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San Diego, CA
Students enrolled: 161

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4350 Mount Everest Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92117

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June 06, 2014
My daughter is finishing her 2nd year (8th grade) at this school. Enrolling her at Mt Everest was the best thing we ever did. She can progress at her pace, especially in math where she is 1 year ahead. She learns much more on her own at home than she would be by sitting in a classroom everyday for 6 hours. One day of study group with the teachers and others kids is plenty. She is learning to work independently and howt avoid procrastination. The teachers are great, very supportive and always available when they are not teaching. The school offers a lot of extracurricular activities, field trips, performances, etc... We are hoping she can stay at the school until she finishes high school. However, there is no magic: if your kid is not motivated, doesn't work well independently, especially for higher grades, a more traditional school is better. We tried it first for a couple of months before making the jump.

- submitted by a parent
March 23, 2014
For the child who is not challenged at his/her current school, this school is a marvel. The staff takes a personal interest in each child and the children are encouraged not only to strive, but to take independent ownership of their education. My child is in 5th grade and we did not see such "independence" on the horizon for some time to come in our previous high-performing charter school. My child also likes the fact that he can participate in classes according to his ability, not his age. He is taking math a year ahead of his grade, and a language with high school students, both of which are a challenge that he hadn't previously encountered but is excited to meet. It has been a great experience for him and he likes it so much that he is working hard to ensure that we don't feel the sting of the extra parent work to keep him here. That is good because it is indeed considerable extra work for the parents. Also note, this school isn't for all kids. Those who need to be motivated to do school work will find the lack of structure to be challenging. We have a younger son that we'd love to send here, but it just won't work for him.

- submitted by a parent
October 24, 2013
If you are looking for the best of both worlds, look no further. The staff is extremely supportive for your home schooling efforts and really come alongside you to assist and encourage you. The class size is unbeatable and with having freedom to use my own chosen curriculum (for younger grades), I can't complain. As long as we are working hard and meeting standards, we are given all the choices a regular home schooling family could want. The only difference is you get a regular group of kids to meet with and they are taught by certified elementary teachers who know how to teach and what best practices are out there. That with the combined elective choices and free resources- MT Everest is hard to beat. I love seeing the principal walking around campus engaging in the student body and parents every time I'm there. It's hard to imagine putting my kids in a regular school after doing this one. Visiting is what sold me, and although I'd love to keep it a secret, I have to be honest and say as a former teacher- this school is amazing! You just have to see it in action to believe it.

- submitted by a parent
September 03, 2013
My school is amazing. In my ten years of school, I have been to eight different schools, always returning to this one. I'm a student, and I think this is a good school for kids with initiative. The teachers expect a lot from us, and it's hard. But for people like me, with a want to learn as much as I can and get into a good college, it's perfect. It's not at all anti-social, in fact we are better speakers than most other kids. I think that people leave our school because they feel they are not getting enough support. Bu the teachers will help anyone who wants it, as long as they ask. My history and English teachers are amazing, and I wouldn't leave this school for anything.

- submitted by a community member
June 13, 2013
I have two students at this school. We are changing schools. If you have a child with any special needs this is NOT the school to send your child to. The school psychologist is rude and condescending. The principal Mr. Rood, and the special ed department violate CA procedures. The principal said to my child in front of me that my child was just lazy and unmotivated. If your child is a strong scholastic performer and/or has special talents that make the school e.g. the principal look good, then this is the right fit for you and your child.

- submitted by a parent
December 03, 2012
Good and bad... This is our first year here and my child is in kindergarten. The pros are they offer in-person classes and activities for those wanting their child to have a social outlet. The families are great and it's almost like a mini private school, but free! The campus is nice and clean and the playgrounds are nice for those with younger siblings. The cons are the teachers can be a bit disorganized and a lot of the curriculum was unavailable at the start of the year. We were left to fill in the blanks ourselves. Also, for those who want a true homeschool experience in which you choose what to teach, that isn't really the case here. You're handed a HUGE stash of books and work pages and expected to turn in this stuff at the end of each month. You can supplement your own materials for extra learning, but when it comes down to it your student is still a public school student and you're obligated to teach what they think your child should know. Also, you're still subject to public school rules and regulations. For some this isn't a big issue, but if you want true freedom of homeschool you shouldn't choose this school. Overall, great place though.

