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Public charter
Hollywood, FL
Students enrolled: 999

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1705 Van Buren Street
Hollywood, FL 33020

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January 22, 2015
This school is a horrible place for children. My daughter was doing well until she hit 3rd grade and it looks like this is the consensus. She gets way too much homework. My daughter is so stressed out at this school. She is in danger of failing and I know it's because of her being stressed out and overwhelmed with all the work they give. She will literally sit there from 3pm until 10 pm doing homework. My daughter has been trying hard and just can't seem to get to where she needs to be not even with tutoring and their Saturday school.

- submitted by a parent
July 11, 2014

- submitted by a parent
June 14, 2014
My kids were 1st year students once they hit 3rd grade the problems & bullying happened & didn't stop until Hollywood PD got involved.The orginal principle Leslie brown was fantastic &than the reign was handed over to Fulton,in my opinion & experience she will protect her staff even if they are in the wrong & seem to have a soft spot for the children that have discipline issues & ignored children like mine that were over achievers& rule followers- good kids with zero problems.My children were both humiliated and bullied by a teacher and I even took it to the president of charters USA and nothing was looked into nothing ever happened.Once I realized that the problem went all the way up the chain and it was only myself trying to create change,I cashed in and left the school.My children were emotionally distressed and the best thing I ever did was pull them out. The only positive were they were academically ready for anything because of the teachers.Most are good at they're job but with that being said my kids had so much stress put on them to score high on FCAT that that anxiety was created and has followed my daughter into high school.This school wasn't worth the emotional damage.

- submitted by a parent
June 13, 2014
My gifted well behaved straight A child will be attending HAAS this year. And throughout the whole process all I have encountered is very rude office staff. I have very respectfully asked for information regarding the log in of the website and I was barely not allowed to talk. I went to ask something and the person on the phone tells me "let me speak!!" I don;t understand why everyone in that office is so dismisive to parents concers. Yes! please Principal FUlton please let your staff know they should lve by their own mission "Professionalism: A staff that believes in continual professional growth, personal accountability, and high moral and ethical standards." I have faith that things will turn around!

- submitted by a parent
May 15, 2014
This school is horrible in every aspect. Rude staff, terrible teachers (reading daily email laden with grammatical errors makes me cringe), a challenging car pool lane containing enraged, rude drivers, and very unorganized volunteering situations that have caused me stress and agro. My kids are so unhappy with this school and one child who had/still has very high FCATS scores and Honor Roll has plummeted since enrolling here and has been extremely stressed out and miserable. My other child is doing well on paper but is also extremely unhappy with the school. School should not only be educational, but warm, nurturing, encouraging, and safe from bullying. On that last note, I have reported verbal bullying to the admin. only to come away feeling as if no action will be taken to correct the situation. I've also encountered situations where I had to report teachers for verbal abuses toward other students that my kids overheard in class. This school needs to reevaluate its staff and teachers. It's problem most likely starts at the top and trickles down. Get rid of the admin and start over. Please!

- submitted by a parent
May 14, 2014
Administrative Staff is Rude, Rude, Rude!!!! Principle and Goldman, Goldberg whatever his name is, they are a joke. This school turned out to be such a big disappointment. What a big waste of my kids and I time and effort!

- submitted by a parent
March 09, 2014
HAAS is a great school with a challenging and engaging curriculum. Our son has been at HAAS since Kindergarten (his brother will start in 2 years) and we are extremely pleased with all aspects of his education. The principal is an amazing hands-on woman with a genuine love for children and education. In fact, the entire staff is approachable, friendly, educated, and receptive to parent involvement. And parent involvement is a requirement in order to retain your child's enrollment. Parents are required to meet a certain number of volunteer hours depending on number of children enrolled in order to keep their spot. This is a wonderful perk for the hands -on parent (which I am). In reading the previous negative reviews, I cannot help but laugh at the comments about "demerits" (there are none) and that the children have to be quiet the "hole day". Is the school strict? Yes. Is there a lot of homework? Yep, because it's SCHOOL. It is our responsibility as parents to work in tandem with our children's educators at home and at school. If someone considers that "strict" or a teacher "not doing their job" then it is clear that those writing negative reviews simply do not get it.

- submitted by a parent
December 30, 2013
I had to pull my son out of this school because his 3rd grade teacher was mentally abusive! She had a teaching degree from an online school, one that is a joke! The other teachers have little to no teaching ability. I think the worst part is the mean, self righteous Principal (also has a degree from an online university), who is very obviously lacking people skills. There is a lot of bullying, usually by a staff member's kid or the child of a parent that volunteers a lot. Of course, this results in favoritism and nothing getting done about bullying. Bad teachers, bad students, bad staff, and bad Principal. Take your kids somewhere else, I did and they are much more successful and happy since they left HAAS. Oh, and they change uniform companies every year making prices higher and quality lower.

