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6000 North University Drive
Parkland, FL 33067

(954) 323-8006
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January 06, 2015
Our two daughters have been at MHOC since preschool and we could not be more proud to have them enrolled in this school. The teachers are very warm and the principal is very approachable. School is at capacity in most grades with a waiting list in certain grades. Education is key as well as teaching the children to respect one another. It is a excellent school for children to grow in their Catholic faith with their "second family". Highly rated!

- submitted by a parent
July 21, 2014
My children attended MHOC for 4 years and we could not be happier. The school is overall AMAZING. We have now been relocated overseas and are extremely sad to leave our MHOC family. We have had a great experience with all the teachers and staff members. My daughter has severe food allergies and asthma and the principal, staff, teachers and school Nurse were always on top of it and extremely accommodating. It was a great feeling knowing my daughter was in good hands and I did not have to worry. Everyone was very caring and loving and I highly recommend MHOC! I pray we will be just as happy at our new school.

- submitted by a parent
April 19, 2014
This is our first year at MHOC after attending another private school in Coral Springs. MHOC is extremely well run and has an excellent principal. There is a lot of parent involvement and great school spirit. Both of our children are thriving at the school and we could not be happier. The waiting lists to get into certain grades are a tell tale sign that this school should be on your list when looking at schools in the area.

- submitted by a parent
February 10, 2014
I feel that MHOC has so many great qualities that I project at my home that when my child is at school the majority of the day she is safe,happy, and taught with high qualifications.Our Principal and staff are amazing each year things keep getting better. So proud to be a part of this wonderful MHOC family.

- submitted by a parent
February 06, 2014
MHOC is awesome! The school principal, teachers and staff show to be deeply involved in the school happenings, there's great communication to keep parents updated with school information, I love the community involvement in the school, the interest of parents in the school's performance, progress and improvements. Submitted by a parent

- submitted by a parent
December 03, 2013
After attending prep school, catholic schools and a year in public schools during my childhood it was important to me to find the perfect balance of education and religion for my children. MHOC is the perfect blend. The teachers are very loving, the curriculum is strong and the faith is taught in a way that my child enjoys and embraces it. My 6 year old loves going to school and church due to the environment created there. She has been attending since preschool and you will not find a better program to get your little ones feet wet with school. I am so happy to see the evrionment we loved so much at the preschool continued through the big school! PANTHER PROUD!!

- submitted by a parent
November 10, 2013
MHOC is the best! The students, parents, teachers and staff members are so welcoming and treat each other like family. I've been a part of the parish community for many years now and my experience has been outstanding! The teachers all have a sincere care for their students and work hard to partner with the parents. Of course, there's no perfect fit for every family but there's a good reason why MHOC's enrollment climbs each year and has a waiting list in some grade levels. They're obviously doing many things right!

- submitted by a teacher
October 17, 2013
My child has been attending MHOC since preschool. Our family is thrilled with the educational experience he has received. We have always felt a "family" environment and also that our child is receiving not only an excellent academic education, but a strong Catholic, faith-based one as well. Over the past 2 years, the school has grown by leaps and bounds with more and more families enrolling. For the past two years, the local paper has awarded MHOC the Best Private School in Coral Springs/Parkland based on voting from readers.

- submitted by a parent
September 04, 2013
My children have always been in Catholic Schools and have had a great experience until MHOC. I am very disappointed in the school starting with the admin in the office to the teachers. In fact, we pulled our children and never even received a phone call or an email from MHOC. I think this act speaks volumes. I wish my children could be receiving a Catholic education; however, we are much happier now that we are in Parkland Public Schools. I would not recommend MHOC.

- submitted by a parent
January 14, 2013
This is an amazing School, I'm sorry people that did not fit in rate the school bad for revenge.

- submitted by a parent
August 25, 2011
2011-2012 will be a great year. School just started and MHOC is vibrant and the students are ready to learn. I love this school and so do my two children. One word can describe it....AMAZING. My son can't wait to get up in the morning and go to school. It is interesting because I just learned that many students just transfered to MHOC from another "Prep" school in the area since MHOC had better academics. Again....AMAZING. Truly Love it! Go Panthers!

- submitted by a parent
August 10, 2011
Couldn't be happier!! Mary Help of Christians has come a long way in the past few years. It is a very new school that has gone through a few growing pains, but it is really on the right track! The academics are fantastic and ever growing. Our new young principal is on the fore front of technology bringing everyone into the twenty first century for their studies. The staff is very caring and helpful. The teachers have always been approachable and loving to the kids. The Parents organization always has something going on, so that there is always something to be involved with! It is a very warm and loving place to send your children!!