- submitted by a parent
November 15, 2012
Is this the school for you? Hello, I too know what it's like to spend countless hours on this website.. trying desperately to find the *RIGHT* school for your little ones. This will help those that are considering starting/continuing homeschooling. Okay, so here it goes. I HIGHLY recommend this school for children in grades K-4th. The teachers for these grades are great, attentive, personable, and flexible. Your kids will make good friendships here and the teachers work with you. They become your good friends. Now.. For kids in middle school, there are lots of expectations, which make for a stressful learning experience. Which honestly robs the job of homeschooling that you desired to have in the first place. No curriculum options (Just one type provided). Trying to plan lessons, that align with the teachers expectations are just.. confusing. High School? Forget it. I have NO idea how the high school parents do it. I did however.. notice that most those that have high school students.. only have one child. Maybe two at the most. That must be how they do it. For those of you that have more children.. anything past 4th grade.. I'd look at other options to keep your joy and sanity. :)

- submitted by a parent
October 09, 2012
This is our first year here. I only wish I would have known about it long ago. My son is in 10th grade. He has the option of doing one school subject at a time versus all subjects at once. This gives him more time to focus and build upon what he has already learned as the weeks go by. Work load is handed at the beginning of the month. Due at the end of the month. All the resources are made available to you either on campus or online through their website. 1-3 (optional) classes available during the week depending on grade level. Homework help also available apart from the regular classes. Great 1on1 assistance. The staff is super friendly. Principal Reed is wonderful and fully engaged in every aspect of his school. You can tell he cares about his students, staff and parents. The kids my son has befriended show pride in attending there. Lots of school spirit. I love that it still offers fieldtrips, events on and off campus, and lots of interactions. Many electives available. My son is dually enrolled in another near by school to attend an elective not offered at Mt Everest with no problems. The best of both worlds. Sack lunches also provided. Even got my own 'Teacher' Id card.

- submitted by a parent
September 12, 2012
This is our third year at MEA. The pros: Terrific office staff Clean campus Conscientious and for the most part fabulous teachers Modern computer lab and net books in class rooms Promethean technology Fun music program Counseling and therapeutic help is excellent Cons: Ridiculos work load (math) wait till you see the books and curriculum. I drive my kids to have an actual class and the teacher doesn't teach but tells the kids to study for a test... ? That's what they do at home. This happened a lot last year. Maybe better this time around. Students are often allowed to be loud, rude and obnoxious during the precious class time.. I understand some of that but come on. -------------- Ok, here it is, the classes this year are huge. Way bigger than the last couple of years. 12 kids in a class last year has turned into 26 kids. I was attracted to this place because of its small size. Now? I'll wait and see

- submitted by a parent
June 02, 2012
My daughter is ending her first year at MEA as a high school student and couldn't be happier. The teachers she had this year have been outstanding. It's a very special school and I'm so glad we discovered it, it's been a perfect fit for her. My son has been at a traditional public high school and I feel that MEA's academics are above and beyond a tradional school. Thank you MEA!

- submitted by a parent
March 28, 2012
This school has been a blessing for my daughter, who started this year in 7th grade.The teachers are approachable, available, and have been very supportive of my daughter who is very shy socially. My daughter is constantly commenting on how wonderful the teachers are, and how much she likes them. She is getting straight As,but I must admit, that the workload is heavy (at least in my viewpoint). Nevertheless, I'm hoping that she'll be able to complete the rest of her school years here and graduate from 12th grade. This is an excellent school with a terrific educational program. I highly recommend it!

- submitted by a parent
March 07, 2012
My husband works nights and we love that we can get up later in the morning PLUS have some perks of traditional school (i.e. classroom setting when desired, extra curricular school functions, awesome teachers and staff to assist us!) Being involved with my three children's education so closely is a wonderful blessing. As long as I stay well organized we are in good shape ;-).

- submitted by a parent
February 06, 2012
Our child has been at MEA since K and we are very happy with the school. The first two years were a little rough due to faculty and leadership changes. However, since the new principal came to MEA last year, things are much more organized. We love the small campus, the weekly elementary class, the music and art programs, and the family events. Our son loves MEA and has made many friends from across the grades. The PALS lab is a great addition this year as it gives our son more independent study time in a supervised setting. This is a great choice for parents who want to be the primary driver of their children's education. The flexible schedule does not eat into our family time and allows our son plenty of opportunity to pursue his individual interests. This school is a hidden gem in the SDUSD.

- submitted by a parent
December 22, 2011
If you are considering enrolling your child: Please Read. I have been homeschooling for a few years through another Homeschool program that's out there and I finally decided to start looking for something else. (Old school: Monthly meetings were extremely unnecessary and time consuming, not local, and it takes way too long to get reimbursed for programs they offer. Eventually) I can't believe this great little school was in my backyard this whole time and I didn't even know it. We are NEW there and I can't say how wonderful it is so far. We feel very welcomed. They are local/central in SD, and they offer many great Music/Art/Computer classes that most homeschool programs don't. No need for complicated and lengthy paperwork. You just bring your children to the classes of interest. Another great thing is that you child gets to participate in class 1xday a week for a few hours. Another thing that I find extremely helpful (Especially for the older kids) there are real teachers available to help answer any questions you have. There is no need for monthly meetings, you simply turn in the work once a month in the turn in bin (Thank You!). Too much to say, Just go check it out!! :)

- submitted by a parent
September 22, 2011
If your child loves to learn but hates school, this is the place for your family. Each student receives the same books as any public school student, which they work through mostly at home. I have a highly gifted but disabled child who has been here off and on since kindergarten; she is now a junior in high school. Today she came out of her AP English class bubbling over and saying "I can hardly wait for next week's class!" The school is tiny, cozy, and currently has a dynamic and flexible principal, Mike Rood, so go now and check it out!