- submitted by a parent
November 04, 2013
This school is horrible,my kid was so excited to start the school,after 2 months I transferred him,this school is WAY too strict,for example:you can't talk the HOLE DAY,You always have to stay in line,the staff is so un organized,too much demerits,this school is not a good sschool

- submitted by a parent
August 25, 2013
It's a good school. How ever sometimes I got sad Because the intention from some teachers is to punish students For little things, just to show her power. That is wrong. They love To give demerits. For exemplo: This was the first week of the school, before the parents recieved A list of supplies, I bought everthing that was in the list. This week the teacher came with new stuff that wasn't in the list, But they don't give bo time for the parents... The next day they was given Demerits for the students, no tolerance... What they think? The parents needs to work. If they need the material right way they should up date the list Before the school starts. Any point that you try to bring the attention, the vice principal of the school, Mr. Goldberg don't care. He is the most arrogant person that I meet.

- submitted by a parent
August 01, 2013
I'm thinking about having my daughter attend kindergarten but I am concerned about overcrowded classrooms. Can anyone give me some insight on their experience positive or negative. Thank you

- submitted by a parent
April 21, 2013
My child has attended this school since K. It took a huge turn for the worse when the school expanded. The administration did not expand enough to accomodate the needs and the school is spiraling out of control. This has turned out to be a business, not a school. Teachers without experience. Verbal bullying among the students. A nightmare. I need to get my child out and have heard only fabulous things about Beachside, but the chances are slim because it is that good...

- submitted by a parent
April 17, 2012
As a gifted 7th grade student at this school I must say it is terrible. It is too easy and the staff and teachers are bullies. there is always homeless people sleeping right outside and you are not allowed to be a child. dont go to HAAS

- submitted by a community member
March 26, 2012
Part 1: My child is advanced only because he started school when he was 2. HAAS knew from the start (I had him tested in K and gave them the private report). When he got accepted in 1st gr in Aug 2011, I was delighted and hoped for a smooth transition, challenging environment and maintaining of his current level. First, his teacher said she had to evaluate him prior to giving him an enrichment program (fair enough, but although by the end of Kindergarten, he was reading the Magic Tree house series, it took her a while to label him). After 1 month into school and several meetings with the teacher: still nothing. He was following the same curriculum as children who were only in their second year of school. End of Sept, school contacted me to plan for an evaluation (again!) by an ESE specialist but said it could take up to 3 months! Then, as he was redoing what he had done in K (and was sad and bored) I finally pressured more his teacher (mid-October) telling her that nothing was changing, and that by then, she should know his level, and give him differentiated assignments. (to be continued...)

- submitted by a parent
January 21, 2011
I have been at the school for the past couple of years and my children love the school. I work at another school that my children can attend, but I love the academic culture of HAAS. Any prospective parents should be aware that this is a K-8 school and sometimes as parents of elementary children we don't understand the behavior changes and various expressions of middle school students, which is what the parent is speaking about in the last review. Let's face it every school or business will have patrons who love it and patrons who don't for various reasons. I love it. To learn about any school, a parent should take the time to visit the school as I did on a tour prior to enrolling my children. HAAS is a great school and the teacher follow up is impressive.

- submitted by a parent
December 21, 2010
I have to agree with some of the most recent reviews within this website. HAAS under the direction of Mrs. Brown (prior principal)excelled and maintained a disciplined school enviornment. Currently the school is under Ms. Fulton (principal) and has steadly crumbled. Absolutely no discipline! Visit the school in the morning prior to 0815 and you will get a taste! My two children are slowly digressing. I would love to remove my children from this atmosphere. Ms. Fulton went as far as to rule in the favor of my exwife concerning our divorce. I have no idea what a principal is doing interjecting in a divorce and overruling a parents authority dealing with a childs safety. Overbearing, clueless, very disrespectful! Good to luck to any future students at HAAS

- submitted by a parent
November 07, 2010
My son was doing fine in the first few years in HAAS.Well things changed for the worse in 2009 and 2010.The teachers were not giving my son a good education.My son always did well in math and this year he has been failing all subjects including math.How can that be ?The teachers tortured my child with referrals and suspensions.They turned a good student into a failing students.They made no effort to offer my son a good learning environment.I had no choice but to withdraw him from the school midyear and transfered him to Olsen Middle School.All my child behavior and learning problems went away the day I transferred to Olsen.Don't send your child to HAAS.You will regret it.

- submitted by a parent
July 11, 2010
As a parent who tries to look for the good in this school I have been tremendously challenged this year. Aside from various things I have heard from other parents and teachers, I have witnessed some very dissapointing leadership. The principal seems to be the root of all of the issues and even with some excellent teachers, the attitude and beliefs have all trickled down and "corrupted"what I use to love about this school. The principal has always been great at talking-but there is no real meaning behind her words, and once challeneged, skirts around every issue. She treats everyone around her in such a condescending manner and is very clear about her position on her "throne". She is power hungry, ignores and disregards all real issues, and only cares about her FCAT scores- we are not returning.

