Details overview

Hours 08:00 AM - 03:00 PM
School leader Michael Browning
Transportation options Yes
Preschool capacity 24


Basic school information

Dress code Uniforms
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Schedule Extended / longer school day
Day or Boarding offered Day school
Type of school Faith-based
Coed/Single-gender Coed

Academic focus and philosophy

Educational philosophy and approach to learning Saint Anne School provides a comprehensive TK-8 curriculum as stipulated by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and according to California State Standards in the following subjects: Mathematics, English, Reading, Spelling, Social Studies, Science, Art, Music, Religion and Physical Education.
Academic themes / Areas of focus Music
Service learning
Visual arts


Visual Arts
including: Sculpture
including: Theory
including: Spanish
Music Choir / Chorus
Instrumental and theory music lessons
Performing & written arts Creative writing
Media arts Computer animation
Video and film production
Visual arts Drawing / Sketching
World languages taught Spanish
Bi-lingual or language immersion programs offered None


including: Auditorium
Facilities Art room
Computer lab
Multi-purpose room ("Cafegymatorium")
Music room
Performance stage
Chapel / spiritual reflection center
Science lab
Extra learning resources Acceleration
Differentiated learning programs
Special education program details TITLE 1 In addition to the core subjects, we also offer Title 1 services for students who qualify. The students who qualify are given small group instruction in Reading and Language Arts 3 to 5 days a week for 45 minutes.
Special education programs Self-contained classroom
Specialized programs for specific types of special education students Specific learning disabilities
Speech and language impairments

Early childhood program

Early childhood program offered No
Type of center In-school
Early childhood starting age 4 years old
Certified and/or licensed Yes
Accredited Yes
Days open Monday
Requirements for attending Students must be age 4 by September 30; potty trained. A record of current immunizations is also required.
Weekly cost range (low) $75
Weekly cost range (high) $125
For the year 2016
Payment schedule Monthly
Financial aid options Sibling Discount
Sliding Fee Scale
Preschool meals offered Breakfast
Morning Snack
Afternoon Snack
Social emotional skills development Self-awareness: identify body parts and functions; identify feelings (e.g. happy, sad, angry, jealous, proud, scared, etc) use words to describe feelings; demonstrate a positive self-image; awareness of their own abilities. Interpersonal Awareness: compare/contrast their physical characteristics with those of others; compare/contrast their feelings with those of others. Self-expression: communicate preferences; make choices. Interactions: participate in group activities; share and take turns.
Math skills development Count to 30. Write numbers 0-10. Understand relationship between numbers and quantities. Identify if objects are greater than/less than/equal to the number of objects in another group. Represent addition/subtraction with objects, drawings, and acting out situations. Compare two objects by a measurable attribute (e.g. length, weight, capacity). Identify, describe, and build common shapes (e.g. circle, square, triangle, rectangle, etc.) Recognize, describe, extend, and create a repeating pattern.
Speech development Follow agreed-upon rules for discussion (e.g. listening to others, taking turns speaking, answering on topic). Ask/answer questions in order to seek help, get information, or clarify something that is not understood. Recite short poems, rhymes, and songs. Recognize/produce rhyming words. Count, blend, and segment syllables in spoken words. Match uppercase/lowercase letter names to their printed form. Associate sounds with letters. Develop recognition of high-frequency words by sight.
Reading skills development Recall key details from familiar narrative, retell familiar narrative stories, sequence the events depicted in narrative pictures. With prompting and support, answer questions about key details in familiar and unfamiliar narrative texts (e.g. characters, setting, major events) Identify the meaning of common words. Identify the front cover/back cover of a book. Identify additional parts of a book (e.g. title page, author, illustrator, page number).
Required credentials for lead staff Teaching credential
% of early learning staff that holds a credential or certification 76%-100%
Maximum number of infants per adult 0
Maximum number of toddlers per adult 0
Maximum number of 2 year olds per adult 0
Maximum number of 3 year olds per adult 0
Maximum number of 4 year olds per adult 8
Maximum number of kindergartners per adult 30
Maximum number of school-age children per adult 32

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Student diversity

  This school State average
Hispanic 53% 52%
Two or more races 21% 3%
White 11% 26%
Black 8% 6%
Asian or Pacific Islander 6% 11%
American Indian/Alaska Native 0% 1%
Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander 0% 1%
Source: See notes


Girls Sports
including: Cheerleading
Boys Sports
including: PE classes
including: Drama club
Girls sports Basketball
PE classes
Boys sports Basketball
Flag football
PE classes
Clubs Cooking club
Community service
Drama club
Girl Scouts
Homework help / Study buddy club
Model UN
Recycling club
Robotics club
Science club
Student council / government
Foreign language and culture club
Extended care / Extended programs Before
Before school start time 07:30 AM
After school end time 06:00 PM


Parent involvement Attend parent nights
Chaperone school trips
Coach sports teams or extracurricular activities
Join PTO / PTA
Monitor the playground
Organize cultural events
Organize fundraising events
Present special topics during curricular units
Serve on school improvement team or governance council
Volunteer in the classroom
Volunteer time after school
Students typically come from these schools Public Preschools
  Trinity Baptist Preschool
  Mt. Olive Preschool
Students typically continue on to these schools St. Monica High School
  Notre Dame Academy
  Santa Monica High School
Parent involvement details Parents automatically become members in the PTA upon enrolling their child or children in the school and all are given a voice. The purpose and mission of the PTA is to: Foster open and meaningful communication between school administration and parents. Serve as liaisons between the school and parish communities. To enrich and enhance the excellence of the Saint Anne School educational and spiritual experience for their children.


Academic award 2011 Best of Santa Monica, Religious Schools
Year received 2011
Academic award Finalist, BRAVO Award, Music Program
Year received N/a
Academic award 2010 Best of Santa Monica, Religious Schools
Year received N/a


including: Nurse
Staff Assistant principal
Reading specialist
Priest, pastor, or other religious personnel
School counselor
School psychologist
Speech therapist(s)
Teacher aide / assistant teacher
World languages spoken by staff Spanish


Transportation details Big Blue Bus has two lines which stop within 100ft of the school entrance (20th Street and Colorado Ave.) Breeze (TM) Bike share system has a location 1 block away (Broadway). Expo Light Rail stops 1 block away (between Olympic Blvd & Colorado Ave.)
Transportation options Accessible via public transportation
Partnerships with local resources and organizations Yes
Partner Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club
Partner website
Partner SOL-LA Music Academy
Partner website
Partner Arts Matter
Partner website
Partner Crossroads School For Arts & Sciences
Partner website
Partner Seton Education Partners
Partner website


Application/ enrollment process details To apply for admission, please contact the school office, 310-829-2775, to schedule a tour and testing appointment. Testing appointments and tours are available beginning in early February, and admissions are rolling, so early appointments are recommended. Within one week of your child’s admission testing, you will receive a call from the School Office regarding your child’s eligibility for admission.
Learn more Http://
Application requirements Application
Application fee
Entrance exam
Type of application deadline Contact the school / Multiple deadlines
Application submission begins 01/10/2016
Application fee amount $25.00
Application fee waivers available? Yes
Tuition range (low) $1000
Tuition range (high) $4500
For the year 2016-2017
Financial aid offered School-based aid
Outside scholarships
Financial aid type (misc.) CEF
Vouchers accepted Yes
# of applications received 85
For the year 2014-2015
# of students accepted 70
For the year 2014-2015


Student diversity NCES, 2011-2012