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Public charter
Lafayette, CO
Students enrolled: 1,446
Before care: No

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800 Merlin Dr
Lafayette, CO 80026

(303) 453-4600
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April 01, 2015
This school is producing leaders in many areas! March of 2015 the National Science Foundation gave Honorable Mention for proposed research for a 2010 Peak To Peak Graduate for DNA scanning for cancer research. This student worked hard, valued this schools teachers and innovated administration and board, took full advantage of tutors etc. If your vision is success, to go to work to prosper, not just to work, to exercise incredible drive, to never make excuses, to focus on your goals daily then come and keep your youth amongst excellence at this school, but it takes a FAMILY and a STUDENTS commitment! Enjoy the journey! Parent of 2 graduates of Peak To Peak!

- submitted by a parent
March 21, 2015
I graduated from Peak to Peak a few years ago. Looking back on my experience I'm disappointed to say that this school wasn't a positive social/learning environment for me. It's extremely white-washed, and the lack of diversity is propagated by a system which encourages lower-achieving students to self-select out of the school instead of supporting this cohort properly. The administration was ridiculously draconian and they adamantly persecuted students who ran against their cultural grain. The vast majority of teachers are absolutely wonderful, caring, and highly-qualified (they kept me sane during my time there). Academically, I learned a lot at Peak to Peak and was well prepared for college, but then again I came to P2P as a decent student and good standardized test-taker. Unfortunately, the privileged culture and overbearing administration were extremely harmful and by far the worst aspects of Peak to Peak.

- submitted by a student
January 29, 2015
I have a 8th grader in this school who had a hard semester after a concussion. The school was so supportive and the teachers ROCK. My son was supported in every class and this was all coordinated by the counselor. This is a great school because of so many wonderful teachers here. Our math teacher (I won't mention her name because she is so humble she might not like this) is amazing. As a parent, I am surprised at all the little miracles that goes on daily in this school. Just want to be a kid again and attend this school!!!!

- submitted by a parent
December 19, 2014
The teachers are phenomenal, engaging and excited about students learning! High expectations with a lot of support. Excellent IT, math and physics departments. Love it!!

- submitted by a parent
December 05, 2013
At Peak to Peak Charter School, we have a little slogan that goes as such: "I will strive to achieve excellence in scholarship and character". As a student who has attended this outstanding school for 12 years, I see that the vision in our slogan is more alive every year as I advance through the stages of my education. Peak to Peak is a liberal arts school that builds an "above the average" foundation for education. Our goal is to prepare students for higher education through a rigorous course plan and an advanced curriculum that will put our students above the state average on the college readiness exams, and will allow our students a successful educational experience. The staff at this quaint school work very hard to assure that their students comprehend the material in a no less than 100% manner. As a Dean's List student of Peak to Peak, I feel that I have a home at Peak to Peak. There is a prominent sense of mutual respect among the students; however students do have the traditional high school experience of friendly class rivalry! Peak to Peak is a safe and overall elite school and I feel very blessed to be in the Peak to Peak family!

- submitted by a community member
October 28, 2013
This school is awesome. Great teachers, the kids excel and a lot of parent involvement. Have been there for 8 years now and daughter loves it. Will stay until 12th and graduate. It is great to have the continuity of the families and teachers.

- submitted by a parent
October 27, 2013
I remain hopeful that P2P is still the school described in the comment below (Feb. 5th). Theirs is the vision we followed, like a star, to a remarkable school nearly 11 years ago.

- submitted by a parent
February 05, 2013
My children (all 4) have been at this school for 11 years. I love this school! If you're a parent that encourages and values achievement, and has an expectation that they will attend college then this is a great fit for you. If you have a child who has behavioral problems, he/she may struggle here. Academics are the focus. The teachers are kind and caring, and want to see each child succeed. One of the greatest things is the ability grouping. Students may skip up to another grade for math for example, if academically they are at that level, and each grade level is broken up into at least 3 ability groups. The intervention when students aren't at grade level is impressive; they get special small group instruction and are not taken off the learning plan until they are ready and have performed at grade level consistently. 100% of last year's graduating class (apx 150 students) was accepted to college. And if this doesn't blow you away, those students were offered $16 million in scholarships! That averages to over $100k per student. I agree it's not the perfect school for everyone, but it has been perfect for us, and all 4 of my kids (boys & girls) have thrived here.

