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Best Bay Area Private High Schools?


Renji5 November 30, 2008

Best Bay Area Private High Schools?

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tjlove December 1, 2008

Hi Renji5,
Here's a link to an online guide for Bay Area private schools:

You can also read my answer to a similar previous question here:

Also check for books on the subject. I pretty sure there are a couple different guides to Bay Area private schools.

Good luck!


ChandraT March 24, 2009

I found the list of schools very helpful.

It will help a lot to know something more about these schools also, like academic ratings, any issues with management, issues like bullying in school etc.

Is there a forum where this is discussed?

The reason I ask this question is because, my 8 year old son has attended Stratford School Los Gatos for almost 6 years and now has had an instance of racially targeted bullying attack on him. I have taken the issue to the school management and am awaiting measures that they have taken to prevent recurrence of such incidents. I am meanwhile trying to find out if there is a such a history for this school.

If there was such a forum established, it would be easier to collect such information online.

Is there a forum where this is discussed?


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