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Pensacola, FL
Students enrolled: 1,490

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500 West Maxwell Street
Pensacola, FL 32501

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(850) 595-1500
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Teacher effectiveness: Effective
August 19, 2015
Some much more so than others. Most of the teachers though work with their students in and out of class of the students ask for help..

- submitted by a parent
Develops grit: Strongly agree
August 19, 2015
This school will help students work their takes off to achieve better grades, or higher level of team performance.. They do this by offering peer to peer tutoring, teacher to student tutoring and a truck load of old fashion encouragement..

- submitted by a parent
Develops respect: Agree
August 19, 2015
I believe by having students engaged in so many aspects of PHS students learn to respect there school and others work by realising things don't magically happen.. They happen with others work and input, as well as their own. This type of investing creates a level of respect that goes beyond surface.

- submitted by a parent
Develops honesty: Strongly agree
August 19, 2015
They have students read about academic integrity from the get go as Freshmen, then continue to help students understand what is co-working and c what is cheating.. This helps students doing to college not get trapped in "accidental cheating". Such as , no you and two c friends can't work on a assignment together, each take so many questions, then copy your partners answers verbatim.. Yes it happened, but then they showed then how group projects are supposed to happen..

- submitted by a parent

August 19, 2015
I have had students in the traditional program as well as the college prep program, AKA IB. I have found the teachers are open, direct, reachable and very helpful. Teachers often give phone numbers and many points of contact, they return emails fairly promptly. The Deans will talk to parents and invite parents input on how to correct disruptive behavior.. Whether that behavior is disrupting your students or the student is doing the disrupting. They have a zero tolerance policy on fighting, bullying, including cyber bullying If they engage in one of these behaviors they are expelled. This has created a dramatic drop in school violence and bullying. The staff has worked with us through one child going through many missed days due to chronic illness. They gave my student more assistance than I could have imagined, working through emails and phone. Many school activities are student arranged and policed for the most part. Teachers are always there and engaged but encourage students to take the initiative and step up to plate such as students organized a political debate between school board canidates. PHS offers many, many clubs for kids to join.. My kids even the more awkward non-social one of the group found two clubs to join. The only draw back is I end up driving them to school early, picking up late so riding the bus doesn't happen often. PHS is host to the only Air Force JR ROTC in our area, last year they had 8 National Merit Scholarship winners. Students were awarded more scholarships than anywhere else in the Florida panhandle, to the tune of $16 MILLION dollars! This school isn't perfect, it has its flaws as all large institutions especially those where the major population is those still growing physically, emotionally, socially at, a rate greater than they will at any other time in their life. Feelings will get hurt, people will get mad.. But at least at PHS people will listen and work with you no matter what your struggle is. Many want to label PHS as a bad school from events that occurred over 20 yrs ago. Those not willing to look at this wonderful new generation of PHS Tigers is missing out on some truly amazing young people.

- submitted by a parent

December 14, 2013
Pensacola High School is a pretty good high school as they come. As a graduate of the IB program who received a full scholarship as a result, I can definitely attest to it's merits. The faculty really care about improving students, but the real challenge is uncaring students both in the traditional AND IB programs. As a minority, I somewhat agree with the comment below about the typical attitude of IB peers. But they grow on you. If you pick IB, stay strong! I love you. Class of 2013

- submitted by a student

July 04, 2013
Pensacola High is an amazing school. The teachers are excellent, the administrators are great, and the overall environment is flawless. I love it there, and couldn't imagine getting as fine an education as the one I am receiving now. Class of 2015 out.

- submitted by a student

June 14, 2012
Wow, i am so suprised that people are really jumping on the bandwagon saying that IB is the only thing that is boosting the schools grades. I was in Health academy, and graduated with high honors. I knew plenty of general population graduates that did very well in school. Not because of any magnet program but because they had great teachers that care. My teachers at Pensacola High School really challenged me. They also made me want to be involved in extracurricular activities, and community service. If anything I feel like the IB program only causes division and a false sense of superiority (race/class/education). Only to disappoint the students involved in the program when they graduate because once again they are in "general population". One of my best friends went through this and she was totally burned out by the end of highschool. At least with the Health academy and law program, if you do decide to go into those fields it's considered practical experience and you have a leg up because you already speak the language. I even used my shadowing experience in health academy to get into P.A. School. No school is perfect, but I think this is a really great public/magnet school.

- submitted by a student

February 08, 2012
PHS isn't a bad school for Escambia County. I'm in the IB Program (and a black student) if you are a minority and decide to join this program (which is an excellent source for college prep) be ready for discrimination. Many of the students will be rich, white, and Republican. I felt more comfortable in regular classes for electives because unlike in IB classes, you didn't feel like you had to prove yourself to your classmates because you're a minority. I'm still going to stay (and recommend this program to other students) because of the great reputation this program offers.