- submitted by a parent
December 21, 2012
Teacher quality, in the elementary school, has gone down in the past couple of years due to hiring of under qualified people. The administration is very poor. The one just recently hired is not even qualified to be in the position, but they created it for her, rather than seek a good candidate. There is a very superficialness about the school. There are problems in grades that just get swept under the rug instead of being dealt with. The intermediate is very poor with regard to teacher quality. Parental involvement is very good, although, some act like it is a private school rather than a public. Bullying is handled in the typical 'Boulder' style with unrealistic solutions. There is good still but is is sadly declining, and the stagnant turnover of the non-effective teachers along with the hiring of para-educators who have been passed over time and again because they weren't good enough to get a job, finally get a job given to them without any search or competition. High School is Great! A bit rigorous, but good for any student that wants college prep.

- submitted by a parent
November 10, 2011
i went to this school i started in kindergarten and im know in 8th grade i earned a best friend named michael and i love it hear even though he left but i love the small fealing that this school has.

- submitted by a community member
September 21, 2011
I've had two kids graduated from P2P; they both enjoyed their time there and had reasonable success (4.0+ GPA). While P2P may take 'credit' for their overall success, I would say that the school tends to attract high-achieving independently-motivated kids, gives them multiple chances to succeed, and generally kids with good self awareness do a bit better. I never was that impressed with the school's hiring/retention practices with teachers nor their handling of varied grade dispute issues; however my wife & I thought the small school aspect and challenging academics benefited our kids. Finally, there seems to be an air of academic or scholastic superiority emanating from the school that is unnecessary and the endless pleas for money seemed bizarre at times.

- submitted by a parent
September 03, 2011
This school has quite possibly saved my life. I was accepted by absolute luck, and was able to start my Freshman year. At my previous school I was bullied, by students and teachers alike. I came to Peak to Peak and I was astounded by the outpouring of acceptance I received. I'm now a sophomore, and I adore my school. It helped me discover my true passion, and I'm now working on getting into my dream college. Simply put- P2P is fantastic. I thank the staff, students and community for being so wonderful about everything.

- submitted by a parent
August 25, 2011
We too are custodial grandparents of an 8th grader who started in 6th grade. We are so very pleased with the school. It is true that the teachers do not always keep up with their scoring. Our student has simply asked the teacher to update the grade, and they comply as they can. More importantly, the teachers make sure they are available to students to help them with anything they need to succeed. Our student has been on the Dean's List since starting P2P. Part of this success is our student's drive to succeed, the other part, however, is the staff that will come in early, stay late, and help in any way they can for the student to succeed. We think the teacher's are amazing. The success has also been our willingness to help at home, to make sure our student has a good place to study without distractions, and get our student to the teachers as needed. Do papers occasionally get mixed up? It has happened, and our student simply showed them his work and it was changed. Organization? We work with our student weekly at home to help. Is it perfect? No, but they sure try. Since we have to go through the public school system again, we are so glad we got to do it at Peak to Peak.

- submitted by a parent
August 24, 2011
I have been attending P2P since 1st grade and I am now a Junior. I love it here. Everyone is so open and inviting and I love the small atmosphere. Everyone is kind and I have so many life long friends from this school!

- submitted by a community member
February 16, 2011
Our son started at P2P in 1st Grade and is now in 9th. He's grown with the school and we enjoy the "family" of the school. Having a small campus with K-12 means that everyone feels part of the school, not bussed off to different campuses. The teachers and staff are amazingly dedicated to one thing: giving the kids the best education possible. Watching "waiting for superman" we feel SO blessed to have our son at P2P. Every kid should be able to get ahead in life by going to a school like this. I wish it wasn't so hard to get into a great school, and ALL schools had this level of excellence.

- submitted by a parent
November 28, 2010
I am afraid this school is not all it wishes to be. My son went to high school here and was a very good student, straight A's. He has always marched to his own drummer and wouldn't conform to their every request. The administration and counselors couldn't stand his independence, the teachers really seemed to appreciate his quirkiness. If your child loves to conform and be told what to do, this is the school for you. If you want a child that thinks for themselves and pushes boundaries, look elsewhere.

- submitted by a parent
September 14, 2010
This school reminds me a lot of that story about the emperor and his new clothes. Everyone is continually raving about what a great place it is, but honestly, I don't see it. I am the custodial grandmother of a seventh grader who started at Peak to Peak last year. We have had ongoing problems with teachers who have marked her homework and schoolwork as late or missing, when, in fact, it wasn't. In some cases, the work had already been graded and returned to her, and then marked as missing on the website gradebook. The teachers claim to be available by email, but our emails often get no response. The students are expected to have an EXTREMELY high level of organization, but the teachers are not held to the same standard. For the second year in a row, we are locked out of the website where all the homework and

- submitted by a parent
May 11, 2010
I'm a parent of an 11th grader at Peak to Peak. She's been at the school since 6th grade. I am amazed over and over at the commitment, enthusiasm, and support the teachers, principals and parents show for the students and school. Everyone works together and is committed to getting every student in a college of their choice.

