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Do you have kids that go to Addison Mizner Elementary ?? (Boca Raton)


PeytonsMom January 3, 2009

Hi ~ We are in the beginning stages of house hunting in Addison Mizner school district. I know this school is A-rated, but I wanted to get some first-hand information from parents of children attending AMES. Is this school all it's cracked up to be? Do you have any complaints / concerns? Is it a safe school? Teachers / Facilities? Are most of the surrounding neighbhoods younger w/children? I used to live just across the ICW in Boca (14yrs ago) and it was a very geriatric area (not what I want). We have a 2 1/2yr old and a 13 mo old. Any information you can give me first-hand as a parent is greatly appreciated. We are leaving an excellent school district outside of Washington DC and I just want to make sure we're going into a comparable area. Thank you very much! Wendi

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wpbbound July 20, 2011

did you ever get any information? if you did, or do have any answers, I'd appreciate it.

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