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South High School (Denver, CO) Questions


swickedvampire October 18, 2010

Could someone possibly tell me what middle school in Denver, Colorado 8th graders generally attend before going to South High School? I am thinking about relocating to Denver and want to go to South but don't know what middle school. The closest one by zip code is Skinner Middle School and by pictures, both schools have the same building style. Thanks!

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ptmarsh October 21, 2010

In Denver, there is "choice" for many schools, but particularly middle. Although you may be close to Skinner, there are lots of choices: arts, charter, magnet, math and science, IB, traditional middle schools, & K-8. Many of these require applications and have deadlines. I would look at to find out more about the various middle school options in DPS. As well, there are a lot of private options. Hope this helps.

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