- submitted by a parent
no rating April 26, 2010
It stimualtes overall growth and knowledge for students. Involvement of parents are encouraged and appreciated.

- submitted by a parent
February 13, 2010
I drive 60 miles round trip a day to bring my two students (K & 3) to P2P. We are nothing other than pleased at the instruction and care our children receive!

- submitted by a parent
no rating September 17, 2009
Keeps active minds engaged, and works to help students reach for and achieve high goals in school and in life.

- submitted by a parent
May 31, 2008
Newsweeks ratign of 40th in the nation was one of the founding goals. But what that does not talk about is the comaraderie of the staff when times get tough. We gave up our vacation days whenstaff members got cancer, we reached out to students when they had troubling times. This is a humble group of individual who work to improve the climate of the school ( see our climate results improve from below to above bvsd in the past 3 years) . I was repeated brought to tears at graduation, 8th grade promotion the last day activities. . We moved furniture and books, cleaned out lockers(yuck) put up shelves when it would have been so easier so have left at lunch. After 5 years of working here i am so proud of my school with their ground breaking initiatives. Thank you for the parental support and care-

- submitted by a teacher
no rating April 29, 2008
I tend to agree with the comment that the Elementary needs more guidance when it comes to parent involvement, especially for Homework. Infinite Campus might be the answer, since it works very well for Middle & High school (parents can easily check on assignments this way). On the plus side, the school doesn't let kids 'slide thru the cracks' (as it often happens in the regular public schools) for which I'm eternal grateful , but on the same token, one or two missing assignments can drive the grade to an 'F' immediately (they also have good measures to recover). Overall is an excellent school, but the staff might be a bit overwhelmed by the increased number of pupils in the recent years. One more thing: the kids are not the friendliest, there are a lot of abusive slurs which is disturbing to me, since is a school with high standards.

- submitted by a parent
April 30, 2007
I have been a student at Peak to Peak for 6 years and I have no regrets. It's such a great place to learn and because of the small-school environment, everyone is very nice, and you get to know basically all the teachers and students. Recently, we acquired an amazing new theatre teacher, and our plays are just stunning. The sports are great and I love it.

- submitted by a student
February 27, 2007
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
February 26, 2007
We have been members of the Peak to Peak community for 3 years. The school has removed traditional academic barriers and allows students to excel by appropriate placement and academic focus. Parent involvement is critical to Peak to Peak's success. Peak to Peak will continue to be a top choice of students and families seeking top quality education. Class sizes are currently near the maximum and negatively impacts the overall quality of education, even though it is still superior to other options. Communication continues to be a challenge, but has been set as a priority and we expect to see improvement in this area. Appropriate guidance of parent involvement in student homework (K-5) is also an area that needs improvement. If you are looking for a special school for your children - look at Peak to Peak - but plan on being involved.

- submitted by a parent
October 05, 2006
This is a great school! we're new this year, and both of my middle school kids love it! the teachers enjoy teaching, they care, and they make their classes interesting and fun. The other kids have been incredibly nice, and neither of my kids have seen even one person bullied so far. Another unique aspect about this school is that it's 'cool' to be smart and kind, and it's 'uncool' to be disrespectful, to smoke-drink-do drugs, etc. It's powerful to see kids encouraging each other to be themselves, and celebrating each others individual gifts. The school teaches to the students individual level, (there may be a 7th grader and a 10th grader in the same class), and this helps the classes be more efficient, and the students get to know each other better. Needs: better tech/computer classes, football, & a bigger library. Strengths: very strong academics/teachers, supportive and inclusive student body...A 10!

- submitted by a parent
September 19, 2006
Peak to Peak is the best high school - the teachers and principals are fully dedicated, the sports teams, such as soccer and hockey, rock, and the counselors and teachers come to school for the sole purpose of making us better students.

- submitted by a student
May 10, 2006
Excellent Academic Programs, good leadership and improving social climate!

- submitted by a administrator
no rating April 30, 2006
My oldest child will graduate from Peak to Peak this year, and I can't believe how fortunate we have been to be a part of this great school. When Peak to Peak says 'college prep', it means it. After only five years, its ACT scores are already the third highest in the state. The NCA has awarded the school its College Preparatory accreditation (only one other public school in Colorado has attained that status), and its graduates are heading off to prestigious colleges. Not only is it succeeding academically, they are the state champions in both soccer and hockey this year! It took vision and leadership to build such a strong program in such a short period of time.

- submitted by a parent
March 21, 2006
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
February 14, 2006
Peak to Peak is a Magnet and it brings in students from the surrounding areas. It has some great teahers like Mrs Roob, Mrs Freeman and Mrs Henning who go above and beyond and teach the children. Tony Fontana is great Principal.

