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Moving to La Jolla/Del Mar from overseas. How do I apply and what do I need?


tskn123 June 12, 2011

I plan on moving to the La Jolla/Del Mar area (haven't decided which yet) from overseas and would like to know how to apply, what info I need to provide, correct contacts, what are the timelines/cutoffs, what options do I have if the school I choose is full, and any other pertinent info for someone in my situation. My child will be entering 5th grade by the time we move, which should be summer 2012.

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Nadi13 June 19, 2011

Depends on whether you are looking at public or private. La Jolla has 3 public elementary schools - La Jolla Elementary, Birdrock Elementary & Torrey Pines Elementary. Your entrance into the schools depends on what area of La Jolla you move to. There is no cut off for these schools. If you take the private route you are too late for this fall unless you contact the schools personally and see if there is any recourse. For private there is La Jolla Country Day, Bishops, Evans, All Hallows, Child's Primary, The French American School, ect. I live in La Jolla so I am familiar with what is available here, no so with Del Mar, although there are also many good public and private there too.Good luck !


zeke99 August 16, 2011

Regarding Del Mar or Solana Beach schools (both districts are excellent) you should contact their offices to obtain current enrollment information & associated deadlines. Generally kids can be enrolled up to the first day of school, though some schools have enrollments in specific grades which can be closed in the summer due to excess enrollment. It depends on both the school & specific grade. If the neighborhood school would be full for your child's grade, there is a waiting list which many times results in kids making the cut, as people continue to move into/out of the area. Otherwise, another nearby school would be made available since there is plenty of capacity elsewhere in the district. Then you have a good chance of getting into your neighborhood for the next school year.

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