- submitted by a parent
August 09, 2011
My family's experience at MHOC has been great! I have two children and both are receiving an outstanding Catholic eduction. Last year, my son was in the 5th grade and the school arranged for BSO to come to the class and speak on multiple occasions about bullying on and off the internet. I also know first hand that the new principal has implemented a "0 tolerance" policy for bullying and an Anti-bullying Week so I don't know where some people get their information. My children's teachers have been extremely nurturing and have always gone above the call of duty. Of course anyone can find something to nitpick about a school but my family and I are huge supporters of Mary Help! If you want a school that will challenge your child academically, spiritually, and physically, you don't need to look any further. Going on our 6th year and happier than ever!

- submitted by a parent
June 03, 2011
Pulled my children out of MHOC and have been happy ever since. Bullying is a REAL ISSUE at MHOC and while, yes, you will get that everywhere, at least in the public schools in Parkland they now have policies to adhere to and programs taught to the students by the sheriff's department on bullying. Whereas at MHOC, it's made up as you go and without any satisfactory conclusion! We had hoped to see changes throughout the years but have had it. Had been at the school for over 5 years and probably stayed longer than should have..academics aren't really any better than the Parkland schools, in fact, you get a lot more services (that you don't have to pay for) through the broward county school system. Some of the MHOC teachers can be harsh or just disinterested (I had a teacher refer to my child not by his name but as 'that one'). The HAS (their PTA equivalent) is entrenched and really needs to give other parents the opportunity to participate. And families have left in droves - two years ago, 16 families in just the 5th grade left! If that isn't a drove I don't know what is..the new principal is an improvement but I agree he still needs to clean house in the faculty and HAS..good luck!

- submitted by a parent
May 29, 2011
The academics at Mary Help are great, the new principal that started this year (2010-2011) seems to be nice and is trying to get the school in shape. Unfortunately, there still seems to be a problem with other faculty members and a few teachers. I really think the school can be great if he "cleans house." I know they are trying to go in a more positive direction of "nurturing, academics, and discipline," which I support and was one of the reasons I chose to send my children to a Catholic School. Unfortunately, I had to pull my children out of Mary Help as I found it to be lacking in the "nurturing" aspect between teacher/student; ineffective leadership by the vice-principal (who seems a bit harsh and extremely unapproachable); and an overall sense of unhappiness, whether you are dealing with faculty in Faith Formation, or simply going to the front office to drop off paperwork. Last year the front office was open, with just a counter top division, but this year they put up a wall with a small window. Was very sad to see this happen. I think the new principal, which is young, full of great ideas, and very approachable, will hopefully change things.

- submitted by a parent
May 28, 2011
MHOC is second to none! The faculty and staff are nurturing and provide a safe and structured environment. The school just informed me that enrollment has increased nearly 10% for the upcoming 2011-12 school year which clearly supports their fabulous reputation in the community. I also know that their 8th grade students test at an 11.4 level on the ITBS, a national testing exam. If you are looking for a Catholic school with a strong moral, academic, and extra-curricular program, this is the school for you! Did you hear their baseball, boys and girls basketball, softball, and track and field teams all won county championships and that their Math Team placed 1st at the St. Thomas Aquinas H.S. Math competition? No one can question this success! I have many friends who love this school and my kids do too....go panthers!

- submitted by a community member
May 26, 2011
School is great! The leadership and teachers are amazing. Children seem to be learning so much more than other local schools.

- submitted by a parent
April 14, 2011
We presently have two children attending middle school..the bullying is a real problem in middle school...the small environment lends itself to unforgiving situations.The current administration is distant and for the most part concerned about raising money only..The counselor or guidance dept. is a joke..The PTA is demanding and the elite parents that run the PTA are full of themselves...Academics are good if your child is in the AP courses...

- submitted by a parent
January 14, 2011
I removed my son from the Parkland public school system this year due to bullying that went un-punished and also poor teaching. We are now at MHOC and LOVE IT. He has advanced beyond our expectations and is actually receiving what we regard as a great education. He is currently in the elementary school and we are pleased that he'll continue with the school right through the middle grades. The school is warm, nurturing with a focus on the individual student. It provides additional support in areas that are required and places students in advanced classes to challenges them as necessary. The sports are great and the new outdoor cafe is wonderful. Great school in every way.