- submitted by a parent
November 20, 2005
Terrific academic program. Teachers and staff very responsive to parental concerns. Students get to know teachers well because of small high school size. Could be more extracurricular activities, but these are increasing as the high school grows.

- submitted by a parent
August 10, 2005
My started P2P inaurgrial yr, 5 years ago. The 1st 2 yrs were inspiring. The teachers knew the students & worked w/weakness & strengths. Inspiring. Subsequent years the quality & accountability of character education & teacher participationg has declined. The ability grouping is working but not as actively utlized throughout the school year as it could be. The biggest complaint for myself & when talking with other parents is lack of organization (use of a sylibus) by the teacher. Comminication on the semester work load and schedule NEEDS drastic improvement. Student and parents are left guessing what is due and when. This year I plan on making a sylibus with my son & have he work thru it. I don't want him to do too much extra work but better than finding out about missing work.

- submitted by a parent
May 16, 2005
academic programs are very high in standard and is quite suitable for all students. this is mostly because the school will place your child to how he/she is academically in development. though the teachers are of high prestige i have noticed that some, but very few, of these teachers are not quite suitable to handle teaching high school students. the environment of the school also seems to be slowly declining each year and has been doing quite poorly. as for the extracurricular activites there's a fair selection but there are many that i'd rather them have that they don't i.e. football, shop, hockey and other such classes. the level of parent involvement is at the most i have seen any school because it was and still is primarily funded by parents.

- submitted by a former student
May 15, 2005
Peak to Peak is now in its fifth year. We have two high school students who have attended for four of those years, and we could not be more pleased with the quality of their education. The school says it is college prep, and it has gone out of its way to stay true to its mission. This is wonderful in a public school! The school has continually added new AP classes and extracurricular activities. There are great electives in music, art, and other areas. My kids have great friends who are involved in school activities and their community. Finally, many of my own friends are those I've met while volunteering at the school. It is a great community!

- submitted by a parent
April 11, 2005
Peak to Peak is one of the most amazing schools I've ever seen, and undoubtedly the best in the area. In its fourth year, Peak to Peak will have 20 AP Classes by next year alone. Peak to Peak also participates in the CU Succeed Gold Program, among other programs. There is a strong music and are program, with AP Music Theory being one of the AP classes, and CU Succeed Gold art class that one will recieve college credit for. Peak to Peak is developing a strong sports presence, with the Boy's Varsity Sccer going to state this year, Peak to Peak has Soccer, Volleyball, Track, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, and many more. Parent involvment can be almost over-the-top at points.Peak to Peak has its own Board of Trustees that govern the school. A few parents are on this board, and there is always ample space for a parent to voice his concerns.

- submitted by a student
April 04, 2005
We have been at Peak to Peak for four years. It has gone through some growing pains, but is a strong core knowledge/character education based school. The down side (or sides) are that it tends to be academically stringent which can be stressful for children. Also, priorities aren't always what they should be. The school is quite dirty. All in all, the teachers are very good as well as the administration. Parents are asked to volunteer as much as possible.

- submitted by a parent
January 13, 2005
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
January 06, 2005
With three sons are at Peak to Peak, we are very pleased with the education, philosophy, and atmosphere. Now in our 4th year, we have experience with the middle and elementary programs. Academics are challenging, yet there is a good effort to keep all the kids on track and motivated to work hard. We are hoping for more sports programs, but there are good efforts to develop teams in baseball, hockey, basketball, and soccer. Overall, there is lots of extracurricular to choose from, even for a small school. The parents here are incredible. As a charter school we do not get facility funds, so our district funds pay the rent = smaller budget than most schools. Parents do a lot and I see incredible accountability and frugal management of what they do have. Great school for us!

- submitted by a parent
October 21, 2004
Peak to Peak has been a wonderful experience for my children. With its college prep, liberal arts focus it has strong academics that include the arts, drama, music, etc. It is a good size. The students are known, but there are plenty of sports and other extracurricular activities.

- submitted by a parent
October 19, 2004
My daughter is in her sophomore year at Peak to Peak Charter School. She started as a freshman last year having graduated from an academically rigorous K-8 private school. Last year there were some curriculum improvements needed in science and math at that grade level, this year seems to be much improved. Peak to Peak is still so new, it improves by leaps and bounds each year. We are very impressed by the parent involvement, the students themselves, the responsive administration and the teacher dedication. Extracurricular activities continue to grow, the academics are continuing to become more rigorous. We especially apprreciate the size of the school and feel every student is valued and encouraged. The disciplinary issues are apparently minor, due to the emphasis on character education. Peak to Peak has been an extraordinary high school experience for our daughter. We drive 35 minutes each way and don't regret one minute.

- submitted by a parent

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Peak To Peak Charter School
800 Merlin Dr, Lafayette, CO  80026
(303) 453-4600
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