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Public charter
Rocklin, CA
Students enrolled: 325

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660 Menlo Drive
Rocklin, CA 95765

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(916) 778-4544
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October 05, 2013
As a former three-year student of Western Sierra, I have seen the school's ups and downs over the years. The school is a safe learning environment that really pushes each student beyond normal HS curriculum. The teachers (even some that have been layed-off) are excellent at what they do, and the counselor is AMAZING! I personally would not have survived this school without her. Now for the downside. Though I have seen the great teachers and have learned a lot at WSCA (including a few life lessons), I have also seen many administration "flops" and cover-ups by the staff (usually about teachers who have mysteriously disappeared). There are also those amongst the staff that almost seem to go out of their way to try to ruin your day (usually with a sour attitude no matter how nicely you try and talk to them). I have also witnessed (first-hand) unfair treatment of the students, such as the school expecting perfect attendance when classes are doing absolutely NOTHING (during the last week of school). Honestly, do you really expect that kids will show-up if you have nothing for them to do? This school (minus the counselor and teachers) has lost it's respect from me.

- submitted by a community member

July 06, 2013
I have been going to Western Sierra for several years, and it has been absolutely AMAZING. The environment is really more like a big family than a school. The academics are challenging, but the teachers are so supportive and friendly and they're always happy to help. We also have so many awesome sports programs (basketball, cross country, track and field, both boys' and girls' volleyball, soccer, running club, and even more soon!), and they're getting better and better every year. I'm really excited about the new electives we'll have this year, including graphic arts, which will be really cool. I know some people have commented in the past saying bad things about this school, but it has really changed and grown a lot. We've doubled in size since last year and we have lots of awesome sports programs, clubs, academic teams, and class choices. The academics are challenging, but totally doable if you work hard and get help from your teachers when you need it. I am so excited about this coming year and to see what amazing things we'll accomplish, and I would never want to go to high school anywhere else.

- submitted by a community member

June 11, 2013
My son completed 7th and 8th at WSCA and will be attending for high school as well. He actually said he was going to miss school over the summer! Great teachers, students, good size -- big enough that there's a group for everyone, but not overwhelmingly large. Strong academics ... many AP courses, all students expected to succeed with scaffolding to back it up, including the opportunity to re-take tests, advisory and enrichment periods for extra help and homework. A good variety of activities for the school of the size, great parent involvement. We love it.

- submitted by a parent

April 14, 2013
As a student at WSCA I don't think it's as bad as a lot of the other students make it seem. I've been here since it first started and I've never been too interested in sports but we have teams. I'm in yearbook and we have covered pictures for HS girls soccer, HS/MS girls and boys volleyball, HS/MS girls and boys basketball, track and field plus cheer. In academics, I know the MS has been doing moot court since I also took pictures of that in yearbook. My AP English and Literature/AP U.S. History teacher is absolutely amazing. I don't doubt that I will pass the AP exams coming up. I've never been too good in math but my Pre-Cal teacher makes everything seem so much more easier. Science isn't as interesting to me but my class still continues to do well and I really enjoy my art class. The school is continuing to expand the choices of what classes students will be able to take in the upcoming years and I feel glad that my younger siblings will be able to have more choices. Students complain about WSCA being too hard at times but if a student does poorly it isn't completely the school/teachers fault. Even if the staff approaches the student, that student also has to do their part.

- submitted by a community member

February 01, 2013
This school is great for a studious, non-athletic student. However, my daughter insisted on attending because of her best friend. Well, she has never been a studious kid. So, I'm letting her finish up eighth grade, then off to another Rocklin High School. Hopefully, she will be motivated and encouraged to study harder. I have tried at home, to no avail. I requested a SST from the school, and I am still waiting for it. My daughter may not best student, but she isn't stupid. She does not test well. They do have academic advisory where she gets help from a great gal, but I would like for them to assess her. She is very smart and has been a U.S.F.S. Figure Skater as well as an accomplished equestrian. I am hoping she gets more attention at a NON-CHARTER Rocklin unified school.

- submitted by a parent

January 31, 2013
I am the author of an earlier 5 star post, entitled, "To begin with, I am impossible to please..." Well, I wish I could still be as glowing, but I cannot. I can't tell everything in the 991 characters remaining, so in summary: lost the great science teacher & the other physics teacher. Changes are made with no warning to or input from students. Still some amazingly great teachers, but also some very not-great ones. Worst: no attempt to compete scholastically. No Math/Science Oly., no Acad. Decat., no moot court...absolutely nothing students so desperately need for college. They'll probably sort this out, but fat lot of good that does the students there now. They haven't even held the first half award ceremony yet. These are some of the nicest kids you'll ever meet, but being in Rocklin, there is a VERY right wing bent, too much for me. I do like the office location, and I like the schedule, although I wish there was in-classroom auditing. Most teachers can use the 90 minutes effectively, but some do not. In summary, I am opting to finish the 9th grade year here, because her math, English and Chinese teachers all deserve the highest praise. Next year will be elsewhere.

