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Does anyone have any info on an alternative elementary school in roseville area?


jbouffard December 6, 2008

We are coming from a charter school in Southern CA that focuses on Art and Global Education. Are there any schools that have a similar focus?

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jpascual October 8, 2012

Hello, I know this is an old post but I selfishly :) would like to ask what was the name of the school in Southern CA your child attended? I am currently looking in the area for this type of program.


scullyb9 June 20, 2011

I have a friend whose child attends RCS (Roseville Community School). I would recommend it!

Good luck!


Madam2mom January 26, 2011

You can search charter schools regionally on or on greatschools website look in Antelope, Folsom, Roseville, Carmichael, and Sacramento.

Natomas Charter School #19 is AMAZING!! One of the founders has been a leader in the charter movement for over 18 years. Natomas is 20 - 30 minutes away from Roseville. Roseville isnt going to give you much diversity or charter schools (they are all about 10-20 minutes away) but the public schools (Woodcreek is one) are decent. This is coming from a parent of charter school children an active national charter school advocate.

Good luck!


montesini January 12, 2010

Have you been to Roseville Community School? My daughter has been attending for 4 years now and we're extremely happy with it.


Steinerfest August 30, 2009

Golden Valley Charter school is a terrible school. Their test scores are awful and they have dropped their "waldorf" curriculm to only 2-3 classes. Spanish is not offered in the upper grades and the middle school classes are not high school preparing at all. We feel stuck, because our children have been so dummied down in lieu of the art aspect that they would drown outside of this school


rkrishnan_n1 August 25, 2009

I am told the tocklin acamemy is a best alternative... but very difficult to get in via lottery system.


Bonniejean January 31, 2009

Although we reside in Roseville, our kids have attended Rocklin Academy Charter School in Rocklin, only a couple of miles away. It offers World History, the arts, spanish, and a wonderful science program K-6. RA has a very active parent community. We have been very pleased with the rich academics, while our children have been happy and challenged in a safe and engaging learning environment.


242424 January 27, 2009

check out Golden Valley Charter in Orangevale; the IB elementary in Loomis ( I don't know their name, I think it's a charter) and the California Montessori project.


healthy11 December 6, 2008

Have you tried using Greatschools "Research and Compare" feature on the green menu bar near the top of this page? You can see what schools are in the area, and contact them individually for more information about their specific programs. You might even try "google searching" for charter schools in that area.

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