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200 North University Drive
Plantation, FL 33324

(954) 473-8169
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March 01, 2015
I love love love the school. If you are not willing to go in hand with attending church and settling an example for your children, being involved and volunteer and be part very day of your child's education this is not a school that will fit you and you will end up hating. At SGS 99% of the parents are on the same page as what we want for our kids, the school is vey strict and also challenges the kids academically expecting for them to excel which requires a lot of effort and participation from the parents. As for the amount of students in class to me it doesn't make a difference as I was educated in catholic school with 30 kids in class. SGS expects for you and your family to live what you preach. As for the financial contribution to the school they are very clear since you go to interview. Forewarned is forearmed!

- submitted by a parent

September 03, 2014
I have graduated from this school and had pleasant experiences, but mostly negative memories from the school and faculty it self. the people here at Saint Gregory will suck as much money as possible from your pockets, most of the teachers are really not great, some are completely incompetent, they can not control their classes and are often rude towards students and parents as well. The money they rip out of your pockets violently is often wasted on useless expansions. On top of that they force you, the parents, into slave labor, as you are obligated to come to the school and do a certain number of hours of "helping them out" or you have to pay a $300 something fee. All and all I find it pretty hilarious they have the guts to call this the GREAT school.

- submitted by a community member

August 05, 2014
Being that I graduated from this school, I feel I can have a lot more insight from inside the school, though the parents aren't exactly incorrect. The majority of the teachers at SGS are rude and they never seem to be able to control their classes because they're so big. They always acted like it was extremely difficult to do their job after the day was over, often not finding time to grade papers or put them online, etc. In one year I had 3 different English teachers, all because SGS hired extremely unfit people to the job. They are CONSTANTLY begging for money, even before the Church renovation was in question. Parents have to take off days of work to help out at the school just to make up for what SGS should be able to do by itself. What kind of school does that? Maybe focus more on what the kids who are already there need rather than flooding the school with more students and clueless teachers. Seems like money is the main goal. Maybe if it was spent on important things rather than expanding, it would have the same amazing reputation it once had. I had a good time at SGS because of the people I met and grew up with, but I could not wait to leave.

- submitted by a community member

January 21, 2014
I have three kids at St. Gregory and I think it is a great school. But it is not just a school. The church & school go hand in hand. If you do not regularly attend church and are not willingly to start then do not send your kids to this Catholic school. Furthermore the school challenges kids to perform at levels above their grade level. This means little Johnny will not excel at everything and will more than likely struggle in some areas. And yes, parents will be expected to assist their child when they struggle so the entire class does not have to slow down. This is one of the many reasons I like the school. It is a community (Church & School) with parents who were baptized at the church now being adults with their children having been baptized at the church and their kids attending the school. The school always have activities for the families such as Walk-a-thon, Grand Parents Day, regular School Masses, etc... where parents and siblings are encouraged to attend. I have a fourth child not yet school age and the little guy is up there multiple times per week. The large class size is due big families like mine not having their siblings turned away. Trust me it works

- submitted by a parent

November 23, 2013
Think twice before sending your child to SGS. The school has no enduring qualities. Teachers are rude, curriculum is weak, and administration is useless. What comes to mind when providing your child with a Catholic Education, hopefully kindness, honesty, discipline, and a decent education. Much the opposite here- I've never been more disappointed. The hypocrisy is overwhelming, considering what is taught in the Catholic faith. With too many students in a class, and a poor curriculum it is not worth it. If you dare to question, you will be shunned and treated like an outcast. Instead of teachers being encouraged to embrace parents and work together for the benefit of the individual child, they rather act like children themselves. I KNOW quality teachers and have experienced it first hand - trust me, they aren't at Saint Gregory!

