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Star testing question


SallyA September 4, 2013

My son came home from his first day of school saying that his teacher said there will not bill Star testing this school year. I thought maybe he misunderstood. But out of curiousity I searched online and found link. I was curious if that means there will be state testing or not;

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MagnetMom September 6, 2013

Hi SallyA,

There has been some discussion at the state level as to whether schools would take the STAR test this spring or move immediately into the Common Core testing. There are issues with both as schools are already prepping for Common Core, yet the tests have never been given so there's no way for the schools to predict how students will do.

Conversely, as districts prepared to use testing as a way to measure teacher performance, without a spring test, there will be no test to measure teachers by.

By not purchasing Star tests, there will be money saved, but the same if not more will be spent to get the Common Core testing up and running. In addition, since Common Core is online, there's no way to know if schools can indeed have 2000-4000 kids online at the same time without their networks crashing.

Suffice it to say, there will be some kind of testing, but it's being haggled out at the state & federal levels as well as at the district levels.

Good luck.

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