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Gifted Magnet vs SAS


user5456229 February 19, 2014

My twin boys are presently in middle school as 6th graders. They are holding their own in the SAS program.
I just received an email stating that they qualify for GHA Magnet for 7th grade. Does anyone have any insight as to whether or not it is best to stay or accept the magnet program?
They are currently at Dodson Middle School. Thanks.

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MagnetMom February 26, 2014


Did you apply to the magnet in the fall using the CHOICES website or brochure?

The letter that LAUSD sends out in February is typically the "Yes, your children are eligible for the gifted magnet" letter, and the acceptance or rejection letter comes out around April (although we always wish it were sooner).

Given the timeline, it sounds like you got the confirmation letter that you have applied, and that they are indeed eligible.

Whether they are better off in a magnet or where they are at is going to come down to several things. First, if both get in. Having two kids in two different schools with two different homework loads can be a nightmare. Two, if you toured and actually wanted them at that magnet, or if you applied, thinking you wouldn't and you are just trying to get rejection points to use toward high school.

I can help you if I know a bit more.

Good luck!


mdorn05 February 26, 2014

Dodson MS also has gifted magnet program. You can ask your school GATE coordinator regarding the detail. Not so sure if they will have opening spots for late or walk-in applications for incoming 7th graders.

At gifted magnet, all students are gifted/high achievers, but SAS are clustered class.

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