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Public charter
Jacksonville, FL
Students enrolled: 1,286

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7510 Baymeadows Way
Jacksonville, FL 32256

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March 08, 2015
I admit that when the school first open that a gym was suppose to be in place sooner rather than later. Now to hear that there is no room for a gym, was this not known prior to. There has been some ups and downs with the new principle however when a new person comes in changes are made. Sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse. This is her first year and we do need to give her chance to grow. We do not know how the coming year will be but for me this school is better than what is in my neighborhood. If you have a better option in yours use it. I wish I did so I would not have to travel so far for my kids to go to school. This is a choice school therefore you do not have to attend. Not to say that to be mean; just stating a fact. Do I agree with every change that has been made, no I don't. That comes with the territory. As far as the high turnover rate, teachers also left when Mrs brown was there to and that's not say that I did not like Mrs brown because I did. I am just stating that certain situations has nothing to do with the principle.

- submitted by a parent
February 26, 2015
My youngest son attends DCSB and my older attends DCHS which are housed at the same location. Do yourself a favor if you have a child with disability - RUN!!!! They would rather give your child detention, in-school suspension, or out-of-school suspension (which really is their aim - to not have "problem children" in their school) than to provide real accommodations. They call you to tell you when your child with ADHD is in trouble for talking too much or getting out of their seat or anything they are punishing them for, but never call for a good report. They give lunch detention if your kid's shirt isn't all the way tucked. Our head football coach was let go after he's been with these kids for three years NOT OVER CHARACTER. The school has always been a little strict but that has been heightened to the tenth degree under Stidham and the kids get in trouble for almost anything. The school does not provide transportation for sports, there is no gym, dual-enrollment is no longer available, the teacher turnover rate is high so your kids may develop bonds with teachers then lose them quickly, and they have 8 periods but only 7 count for grades. Choose another school! #OurLastYear

- submitted by a parent
February 12, 2015
The first few years at this school were wonderful. This year started out rough with a new principal. I think a lot of families were very unhappy. I believe a good school is a combination of both academic and an experience. Some of the programs were cut but with some complaints the principal has brought back choir. I think she realizes the need for more front office parking and is hopefully acting on adding more parking spaces. They are still fundraising for a playground so hopefully the kids will get that very soon, next year? The principal has said there is no room for a gym but I'm also hoping over the years they can make a place for one or move the school to a location that will house all the extras other schools offer. My kids all love their teachers this year and that's a big plus. Over the years I hope they make the changes this school needs in order to make it great for its upcoming high school students.

- submitted by a parent
February 05, 2015
I agree with the other post about the lack of leadership for the 2014-2015 school year. My child has been at DCSB since 5th grade and we use to Love this school, however THIS year it as all changed. Not sure what my child is learning, teachers are dropping like flies and the new principle is running this school into the ground. Kids can't use certain restrooms, they are being monitored in the restrooms. The kids are not getting the overall school experience and learning environment that use to be present while Ms. Brown was the principle. The overall feeling of school pride and family is gone this year. Kids seem less involved this year. We were so happy when our son got in to DCSB for 5th grade thinking he would be able to stay at the same school for high school and graduate, but we are really re-thinking about him staying for high school since they no longer have the dual enrollment for college and the high school is lacking in so many ways. Charter School USA needs to decide if they want to have a high school and if so they need to get off their butts and make the facilities at DCSB a school. BUILD A GYM, get a place were the school can come together.

- submitted by a parent
February 03, 2015
Last year my children enjoy going to school, this year not so much. They are asking to go back to public school. They dislike the new principal. Mrs. Brown was very involved with the students as well as their parents. The students have no relationship with the new principal and they never see her at the school. I feel like my children's education is starting to suffer due to the teacher turn over at this school. My middle school student has lost two teachers this year alone and my high school student has lost 4. This is unacceptable and these students need structure and positive praises. Instead they are getting detention every time you turn around. The rules are becoming so strict and the students are feeling defeated. My children are asking me to seek an alternative school for next year. I was very please last year and would love to continue them at DCSB but if things dont change I will not be re-enrolling them again for the next year. We are our children's voice and need to speak up on the issues our children are coming home talking to us about. Please dont think your child is the only child failing to succeed.