- submitted by a student

September 18, 2011
All schools have there ups and downs. But why write or think about the negative. Sure plenty of things have happened but still thats just life in and out of school.Think about all the good things that came out of your school year there. And dont feel embaressed that your child goes there be happy that she or he made it this far and is still wanting to stay in school. I know thousands of people that go there and they always come back with smiles on there faces.

- submitted by a community member

November 01, 2010
I'm in IB, and I'm going writing about it and PHS. I hate PHS. With a passion. I'm tired of being pushed around and cussed at, hearing idiots in the halls screaming at each other. People fight over fried chicken for goodness sake! IB itself is wonderful, however. I love (most) of my teachers, even the GP ones. I enjoy the challenge of IB, but it can become overwhelming. I must say, though, that the Wikipedia page is true. IB was implemented as a last-ditch resort to save the school. I think that if the students themselves just cared more, maybe the school itself would be better. 'We' are currently a C school. Also, certain sports are good, others bad. Volleyball for me was terrible, but swimming was awesome! Also, I believe there should be WAY more parent-teacher-administration interaction/involvement. Lastly, the area IS very scary to be in every day. UGH.

- submitted by a student

July 22, 2010
I attend PHS. I am going to be an incoming junior. I am not in the IB Program. I am in the Law Academy. PHS, like all other schools, has its issues and flaws. Just because you are in IB doesn't mean that you are helping boost the school's grade. I found this out first hand. Many of the IB students that I know were placed in remedial reading due to LOW FCAT scores. So, this comes to show that IB isn't everything. I am an honor student. I have a constant GPA of 4.05 weighted. PHS had great teachers as well as students. Stereotypes and the school's location us what brings people to rough assumptions. PHS is a great school. The student just has to want to learn.

- submitted by a student

June 02, 2010
I graduated from PHS, was even in the IB program. Like any other school, PHS has its flaws. As many will attest, the IB program is indeed boosting the overall school grade. But its what any other city/state does with their lower grade schools to boost student morale and funding. If the school is dirty, then its your students who litter without care (including the IB students), if having a coach as a teacher isn't for you, then apply yourself and transfer to another class (I had the 'pleasure' of having a coach as a teacher for American History, by second semester he wanted to send me to the AP class but I just wanted a rather no-brainer class since nearly all my other classes where Honors or AP). As for the GE students pushing around the IB students, then its mostly because the IB students are too busy proclaiming they'rebet

- submitted by a community member
no rating
February 26, 2010
My daughter's Freshman experience has been terrible at this school. Her phone has been stolen twice and administration did nothing. Teachers that don't teach, and coaches that have terrible attitudes. The school itself is dirty. I am embarrassed that my daughter is even attending. Will not be here next year!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
February 24, 2010
this school is terrible only the ib program puts this school on any charts!!!

- submitted by a community member
no rating
August 23, 2009
unless you are in IB don't bother

- submitted by a student

June 28, 2009
I am a graduating IB student of PHS(2009!). PHS displays a general diversity from the academic programs,teachers,and students alike. Though the IB program had a wondrous influence upon the school,I believe the Health Academy and ROTC program equally make contributions of their own. I personally experienced the rigorous ,demanding aspects of the IB program ,while my friends of the Health Academy and ROTC also had to apply themselves academically. PHS also offers various sports and clubs that contribute towards uniting the student body with common interests. I have to agree there was growing animosity between students of different programs ,which I wholeheartedly did not enjoy. However, most teachers are very competent--the problem is mainly with the students and their willingness to learn and apply themselves.

- submitted by a student

June 22, 2009
PHS is currently a 'B' school. So, it technically not that bad of a school. I'm in the International Baccalaureate program. I agree that the 'general population' kids push the IB kids around, but it's just that they don't like that there are people who belittle them. It is not as dangerous as people may think. I feel as though I get a quality education. Being in the International Baccalaureate program is a great way to prepare for college. PHS offers many AP courses and the teachers that teached the IB program are the best. It is for this reason, I believe, that PHS is one of the 100 top public high schools in the United States.

- submitted by a student

February 08, 2009
I'm currently enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program as a freshman at PHS. I was referred to the school by my eighth grade english teacher, being told that it would be the safest school for em to go diversity-wise. However, when I look around all I see are the general education kids who crow the hallways and push me out of the way after betting mad because they ran into your backpack. The IB students are not as open-minded as I was told they would be, and had the impression that they would be. I am afraid to be in school sometimes. Not for my life like I was at my other schools, but for my mental well-being from close to everybody being so unaccepting of anybody different than them. Not to mention I hate eating and learning in a repulsive and filthy environment that the facilities turned out to be.

