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Does the GATE Raven's Test identify GATE students for Language Arts or Math


Pwebster June 12, 2009

Also, anyone familiar with the SAM test? I would like to know if that is for Language Arts or Math as well.

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healthy11 June 13, 2009

Hi. I'm not from CA, but I wanted to suggest that you might join and repost your question in Greatschools Gifted Group at, as someone there may know.


Pwebster June 13, 2009

I think i did post it there as well. Thank you :)
As far as i know the Raven's test is actually nation wide test.


healthy11 June 14, 2009

I may have misinterpreted what you were asking....I thought you were wondering if your child might be selected for a separate language arts or math program within the Valley Center, CA school district based upon their test results, not whether the test itself was administered nationwide, or what the test covered. (Where I live, there are some self-contained gifted glasses, and some individual pull-out programs for kids who just show strength in one area, like math or language arts, but the schools decide who is eligible by looking at highest performers on statewide testing.)


Pwebster June 15, 2009

It's all pretty confusing. I completely understand the options for our GATE students in our school. But based on the Raven's Test our students are either placed in GATE Language Arts or GATE Math, i don't know which (we have both). Our coordinator has changed since my son took the test. So i am not sure i am getting the correct answer from the school. What i am trying to find out is whether the Raven is testing for Math or Language Arts, or both?? (we have two other tests as well - but it was the Raven's that said he was GATE, but didn't specify which...Gate coordinator said it was Math, but two teachers say it's L.A. -UGH!) I just want to make sure he's in the right class(es). Thanks for your help.


MagnetMom June 15, 2009


Have you contacted your district's main office? Hopefully they have a gifted office there. I'm in SoCal, and they use the Raven to determine giftedness, but they don't split hairs for which subjects the child qualifies for.

Since we're literally all over the country, and it's clear each district does their own thing, your best answer is definitely going to come from someone within your district.

In my district they like the Raven because it's nonverbal and therefore doesn't discriminate against kids with limited English backgrounds. It's not necessarily the best test for all kids, especially those who are highly verbal.


Pwebster June 15, 2009

I have not contacted the district office yet. It sounds like that is what i need to do. I was hoping there was a definitive answer but it is sounding more like it is something that our schools are doing for their GATE program. I hear we may be getting another coordinator this year (again) so it may have to wait until the fall.

thanks for your advice. :)

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