- submitted by a parent
December 07, 2014
I agree with the newer posts. This used to be a great. It's completely different. Both of my children have had great teachers leave after they were acclimated to their teaching styles. The sports provision is minimum. It seems for your children to get that rounded education, you must be a stay at home parent as most sports training is conducted off campus. The friendliness of the staff is mixed. While everyone seemed happy prior to this year it seems oppressive. The pricing for after school care makes this school comparable to private school tuition and is incredibly high at 15.00 day for after school care. we are searching for a different school for our children next year.

- submitted by a parent
November 24, 2014
I completely agree with the most recent post about how the school has changed and gone down hill. with the first principal, ms. brown who started this school, she was very visible and WANTED parents in the school all the time, earning their volunteer hours. ms. stidham has made it very clear, she wants parents out of the school. she screams at the students and they hate her. when asked, "how can we earn our volunteer hours if we're not allowed in the school to work" and it was relayed to us, "you can buy your volunteer hours" really? wow! how rude!

- submitted by a parent
November 04, 2014
If I had posted a review of DCSB a year or two ago, I'd have given the school a 5. Unfortunately, the school has taken a turn for the worse since last spring, when the former principal began splitting her time between three jobs instead of focusing on our school. This year, corporate hired an experienced principal whose sole job was DCSB. Things should have gotten better. Instead, things have gotten worse. The new principal seems to dislike or disagree with the mission of the school (which relies on volunteers and encourages parent involvement), and she started the year by alienating volunteers and making parent-teacher communication more difficult. Many teachers have been fired or have left. The school hired a disorganized, rude guidance counselor who left after only three weeks (her departure was a mixed blessing, to say the least!). There was no communication to parents about her departure, parents had no idea how to get guidance services, and there was no guidance counselor in the HS for more than two months. HS students feel babied because they are treated like the elementary kids, parents feel ignored, and teachers are leaving. What more is there to say?

- submitted by a parent
September 03, 2014
First school since I moved to Jacksonville to acutally make kids learn spelling by doing spelling test and sentences, first school to not discrimate because she is not from Jacksonville, I am very happy, I am not happy about the pick up yet or that parents are not interested in car pooling.

- submitted by a parent
August 17, 2014
To the person who just complained about duval charter at baymeadows. First of all, didn't you choose to send your children there? You were not forced to have your children attend this school. If you don't like it, leave and let the parents who are on the waiting list have an opportunity to send their children there. You are just part of the problem, and not a very involved parent if you are not offering or providing solutions. This is an EXCELLENT school and like all new schools, is still going through some new school growth and adjustments. The schedules are up and this was not a school issue, but a corporate one. It is not uncommon for teachers to leave schools for one reason or another, but for the most part, duval charter teachers have remained since the school opened. I am very proud to be a part of the duval charter school family along with many other parents and children. I am here to support my school and not degrade it.

- submitted by a parent
June 23, 2014
Not completely happy with this school. I will never forget them saying they run this school like a business hmmm. I moved both of my children to this school in 2014. I was not given all the information needed for my children to catch up so several times they missed out or were given a lower grade because of it. There were other issues but too many to name. The principal was awesome and followed up with me same day when my daughter was being bullied. But she has left the school. The teachers do not all seem to care .that s how it is in a business I guess here to get my check. One child loved it and the other did not and is transferring. In all honesty they have a way to go in organization and personal skills but I think that the office staff is great!

- submitted by a parent
April 11, 2014
I'm going to be honest...is this school perfect....No. But I dare you to find me one that is. EVERY school has bad teachers, every school has fights ( even christian schools) every school has it's ups and downs. This school is at least striving for excellence. When my oldest was in our neighborhood school, there were multiple teachers that just came to work to ride out their time until retirement. They colored everyday in 7th grade! At DSCB, Ms. Brown will give those teachers the exit slip pretty quick. In regards to bullying, that is everywhere too ( unfortunately).I wish to GOD parents would parent their children to have respect for others! When we did have an incident, they pulled the camera footage from the cafeteria and was able to see and know exactly what happened and all parties where dealt with quickly. Ms. Brown is a very strong leader and the office staff has always been helpful to me. Even when there was a dismissal problem, they were willing to listen to parent input and even changed the whole procedure based on a parents suggestion. That would never happen in regular public school. Ms. Brown is ALWAYS open to any idea that can make life at DSCB better for everyone!

- submitted by a parent
April 02, 2014
Love this school so good with kids and tons of activities to get parental involvement!!

- submitted by a parent
March 24, 2014
It is a great school. My son started here in 2013 and he likes it very much so far. Teachers are good. Excellent parent involvement.

