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radley1 March 29, 2013

Possible move this year and are looking at this school. Have 3 kids aged 17, 14 and 12. 17 year old is studying the equivalent of the 1st year of IB (A levels) in UK so this would be perfect. Has anyone got some advice about this school or other good schools. Our preference is to have our 3 kids at the same school but I can see that there are middle and High schools. I would be keen to hear from Mollikins74 as she has come from UK. Any advise would be uch appreciated. Where would be good to live near this school.

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scvb13 May 27, 2013

We live in the SJ High School District but our son is still in elementary. I can tell you it will probably be a pretty big culture shock if you are coming from the UK as it is a largely hispanic high school in an urban area. I've heard very good things about it's IB program and it is a smaller school compared to many of the high schools in the area (for example, nearby Independence High School is the size of some small colleges).

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