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Day one in the books!


MagnetMom August 14, 2013

So day 1 is successfully in the books. How did your kids do? Any bumps in the road? Any surprise calls? Remember, schools can call from wait lists for up to a month into the school year.

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MagnetMom August 15, 2013

My daughter is working to get her schedule how she wants it (changing out a dance class for another), which requires another class to be flipped.

Being that she is in 7th grade, I'm letting her handle it all. She's doing pretty well, since it's a lower priority than say kids who are missing classes entirely.

It can't be easy to juggle the schedules of 2100 kids.


mdorn05 August 15, 2013

My child is a new student at a small gifted magnet school. She seems to be happy so far. Riding on a school bus 10 miles is not bad at all. We did not apply at other school, so no surprise call.

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