- submitted by a parent

October 02, 2013
St. Gregory may have once been a good school years ago, but today it has major issues with its administration and curriculum. This year they moved around many of their teachers into different classrooms and the teaching staff seems to be struggling with adopting the new Core curriculum. Teachers have an almost impossible job on their hands, with over 30 children in each classroom. This year there is also a new pick-up system that eats into the already stretched school day. The parents are the life blood of this school. Without the parents and their support this school would never survive. If parents did not pick up the slack for the poor job SGS does in educating their kids, than many of the students would fall behind. We love our kids and would do anything for them. When you pay for an education, you do expect quality in return - not miracles. It doesn't matter if SGS has iPads or a new playground if the kids are not getting a quality education, then nothing else matters.

- submitted by a parent

October 01, 2013
St Gregory is a fantastic school. The teachers and administration are dedicated and intelligent. They keep the parents involved with the whole learning process. The kids are very well-behaved and extremely academically focused. I noticed some less than positive reviews on this site. Here's my take: (1) If your kid is a discipline problem but you think they're little angels, you will not like this school. The school has high standards for discipline and they enforced them. They also expect parents to an active role in improving their kids' behavior. (2) If your kid is struggling academically but you still think they're little geniuses, you will not like this school. When kids fall behind here, they expect the parents become active in the learning process and possibly to get their kids tutors for the kids. But, that's what I want from a school; I want them to let me know when my kids are falling behind and help us improve. Ultimately, if you kid is well behaved and smart, you'll absolutely love this school. If they're not and you're not motivated to get them there, then maybe public school is better for you.

- submitted by a parent

August 06, 2013
My husband and i are delighted to be sending our daughter to St. Gregory the Great School in Plantation FL. We have friends and neighbors that have had their children educated by SGG and are very polite, intelligent and forward thinking. While our daughter will be commencing at the 3rd grade...we felt it was perfect timing for her overall development. With the recent improvements to the classes in technology (Ipads, Ebooks etc..) and playground upgrades, as a parent we are at ease we made the right decision. Please consider honoring our reputable school and church!

- submitted by a parent

March 02, 2013
I am sad to say that I have seen a steady decline in the education quality and administration the last 5 years. SG has so much potential because there are so many caring parents that want the school to be a success. Unfortunately, many parents are seeing the negative effects take its toll on the teachers and students. The teachers work so hard, but are not listened to by the administration and our current Pastor, who seems to have an agenda completely counter to what the school needs. There are now plans to expand the PreK program, but they should improve the problems they currently face with class size, education quality and teacher retention. They ask for money at every turn, they require working parents to volunteer (or pay) to fill in for the schools shortcomings and then they have the audacity to disregard the very community that is keeping them in business. My daughter is going into 6th grade, and we have had to tutor her just to keep her up to speed academically. I have had serious doubts that SG is capable of preparing her for high school. The thought of moving her now is heartbreaking, but unless there is dramatic change, I just can't see a reason to keep here there.

- submitted by a parent

January 07, 2013
Does 30 students per classroom sound good to you? That's what you can expect from 3rd grade to 8th grade. In some cases there are more than 30, and only one teacher per classroom. I disagree with the previous review that said that this school is too strict. Indiscipline runs rampant perhaps due to the fact that no teacher can handle more than 30 kids in a classroom. Indiscipline leads also to poor teacher retention. The few good teachers that the school hires leave at the end of the year. To add to the problem now they have started offering PK2, PK3 and PK4. St Gregory has become a glorified childcare center. Extremely disappointing. Do not take what I say for granted: do your homework, go to the school and talk to other parents. For starters, just ask them how many students per class. While you are at it, also ask about Academics.

- submitted by a parent

September 04, 2012
Very strict, too strict, my son attends there and i'll be taking him out. There whole approach is that the children are privileged to attend. The teachers bring the child to the door and barely speak, a 20minute line every morning and I have to stand up in a line for 15 min every afternoon in line to pick up. The parents have to volunteer or pay, and the school is always asking for money etc.. I don't mind doing that but I don't feel that parents should be penalized. I also noticed that the boys in the school are very soft spoken and reserved... don't like that, I think boys should be taught to be firm and outgoing and manly...Also, its like a fashion show amongst the parents, and many seem stuck up and mean....So, I personally do not recommend..but if you like that environment..that's your school.