- submitted by a parent
May 21, 2010
I am so happy that the school year has come to an end. This school is not what it protrays to be. Some Teachers in this school are well beyond ghetto. They have train very well welcome staff but other than that this school is not good if you are looking for a good charter school HAAS is not. They do not inform parents of chld progress ...that online grade system is always outdated and not detailed. I am pulling my child out!!!

- submitted by a parent
no rating May 20, 2010
The academic programs are superb and the teachers are excellent. Students also have the opportunity to participate and contribute in a lot of different projects, trips and growing opportunities for them.

- submitted by a parent
April 07, 2010
I can't wait to take my child out of this school. The principal is terrible, she has a closed door policy. Children are not allowed to be children, they do not give them recess if they did not finish the homework. They have tons of homework, they can not talk in the cafeteria, it'a a reformatory. Ohhh! and don't even go to the science project. They pretend a college level science project on a 3rd grade child. So, the parents are the ones working in the project or the children will have an F. No way! There is no team approach, children do not work together in any project, everything individual. Do not get fooled by this school.

- submitted by a parent
January 26, 2010
I have two children that attend HAAS and I am not miserable but their is lack of excitement. Cheerleading program is discourgaing and our winter concert was a huge disappointment. On paper the schools is great but in reality it lacks.

- submitted by a parent
no rating October 08, 2009
Hollywood Academy of Arts and Sciences offers a variety of programs for all individuals. Also, the curriculum is set up to enhance skills and teach new skills. I think HAAS is the best because the teachers and staff always brainstorm together and come up with creative ways to teach the students. Go HAAS!!!!

- submitted by a parent
no rating May 16, 2009
This school is 'hit or miss' every year, depending on which teacher you get. Unfortunatley that is often true with many charters as teacher turnover is high and the good new teachers move on to public school where they get higher pay..

- submitted by a parent
March 08, 2009
As a mother of a 4th grader and 6th grader I would recommend this school if you are looking for strong academics. We came from a private school and the kids had a lot of catching up to do. Fortunately my children had absolutely the best teachers last year and this year. The location and facility leaves alot to be desired but the academics are top notch.

- submitted by a parent
January 02, 2009
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
July 09, 2008
HAAS is a great school and it will become even better when a new facility is constructed. The administration, faculty, and staff members are knowledgeable and plesant. Like any school of choice it isn't for everyone, but if you are looking for a small, nuturing, educational environment, HAAS is definelty the place for your child(ren). I wouldn't think of having my children at any other school.

- submitted by a parent
no rating February 18, 2008
Very disappointed in this school. Absolutely would not recommend to anyone. The school is dirty-at least my son's class is. The location is horrible-outside always smells of urine due to the unfortunate homeless living in the vicinlty. The only good thing is the police presence-too bad it has to be that way! My son will not return. Unfortunetely, this is the norm for south Florida schools anyway.

- submitted by a parent
November 19, 2007
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a community member
September 03, 2007
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
August 28, 2007
I believe Hollywood Academy of Arts and Science is a wonderful opportunity to give my child the benefit of a private school as well as the attibutes of public school. This school has a very strong parental support base. (receiving the Golden School award three years now) Many procedures and practices were put into motion by Administration, Faculty and Staff for the benefit of our students. The enviroment for the students is one of trust, security, kindness, tempered with enforcement of rules, respect for one another, and constant challenge of abilities students don't know they have yet. I love this school, admire the teachers for the incredible amount of effort they put into their classes, and with the continued help and guidance from CSUSA, Administration, Support Staff and Faculty the Hollywood Knights will emerge into society, ready, responsible and able to give back ....to those who follow. Mrs. Trudy Sacco

- submitted by a parent
December 21, 2006
I was very impressed with the school faculty. Everyone is extremely polite and friendly. Students will reflect what they see and they have some great role models! Keep up the good Work!

- submitted by a parent
October 05, 2006
We were one of the families that came in at the start of this school. We wanted a change for our children and were willing to take the chance. I am so thankful that we did. The principle listens to the parents and will make sure that every child is getting what they need to succeed. I know that my children are were they should be and even though there are not sports at this school there are places to do those things outside of the school and they are getting the Academics they need while at school! I also love that the parents have to be involved! Keep up the Great work HAAS!

- submitted by a parent
June 19, 2006
HAAS is a wonderful school!

- submitted by a teacher
June 07, 2006
My daughter just finished her 1st year at HAAS. She loved the school, teachers and other students. Her grades were good and she scored well on the FCAT. The school is new and they are still working out a few minor things. No sports. HAAS is a charter school and all parents have to log at least 20 hours of volunteer time.

- submitted by a parent
May 09, 2006
Hollywood Academy has been open for two years. Although it is going through growing pains as it grows and gets systems in place, I love it! The PTO is amazing and the administration and faculty are just as wonderful. HAAS' team is dedicated and caring. The amount of one on one time they spend with students and the events and activities they take part in is great. Overall I am happy with sending my children there. They enjoy and excel in the family like atmosphere. Currently the school offers PE, science, music, art, spanish and leadership. I really think more good things are going to come in the future!

- submitted by a parent

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