Details overview

Hours 07:40 AM - 02:45 PM
School leader Forjan, Jeffery
District Indian River School District
Transportation options Yes
Preschool capacity 0


Basic school information

Dress code None
Day or Boarding offered Day school
Coed/Single-gender Coed

Academic focus and philosophy

Educational philosophy and approach to learning All North Georgetown students will develop explicit, purposeful academic and curricular vocabulary that is integrated throughout all subject areas in order to acquire and apply background knowledge and achieve a high level of reading comprehension with the support of families and school staff.
Academic themes / Areas of focus General - school does not emphasize one particular subject


Visual Arts
including: Band
Music Band
Performing & written arts None
Media arts None
Visual arts None
World languages taught None


including: Art room
Facilities Art room
Computer lab
Multi-purpose room ("Cafegymatorium")
Music room
Performance stage
Extra learning resources Counseling
Differentiated learning programs
Gifted and talented programs
Special education program details The majority of students with special needs are served in an inclusion setting. Some students receive extra support from a pull-out teacher in a special education resource room. North Georgetown Elementary has one self-contained academic ILC (Intensive Learning Center) to serve a group of students who require a modified curriculum to maximize their learning.
Special education programs Inclusive classroom
Self-contained classroom
Special education resource room
English Language Learner program details North Georgetown Elementary School supports our English Language Learners by providing them with a challenging, engaging learning experience rich with academic and curricular vocabulary that is integrated throughout all subject areas. This in turn helps our students acquire and apply background knowledge to achieve a high levels of reading and math comprehension.
English Language Learner programs Integrated 50/50 ELL classrooms
Push-in model
Self-contained ELL classrooms

Early childhood program

Early childhood program offered Yes
Early childhood starting age 4 years old

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Student diversity

  This school State average
Hispanic 63% 15%
White 28% 47%
Black 7% 31%
Two or more races n/a 3%
Hawaiian 0% 0%
Asian 0% 4%
American Indian/Alaska Native n/a 0%
Source: See notes


Girls Sports
Boys Sports
Girls sports None
Boys sports None
Clubs None
Extended care / Extended programs None


Parent involvement Attend parent nights
Join PTO / PTA
Organize cultural events
Organize fundraising events
Students typically continue on to these schools Georgetown Middle School
Approach to addressing and preventing bullying We take a proactive approach to addressing and preventing bullying that is consistent with the district policy and state law.


Academic award One of ten Delaware schools identified as "Beating the Odds"
Year received 2015
Academic award Delaware AYP School
Year received 2014
Academic award Delaware AYP School
Year received 2013


including: School psychologist
Staff Assistant principal
ELL / ESL Coordinator
Gifted Specialist
Librarian / media specialist
Reading specialist
School counselor
School psychologist
Security personnel
Special education coordinator
Speech therapist(s)
Teacher aide / assistant teacher
World languages spoken by staff Spanish
Staff details The staff at North Georgetown is committed to the continued success of our students. Their hard work and dedication, along with support from parents and the community, are the reasons North Georgetown Elementary is such an amazing place for students to learn and grow!

Class size

English Language Arts
This school
State average
Source: See notes

Highly qualified teachers

Subject Percent of classes taught by highly qualified teachers State average
General Elementary 100% 96%
English Language Arts N/A 94%
English N/A 96%
Arts & Humanities 100% 98%
Math N/A 94%
Science N/A 93%
Social Studies N/A 93%
Foreign Language N/A 92%
Geography N/A 93%
History - Social Science Grade 8 Cumulative N/A 98%
Economics N/A 96%
Government N/A 97%

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  • A highly qualified teacher for a specific academic area is one who has full state certification for teaching the subject, has a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, and has demonstrated subject matter competence.
Source: See notes

School leadership

  This school State average
Current principal's tenure (in years) 2 N/A
Number of principals in the last 5 years 3 2
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Transportation options Buses / vans provided for students
Partnerships with local resources and organizations Yes
Partner Delaware Technical Community College
  Boys and Girls Club
  Aftercare Program at the Richard Allen School
  La Cosida


Learn more Http://
Ways to enroll/attend this school Live in the attendance zone

Choice enrollment

  This school
Students attending this school through their feeder pattern assignment 92%
Students "choicing" into this school who live in the district 4%
Students "choicing" into this school who live outside the district (includes vocational and charter schools) 4%

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  • Non-Choice: Students at this school who are part of the normal feeder pattern.
  • Intra-District Choice: Students at this school who are outside the normal feeder pattern, but still within their resident district.
  • Inter-District Choice: Students at this school from outside their resident district. All vocational and charter school enrollment is considered Inter-District Choice.
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Student diversity DE Dept. of Education, 2014-2015
Class size DE Dept. of Education, 2015-2016
Highly qualified teachers DE Dept. of Education, 2015-2016
School leadership DE Dept. of Education, 2015-2016
Choice enrollment DE Dept. of Education, 2014-2015