- submitted by a parent
March 13, 2014
If i could give this school a negative 10 I would.. Worst mistake of my life putting my kid here!! The administration bullies your kid with disabilities worse than the kids who push them down (which they do nothing about). And they are quick to get rid of them for a few days just so they do not have to deal with your kid.. whos grades are good and behavior is getting better THEY DONT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT THEIR CHECK in the front office. Principal to Dean and their Asst Principal is aweful to. Do yourself a favor and save yourself the headache of dealing with this school and putting your child in danger

- submitted by a parent
February 24, 2014
This school is awful. I am a very involved parent with a child in 8th and 9th grade this year. Roughly 10 students have left mid-year this year because the parents pulled them early and sent them to Mandarin. Several more families plan to move there kids for high school next year. Instagram photos are constantly posted of kids and teachers while in class, photos of kids kissing while in class and "twerking". Feels just like public school, kids love it for obvious reasons. Very disappointing when compared to other Charter schools and other charter associations around the state.

- submitted by a parent
February 01, 2014
DCSB is a great school, our kids have attended for three years and have had amazing teachers, this is a high expectation school. The principal is amazing and parental involvement is required. AAA++++ school and I highly recommend it!

- submitted by a parent
January 23, 2014
The teachers and administration is this school is a good drama team. The all work together starting from the car line to the classroom to trouble the child and delay their dismissal and the P.E coaches go to any extent to hurt the child and the parents in turn. They have a lot of flaws in the system.

- submitted by a parent
January 21, 2014
Have had a lot of communication issues with teachers and some have been really mean to my son. This is his first year st DCBS. Honestly they need more ESE teachers as his has 3 grades by herself and he is not getting the one on one attention he did at magnet schools and to me it is affecting his learning progress. I am contemplating keeping him here the next school year and debating if this school is the best for my other children to attend going into K. Def looking at other options..

- submitted by a parent
October 23, 2013
As a student I LOVE this school. There are many opportunities to receive a scholarship, many after school activities, great discipline, and hard working students. There maybe a rare case of a physical fight in high school but, that's typical. Actually, only 2 happened last year compared to other schools when that's a daily "event" that happens at least a minimum of 4 per day. After that the principal really work her bottom off to make sure that our school has a clean environment. Also, the Cambridge program at our school is quite a challenge but it motivates us to try and go beyond our limits of education to show how much we as kids can develop to have brighter futures. If you want a really awesome school for your child from k-12, go here!

- submitted by a community member
September 24, 2013
MY son has been very happy here. Great school, teachers, principal. This is 3rd year & still happy with all aspects.

- submitted by a parent
August 23, 2013
This is our second year at DCSB and I couldn't be happier. My daughter loves being there and the staff is committed to helping the students. The school has a few kinks to work out but fortunately the improvements they need are things that do not impact student education (car line). The principal and staff are the best around Town! Honestly the drop off and pick up would not be bad if some parents would have a little more courtesy and respect the fact that we all are there to drop off our children and head on to work.

- submitted by a parent
August 21, 2013
Coming out of Kindergarten I was determined to move my son out of his neighborhood school for lack of support from the teachers and staff. I was seriously contemplating a private school for him. Then I heard about Charter Schools USA and the new school coming to town. I took a leap of faith to move my son from a neighborhood school to the brand new Duval Charter School at Baymeadows. We are now starting our third school year with DCSB! The principal loves all the students at the school. The faculty and staff are amazing! I couldn't be more pleased!! It was the best move for my son. My son is succeeding with an abundance of support from teachers and staff that truely care about the quality of his education and charater!!! You know they are doing a great job when the student can't wait to get back to school and says he wants to stay there all the way thru high school graduation!! Keep up the great work DCSB!!!!

- submitted by a parent
August 20, 2013
While the school itself is not that bad, the environment is like a public middle school. Someone brought a knife to school last year, lots of violence, just not very safe, as far as other charter schools go. The teachers let kids turn in assignments 4-5 weeks late, only taking 10% off. My child didnt really apply themself much at the beginning yet the teacher gave a packet on the 8th week and passed my daughter. My other dai\ughter worked hard and was always early in turning in work. Teach gave them nearly the same grade. That teaches our kids that you dont have to try hard but can still get passed through school. Shame on the teachers, they obviously want to look good with no failing students.

