school. I personally do not want my children to go to school that have kids who do not get required vaccines, but I have no choice.

I believe that there are some exemptions based on religious and medical reasons, but you will have to provide proof to them.


MagnetMom February 26, 2013

Hi kaikiags, and welcome to the Los Angeles Parent Community.

You might be surprised to find out how many immunizations you will need simply to come into the United States. But here is the bulletin directly from LAUSD:

If you use the 'personal belief' exception, be prepared for your son to be exempted from school if any outbreaks occur.

In order to understand how immunizations work, you'll need to read a few articles. Here is one article on the risks:,0,3148179.story

Good luck, and let us know if you need help choosing a school.


maryeferg March 10, 2013


In case you have not found this information yet, here is a link to the California state requirements. Immunizations for school are determined by state, and California has a philosophical exemption as well as a medical one.

You will find many parents here who do not vaccinate for philosophical reasons. Good luck!


terrypeters March 11, 2013

I'd check into those travel vaccines, too.


juldonic March 11, 2013

Just claim "religious objection". No questions will be asked. Unless your child has a medical contraindication with a statement from his physician, no other reasons will qualify.


GarySGoldman March 12, 2013

Vaccinations have been implicated in rising incidence of auto-immune disorders, so it is prudent to be cautious. Please see this recent study:

Additional references include:
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Interestingly, developed countries that vaccinated the most had the highest infant mortality rates (IMR). This relationship has since been further investigated by performing an odds ratio analysis with the countries divided at the median IMR and total vaccine doses, then controlling for the following factors for each nation: (1) child poverty rates, (2) low birth weights, (3) pertussis vaccination rates, (4) breast feeding rates, (5) teenage fertility rates, (6) births out of wedlock rates, (7) age at first marriage, (8) percent of divorces with/without children involved, (9) total fertility rates, and (10) pertussis incidence rates. Although child poverty rates, pertussis vaccination rates, and teenage fertility rates were significant predictors of IMR, none of these factors lowered the partial correlation below 0.62, thus, robustly confirming the study's findings.

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A study using different methodology, but supporting the same conclusion is:
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