- submitted by a parent
June 13, 2011
Mt. Everest Academy is an outstanding school, it's a cross between a public school and an independent study program. This is a progressive learning environment that teaches valuable skill sets and it would be a mistake not to send your kid here. ALL of the teachers are remarkable, I've learned more in my past two years at this school than anywhere else. I've attended dozens of schools in San Diego county and all have fallen short. The students and staff are friendly and easygoing; the principal Mr. Rood is brilliant. This school is structured but not uptight; it shouldn't be confused with charter or even most other public schools. There's heaps of work and it's challenging but given you don't wait until the last minute there is enough time and enough help to excel in school. If you're sick of the added stress and the stiff order of public school and underwhelmed by home schooling this is the place for you!

- submitted by a community member
April 18, 2011
As a homeschool parent, I am finding it increasing difficult to justify keeping my kids in this school. The teachers are using student interns to teach the subject matter. Yes, I am all for internships to help mold future teachers but it bothers me that they are teaching the one class my kids attend on campus. Given the fact that the class size is 5 to 8 students, teachers should be able to handle this when conventional schools have 30 kids per class. It's lazy and it short changes my kids education. Would you want a certified teacher or intern teaching your kids? In addition, I am disappointed that my children receive school resources eight months after the fact which tells me the school does not plan very well. Given all of this I can say that the faculty are nice but thats where it ends. Suffice it to say, I will be pulling my kids out of this school after the term ends.

- submitted by a parent
January 27, 2011
This school has been the greatest thing to happen to our family! My daughter is learning so much more and she can spend the time she needs on subjects and lessons. She has significantly less stress, since she doesn't have to be in a classroom with 30+ kids, wake up at 6:30 to get to school by 7:30, be in school 5 1/2 hours a day and then spend 3 hours a night on homework. She has the time to learn at her pace. I LOVE how the books are exactly the same as all San Diego Unified Schools. She can do projects that interest her and she is able to take her learning to another level, all with her own motivation! Everyone is super-kind and super-helpful! My daughter has made many new friends at the school and we are able to plan school activities during the day with them, like ice skating, seeing plays, and attending symphonies. There is a brand new principal (although the interim was fantastic!), Mr. Rood. This school has given our family days of love and learning instead of days of stress and yelling, "Do your homework!" I highly recommend you visit and take a look at this school!

- submitted by a parent
November 15, 2010
I cannot recommend this school. My child has attended Mt. Everest for 5 years and we are very unhappy now. The new principal (mentioned below) has already quit and has not been replaced. The workload is heavy, but the teachers make it much worse because all but the math teacher are unorganized. It is very frustrating to repeatedly have to contact teachers because of the numerous mistakes on their assignment sheets. There are better school available, take time & find one.

- submitted by a parent
March 08, 2010
Mount Everest's new principal is a breath of fresh air. She is energetic and dedicated and in spite of deep budget cuts, I believe she has the perserverence and resourcefulness needed to guide that school to greatness. The teachers are approachable, caring and determined although understandably weary of the financial hardships of teaching in California.

- submitted by a parent
January 05, 2010
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
November 03, 2009
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
June 24, 2009
This school is a pleasure for the parent who is involved and the student who is self-motivated. The teachers and staff are wonderful and supportive. The only issue facing this school is the districts inability to help them find a long term principle that fits this kind of mixed home school/traditional model.

- submitted by a parent
December 14, 2007
Mt. Everest Academy is a school for the highly motivated child and family. The teachers vary with their personality, but the school offers no structure of its own. For this school the parents must provide the schooling, and it can be quite challenging, for classes meet only once a week. Great for the kid who has a lot of extra-curricular activities.

- submitted by a student
March 27, 2007
Our son has been enrolled in this program since second year of 7th grade. Three years later he's doing well. It really has been a blessing. He's been able to participate in volunteer work, with Teen Korps and playing sports at the Boys and Girls Club and at the local high school.

- submitted by a parent
August 29, 2006
I enrolled my son in this school for the 7th grade year and though it was a lot of work, he seemed to be doing well. We liked the math teacher a lot and the staff was always helpful. A bit more organization at the beginning of the year from the program coordinator would have made the whole year a lot more fun. But we struggled through and if I could stay home and continue to home school my son, I would have continued at this school.

- submitted by a parent
June 14, 2005
This is an independent study program through the public school system. There are program instructors available for help and guidance while parents are responsible for the majority of the teaching. This is a great avenue for the first time home-schooler or for middle and high school students who want to get out of the peer pressure of regular schooling. High recommendation!

- submitted by a parent

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