- submitted by a student
no rating
January 14, 2009
At first beginning, PHS, i was scared because of the notorious rumors spreading around such as 'You'll get shot if you walk on campus'. To be honest, if you meet the right people, you'll enjoy it there. I mean the facilities are poor, the deans are very strict in dress code, but it's not a bad school. If your educationally concerned, join the IB program here, it's well organized compared to my new school. If your socially concerned, like i said if you meet the right people, and are nice to everyone without snobbing them off, you'll be fine.

- submitted by a student

September 03, 2008
Like somebody else said, the IB program keeps the school afloat. I'm a former student, and I HATED being taught by coaches. They knew nothing of the subject they taught and their classes were absolute chaos because they just didn't care about teaching. Coaches shouldn't be forced to teach. The result is a bad education for students like myself. Of course, there are no coaches teaching in the IB program. I had sports coaches for almost all of my science classes. I passed with ease but learned absolutely nothing. I won't discredit all teachers though, I had some VERY good teachers. We just need to sort out the ones who can't teach. Marching band was great, by the way.

- submitted by a student

August 11, 2008
extreme lack of ability to stay organized, communicate with parents and the adminstration bascially only cares about football and baketball. the only thing that keps this school afloat is the IB program - if not for IB this most certainally would be a 'F' school.

- submitted by a parent

August 08, 2008
I am a student in the IB program at PHS, and it's been the greatest educational experience of my life. I strongly disagree with Mr. Reed's review though. I think a lot of us don't become arrogant about the general population. There are only a few of us who do, who are snobby to begin with. On the other hand, there isn't a single student in the regular program that neglects to pick on an IB student when necessary. Truthfully, it's one of the greatest experiences of my life, and the IB program itself, while there is a bad teacher here and there, is incredible. You're surrounded by highly intelligent students, who (for the most part) think just like you. I love it.

- submitted by a student

November 08, 2006
I have two children in the IB program at Pensacola High school. Through serving on a parent board, I have been privileged to work with the PHS principal, Mrs. Lewis. She is a strong, capable leader with the best interests of the children at heart. PHS offers strong academics with numerous IB, AP and honors courses offered. Students are often accepted into the most sought-after colleges and universities in the country. Sports, clubs and extracurricular activities abound and are available to all students, providing numerous leadership opportunities.

- submitted by a parent

October 27, 2006
I have 2 boys that attended PHS, International Baccalaureate Program. Both received the best education offered while growing from the experience of diversity. Not only were they academicaly challenged, they were given the opportunity to be part of the football, soccer and track team. The principal, Mrs. Lewis, is very competent and concerned that each student be successful. She is very supportive of her staff and willing to work with parents on all issues. PHS provides much more than academics; it fosters a true understanding of people from all walks of life, cultures and religions.

- submitted by a parent

September 05, 2006
Pensacola high school is very nice and kind school.The people is very respectful and they try to help in everything..

- submitted by a student

June 23, 2006
As a former teacher at PHS, I have mixed emotions about the school. I taught in the IB program, and those students excel, and truly are some of the best and brightest in the area. Unfortunately, they are so far ahead of the 'normal' population that they begin to think that they are far more intelligent than they truly are, and can be a bit arrogant. But there is plenty of time for life to humble them, let them bask in their glory. The normal school program is bogged down by a general population that does not value education who pick on the IB nerds. There are a few bad teachers, although most are just fine. In short, PHS is a very interesting slice of American reality, for better or worse.

- submitted by a teacher

May 24, 2006
Phs is a good school but the principal lack of intrest involving anybut but the football the team is a bad area to lack in. THe Ib PRobram is a bad thing at this school becuse of the fact that the anger between the regular children an the Ib ones are harsh to each other. The best part of this school is the ROTC program.

- submitted by a student

July 14, 2005
Overall a pretty good school. It was rated pretty high as one of the top high schools in the nation!

- submitted by a parent

August 11, 2004
PHS is a terrible school. The majority of the administrators and teachers are rude and closed- minded. They won't allow a student to show their creativity or to think outside the box. PHS does not have a healthy environment for a child to learn and grow. Some of the students have ruined it for others, because of disciplinary problems, so the school does not trust its students. The school staff is very unprofessional and use a lot of slang when they speak to you. I don't recommend this school to anyone.

- submitted by a parent

October 19, 2003
Pensacola High School is very dirty and needs to be cleaned. The IB is the only program (maybe along with Health Academy) that saves this epitomy of filth from making a failing grade with the state. IB is a great program and it's a shame that it was placed in this atmosphere. If this school were to be cleaned up, it would change alot of people's perspective on this school.

- submitted by a community member

August 26, 2003
PHS has an excellent program for the students interested in the health field. Also the IB program is available for those who can maintain the grades. Both programs are attractive and expose the students to a lot of what is to come in the real world ahead.

- submitted by a parent

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500 West Maxwell Street, Pensacola, FL  32501
(850) 595-1500
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