- submitted by a parent
September 19, 2010
This is our first year at MHOC and it has been extremely welcoming, organized and loving. A new principal Dr Brown started at the end of last school year and he is incredible. He listens, acts and is doing a great job. We came from St Andrew and it fell apart before our eyes. Now comparing the religious aspect of the schools there is no comparison. MHOC has wonderful, nurturing priests. They are at school events, they interact with the parents and kids. They are very involved and very Christian unlike our past Catholic school. It is a true Catholic school. There are 455 kids enrolled in this school. It is growing by leaps and bounds and it is so exciting to be a part of that growth. The curriculm is very solid and encourages growth. It encourages parent involvement in a support role and leaves the teaching to the professionals.

- submitted by a parent
April 12, 2010
I believe in every school you get what you put into it. Public or private, parent participation is key. Unfortunately, there are a few parents who either don't know or don't care that their child is a bully. Yes, there is bullying in the school. My child confirmed that. However, bullying happens at every school. As a parent, I can only hope I have instilled enough self confidence in my child to ignore it. The best thing about any private school... NO TEACHING TO THE FCAT! The teachers at MHOC have the freedom to teach at differentiated levels so the kids actually learn something. So far my child's teachers have been very strong, loving and supportive. My child's academic performance has grown exponentially. The 4th Grade team ROCKS! Can't speak about middle school yet. Hoping for the best.

- submitted by a parent
April 09, 2010
Sorry to hear about the bullying ; you won t escape that in public school. This is our first year at MHOC. SOME teachers are harsh. I love the middle school and have witnessed no chaos. My child has pre-algebra in 6th grade and accelerated language arts and literature. The elective course offerings are outstanding. The Elementary curriculum is far superior to public school. No, people aren t leaving in droves. The school has 420 kids with capacity for 450. If the admin weren't listening they wouldn't have started offering accelerated middle school classes and more electives. My complaints are the lack of a cafeteria, the politics around the sports teams, and some of the teachers are over the top harsh. But I'm thankful that I can send my kids to a school with discipline, uniforms, superior academics, freedom from FCAT, and avoid the toxic atmosphere in public schools including Parkland public schools.

- submitted by a parent
April 08, 2010
I have witness the bullying first hand. From children of friends still there and gone, as well as my own child's experience. After being confronted, one particular bully even admitted to bullying my child, yet we had no real resolution, until we finally just left the school. After several years at MHOC I now have to teach my child to try to take some good out of the experience. We are in the public school system in Parkland and have found it to be a very positive experience. The diversity of the student body, the qualifications of the teachers and staff, the handling of issues with professionalism and expertise has only reiterated my feeling that I wish I would have taken my child out sooner from MHOC. I am glad to hear that this is not occurring for all children. I only wish it had not for my child as well.

- submitted by a parent
December 04, 2009
My kids (kindergarten/3rd Grade) just started at Mary Help 2 weeks ago and they absolutely love it! We moved from Hilton Head, SC and they were in a wonderful private school up there-I was so nervous to move them mid-year. It turned out great. I love the school, teachers, and front office. They have been so warm and have bent over backwards to make sure my kids had no problem fitting in as they started mid-year. The academics are amazing--so far ahead of where they were previously attending. I am so glad I chose Mary Help (had researched quite a few other private schools).

- submitted by a parent
November 30, 2009
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
August 26, 2009
Wow! That person must have had a very bad experience. Our experience was quite the opposite. Very loving, and yes firm but loving, teachers and administrators. They now offer advanced as well as regular classes in middle school, lots of extra curricular activities, high standards in learning ad safety... well, i can't tell you enough. if interested, check it out for yourself. It is not true that people are leaving in droves. The school is almost full to capacity. The economy did cause some people to leave, unfortunately. Tuition has gone up and yet most people remain. My kids have been extremely happy there.

- submitted by a parent
June 30, 2009
Don't think just because it's private you get an outstanding education here! Principal is ineffective at best, Vice Principal is harsh, neither are very kid friendly. Middle school is a disaster, block schedule, no continuity, poor leadership and mostly sub par teachers with attitude. Principal has managed to pit the teachers against the parents, so no request is ever granted, regardless how significant or insignificant. Only high point has been wonderful parents and kids, who are all leaving this once promising school in droves. Get rid of the principal and vice principal, or lose your families!

- submitted by a parent

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Mary Help Of Christians Catholic School
6000 North University Drive, Parkland, FL  33067
(954) 323-8006
Last modified Mary Help Of Christians Catholic School is a Private school that serves grades K-8
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