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drasse code


shawnlynn August 13, 2011

unfrom or not

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BioTeach August 16, 2011

It would depend on the conditions of the school. A couple of examples:

Uniform: A middle school in a gang are for years had been having issues with colors being flashed, cause major behavioral issues. The school instituted a uniform (while inadvertently banning its own school colors) system. Color flashing still occurred, but was dealt with swiftly since it was obvious the intent. Behavior and safety increased.

No Uniform: School I teach at has a very loose dress code. Most students follow it, and for those that don't, they tend to comply once caught. The issue of dress does not really come into play in the school's psyche.

My personal opinion= If the money is present, then uniforms would be my choice. They instill a sense of belonging, equalize the money gaps (i.e. don't have kids showing up wearing $300 worth of designer clothes that get nicked in the locker rooms), and forces the student to be an individual through social/personality and performance means. Less distraction = better learning environment.


ChampionDad March 13, 2012

It's all about parenting. Do you expect the school to keep your son or daughter from from joining a gang. Uniforms are great for Sporting activities, it helps develop pride and membership in a community.
You want your kid to have a uniform, let them get involved in high school sports. They can also learn about leadership, cooperation, teamwork, disipline, setting goals, and that in life you don't always win, You are looking for an esy way out of being a good parent. It's on the inside!

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