- submitted by a parent

October 05, 2012
This school has doubled in size within one year, so yes there are growing pains. But, it proves to me that parents are looking for an alternative to education.WSCA DOES prep you for college, and that is one major thing I love about this school. My children feel safe, happy and challenged (not bored). It feels more like a family with parental involvement and more acceptance of others. It does lack in activities (football team, sports, etc.) but it is working on improving that.Very pleased with my choice to send my students to WSCA!

- submitted by a parent

September 14, 2012
its a great school but absolutely NO sports the teachers are great but most kids are FORCED to go there i do not likeit

- submitted by a community member

May 11, 2012
WSCA is a great 7-12 middle/high school. My daughter has been attending for 3 years - since they opened and it has really been a wonderful choice for her! The teachers are amazing - they really care for the students and work hard to help them reach their academic goals. They have a strong administration and though most extracurricular activites are run by the parent volunteers - they have many options for the students. For a small school, they offer 2 foreign languages - Spanish and Mandarin. The academics are challenging. The best thing about this school is that the teachers and administration work very diligently to ensure every child learns. If they fall behind, they work to help them catch up.

- submitted by a parent

April 25, 2012
We took a chance on WSCA when it first opened. It was the best decision we made for our daughter. We wanted a private school feel, challenging curriculum in a small class environment and got it. We wanted the teachers to be approachable and on top of how "our" child was doing and got it. We wanted a safe, inclusive environment and got it. Now does this mean there haven't been growing pains in the school or challenges, absolutely not but WSCA and the staff rise to the challenges and learn from them all. The level of parent participation is amazing! No school is perfect but as long as my child is happy, getting a wonderul and challenging education and feels safe what more could I ask for?

- submitted by a parent

April 16, 2012
WSCA has shown the ability to adapt to numerous challenges facing an ever-changing environment for a relatively young school. As a natural progression from Rocklin Academy, my family believes it is the best all-around school for our student. Short on sports is a drawback and yet we believe this will be addressed next year.

- submitted by a parent

April 11, 2012
I'm thrilled this school is available for my kids. Finally a school that raises the bar for my kids and challenges them while at the same time providing the support to help them succeed. I love the time at the end of the day for student to approach any teacher for help - what an idea! Teachers are great and seem to be there for the love of teaching. Not only is it more focused on my raising my kids academic environment, but it also provides a much cleaner and safer environment than my old kids that i had to send to a public HS. Public charter schools are a great model (and public - free :)), glad to have one near me.

- submitted by a parent

January 20, 2012
To begin with, I am impossible to please. I have homeschooled my daughter until now, and frankly we were doing very well. We flirted with 2 or 3 other charter schools over the years, and even almost made it halfway through Olympus Jr. last year until giving up on them. We don't *need* a school, are quite willing to leave, and I have been very direct in saying so. Western Sierra managed to convince me otherwise. The teachers are spectacular, from the history teacher who dares to set landmark Supreme Court cases to his 8th graders (and debate them in moot court) to the energetic, involved science teacher who knows not only what the students should learn, but *why*, to the Chinese teacher (Chinese! They have Chinese!!) who teaches respect along with culture, to the English teacher and his literature-based program... Running out of room, must be brief - so much more! The schedule allows for 90 minute classes with a 45 minute Study Hall afterwards four days a week. They have time to actually learn, and learn they do. Yes, class sizes are still larger then I (and they) would like. Yes, the school is new, and still working out the kinks. And we love it, and we are staying.

- submitted by a parent

January 05, 2012
To set the record straight, Western Sierra is not intended to be a large comprehensive high school and will probably never have the caliber of sports programs that other high schools in the area offer. On the other hand, the staff and parents volunteer a lot of time and offer successful cross country, track and field, winter running club and basketball programs. We also have developing volleyball, golf, rifle, bowling, and quidditch teams, speech and debate club, computer club, gaming club, environmental club, and others! For a new and growing small school that's a fairly generous extracurricular menu, and is far from "offering no sports" as two detractors in other posts mentioned. The number of AP class offerings also continues to increase as we add a new upper grade level each year.

- submitted by a teacher

August 15, 2011
An awesome choice for a middle school in Rocklin! I can't say enough about this school. They are getting a new building that is going to be incredible with more space for classrooms and sports! Can't wait!