- submitted by a parent
August 20, 2013
Location is in the middle of a commercial area. The hours changed for the elementary children and parents cannot get in line to pick them up until after 3:30. It is a mess. today I am regretting my decision to move my daughter to this school after desperately praying to get her there. (lottery) So far I am not impressed

- submitted by a parent
July 31, 2013
We will miss DCSB this year as we have moved out of Duval County. We were very pleased with the principal, teachers and policies. My kids felt comfortable there compared to another "A" middle school nearby. There was not an issue of bullying and my kids did not witness one single physical "fight" all year long compared to the other middle school where bullying and fighting was an everyday event. It was a great relief. If your child is a bully, that behavior isn't tolerated at DCSB!

- submitted by a parent
July 27, 2013
My 2 wnt a high rated public elem. but emphasis not on kids, jst getting thru lessons,test Fri. & moving on, u got it or didn't,too bad no time to waste.Even teacher said I don't hve time mke students get it. didnt even knw who's principle she showed up to give certs.end of year.I found DCSB @ opening & principle said "not worried about FCAT we dn't teach to the FCAT,we teach ur child & "focus" on them,then they'll hve whts needed to pass FCAT" I knew its the right faculty.it's working both my kids hve good school moral better than ever & learn more,not just skim basics then I hve to pay for high outside tutoring,make up the difference.Prinicple is so involved you notice if gone frm halls,car park an event but she has it together with a wonderful staff ! I love fact teacher,staff aren't stagnit in their positions or growth,opportunities mke sure even teachers,staff r where they need be in order keep school improving & everyone upbeat DEDICATED! potential is recognized,nurtured.I feel teachers here hve best moral of anywhere.No more I'm here 20 yrs,not getting it done, oh well.There's no average here ALL students r nurtured to "their" highest potential no matter wht level that is.

- submitted by a parent
July 26, 2013
Baymeadows Charter School. Nothing but good things can we say about this school. Caring teaching staff, super principal( T.Brown), Awesome parent involvement. Come join us, be an active parent, make our school even better!!! Our school can only continue to be AWESOME if we ALL group together - work together- give your time, ideas, and money when asked. See how you can be part of the Awesome team. Be a part of the solution! make a commitment to DCSB

- submitted by a community member
May 28, 2013
This School has strong leadership and the teachers are on board. In its second year, this school is doing a excellent Job of getting the students to buy in as well, which in reality has more to do with the parents but nonetheless the faculty is doing it well. Truly a breath of fresh air The school is Cambribge AICE certified , which my daughter is a part of and is enjoying being in those classes with students of her level. In a nut shell my daughter is doing great, is always happy to get off to school, speaks fondly of her teachers, Dean and Principal and takes pride in the work she presents. All in All 11 out of 10

- submitted by a parent
May 24, 2013
Wonderful teachers, a tremendous amount of parental involvement, PE every day, enrichment classes everyday (art, music, Spanish, library/resource), the school is in a great part of town, and the Principal, Ms. Brown, is amazing - she truly inspires the children and gets them fired-up about school and learning! DCSB is top notch, and my daughter is a new kid since we've started going here. They really recognize each child's learning style (not one-size-fits-all teaching), and the emphasis they put on character is great!

- submitted by a parent
May 02, 2013
This school is great. Had a rough teacher the first half of the year who wasn't very cooperative with my sons 504 plan. The principal easily moved my child to another teacher. However.. if your child is not gifted then they will be in with the pool of kids that could be really bad or really good. Gifted program is completely exclusive from the rest of the kids. My child is avg and tries hard but did not qualify. I was told they are trying to rectify this issue and realize that making it so exclusive actually did more harm than good for the rest of the children. Otherwise.. GREAT people trying hard. Keep in mind...it's still a public school and ALL that comes with that.

- submitted by a parent
March 12, 2013
By far the best school in Duval county! Before my daughter went here I was looking to move to St John's county like everyone else does to get a better education. Duval county is way behind on education and even more behind technology. Nice part is the school does not reside in the ghetto like most public schools. Thank You DCSB Panters for everything you do for us as a family

- submitted by a parent
February 12, 2013
In its second year, our school continues to improve in the area of parent involvement and students are recognizing the positive differences in "their" new school from the ones they left to attend DCSB. Our goal as parents is to assist all students in their educational endeavors, not just our own!

- submitted by a parent

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Duval Charter At Baymeadows
7510 Baymeadows Way, Jacksonville, FL  32256
(866) 543-7872
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