- submitted by a parent

July 25, 2011
As a student at WSCA it is horrible. There are almost no sports for highschool and most of the kids there hate it. Parents have no idea what its like there when they aren't. The teachers are nice and good at there jobs, however the administration was horrible. The original principal and "dean of students" were not well liked by many of the students. HS students have no choice in what classes they take. I've been going there for two years but only because my parents force me too because they think the academics are so great. The main reason for the high GPA average at WSCA is the fact that unlike normal high schools we are allowed to retake tests.

- submitted by a student

May 20, 2011
I am so thankful for Western Sierra Collegiate Academy. Thanks to the caring administration and to the outstanding teachers my daughter continues to experience, she is excelling in school like never before. We are blessed to have found Western Sierra and believe there is no other school like it in the Sacramento region.

- submitted by a parent

May 17, 2011
I have two children that attend WSCA. Their success and happiness leads me to give this school five stars - easily! The small school environment has enabled each teacher to keep track of each and every student. My children are being challenged and living up to the expectations that are in place for them. When my daughter most recently took the AP History Exam she felt very prepared and thought that it was easy. High praise for a teacher who could get a student to say those words! I believe there are some misinformed parents reviewing the school. There is only one AP Class because the school only goes up to tenth grade. The sports program is not as strong as some other local schools, but this is a school concentrating on a college prep curriculum. There is basketball, volleyball, bowling, track, cross country etc. I truly believe these teachers care about the students and that my children will be very prepared for college. I have also had two other children attend our local high school and in comparison WSCA has been a far more superior choice in education.

- submitted by a parent

March 19, 2011
My son has been at WSCA for the past two and has never been happier. This is a new school that is not at its peak yet. Still going through growing pains, however, every child has the opportunity to succeed here. Is it the right school for every student ? No. Parents need to be involved and students need to be engaged. If neither of those apply to your family then the local high school would be a better fit. The teachers, staff and administration knows and cares for every student with their best interests in mind. They have a waiting list for every grade for a reason. Don't believe all the negative reviews here. Go and visit the school and you will see for yourself what a gem this school is.

- submitted by a parent

February 04, 2011
If you are a parent that is looking for a smaller environment for your child because they have special needs or care this is not the school for your child. As I found out. As a charter school they use to use Rocklin Unified Special Education Department. This school switch to El Dorado SELPA to save money. Was informed by staff that they do accept students,but is listed at the very bottom in how students are accepted. As a parent I thought that a smaller environment would help. Not the case. Hardly any physical bullying,but a lot of mind games. Enough were students are not held accountable for his/her actions. As for helping out at this school was basically told by the principal if a teacher, or staff member is not comfortable with certain parents mom/dad are not allowed in classroom. The school has no problem with banning parents from campus. If the staff suspects that a family comes from money will bend over backwards to get your $. If staff members suspects family is poor will treat you bad and force you out. Save your son/daughter heartache and send them to their home school site.

- submitted by a parent

January 11, 2011
We have never been happier with WSCA. Our son has excelled at Western Sierra. The teachers demonstrate a level of hope that keeps my son motivated. The school is willing to make changes based on the needs of students. Our family calls that innovation. We have heard that WSCA has plans to offer more as the grades increase and their new facility provides for more opportunities. This charter was definitely needed as a choice here in Rocklin. We are so happy our family made this choice to be a part of such a great school. We are not concerned about a teacher s years of experience. The teachers the administration has hired helped my son fall in love with learning again. Thank you! Our son comes home excited about what he is learning. The P.E. teacher at WSCA is outstanding and one of the best my son has ever experienced. We are committed to our son graduate from WSCA. This is an amazing place for students. Our family supports the creativity and efforts of administration. There is no evidence of favoritism. It is evident that administration finds ways to motivate every student. We are glad we have leadership that cares about the student rather than the trophy.

- submitted by a parent

January 09, 2011
This middle and high school charter school is a mixed bag of educational experiments. Grades 7-12 is a poor choice. The administration is straining to make the test scores to prove that this Rocklin charter school was the right charter experiment to begin with. Nearly all the teachers are new or with less than 3 years experience. They only have one AP class to offer in high school and no honors classes. This charter wasn't needed as a "choice" in Rocklin so it doesn't have a majority of Rocklin students, but instead has many parents who have come from Lincoln and other areas who are disenchanted with their schools. Rocklin pays the price for this educational experiment. This isn't the high school that our children would look back as alumni and be glad they attended. No sports, in fact, not even decent P.E. classes. It's upsetting that our tax dollars have to go here to support this mess. The administration plays favorites with the parents as well as the kids. My child likes it because it the big fish in a little pond syndrome. There's no real competition. But we'll be out of here soon. Our children deserve better than this, and it's available in our Rocklin public schools.

- submitted by a parent

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660 Menlo Drive, Rocklin, CA  95765
(916) 778-4544
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