- submitted by a parent

April 08, 2012
Happy to be gone from this school, not only is there no help for children who need it (and to clarify a child with diagnosed dyslexia); the only solution is to hold the child back to "catch up". This possibly makes sense to anyone who doesn't know better but how will a child that is having problems reading the words on paper be assisted by repeating the grade. AKA, please leave our school we only want creme of the crop. Teacher turn-overs and poor administration, the change of principal alone over the last few years has been surprising. Too bad, it used to be such a good school.

- submitted by a parent

October 03, 2011
I am an alumni, current parent since 2006, & church volunteer. St G's is a good school! No school is perfect but everytime I turn around there is some sort of classroom improvement that is going on. A procedure change or equipment upgrade because a donation or fund raiser. And the changes work! Participation in inter-school competition shows that St G's is doing something right. They seem to seekout how they can improve themselves. Options to participate in various church minitries and a spanish mass at 7:30pm on Sundays offer the congregation choices to be involved. YOU are in the driver seat for your own involvment. If you can't find some way to participate, you didn't look. Raising your children Catholic and sending them to a Catholic School calls for sacrafice. Our Family endeavors to continue the tradition of pursuing a quality Catholic Education and that means doing homework (and extra homework) to achieve goals and support the activities going on in the classroom. This is not a "free spirit" school! You and your child are expected to behave accordingly and when you don't, you are called on it. I'm ok with that. So come and enjoy! This is a nice school!

- submitted by a parent

June 06, 2011
I think St Gregory has very caring teacher's, but is it fair to put them in those tiny classrooms with 33 children? Especially in the younger grades, when the children need more individual attention. We love the school, but the archdioceses needs to do something about the student/teacher ratio. We need to address this problem now. It really is not fair to the teachers or the students. We want our children to have a Catholic education, but at what cost?

- submitted by a parent

May 20, 2010
Parents tend to complain too much about the quality of schools, not to mention about the teachers. These are the same parents that do spend little or no time with their kids after school! No matter which school your kids attend, a great percentage of these kids will need some help in any given subjects after school. This is where the parents come in to help out. Do not expect teachers to be the 'miracle workers'. Parent must also provide tutoring support after hours.

- submitted by a parent

May 16, 2010
I could not believe the negative comments posted below. We have been involved with St. Gregory The Great since 1996 when my daughter started PRE K and we currently have a 7th grader. This parish helped my family when we needed it the most after I lost my job and our financial situation changed dramatically. Since we have been with the school we had several good teachers leave but now things are improving. The classes are large but the teachers are strict so order in the classroom is never an issue. The teachers are always available by email or phone and willing to help. I work at another school where students act much differently and when I get home I just hug my kids and thank the lord they attended St Gregs. God Bless.

- submitted by a parent

September 16, 2009
I disagree with the 4/30/09 posting. St. Gregory students overwhelmingly win interschool competitions for math, geography, drama, and writing. Iowa scores consistently exceed schools locally, statewide and nationally. This cannot be accomplished without excellent teaching. Tutoring has never been recommended for either of my two children. I rarely had to assist with homework because they understood the classroom presentations and assignments. There are large parent turnouts at the Home School meetings. It would be impossible to give everyone an opportunity to speak when over 100 parents are in attendence. Contrast this with a friend who told me 10 parents attend the PTA meetings at her child's public school and the school population is double ours. Fund raising helps keep tuition lower than that charged by other private schools. The church had not been remodeled since it was built decades ago. The discipline falls between public schools and military academies.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
May 01, 2009
My daughter transferred from another catholic school and the difference is huge! The teachers that she has are interested in teaching, not just getting through a book. Discipline is consistent (although a little unforgiving, as catholics should be). The appreciative atmosphere lends to mass amounts of parental involvement. The tie between church and school is amazing. All the fundraising is for the betterment of the church AND the school. Keep it up St. Gregory!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
April 30, 2009
The quality of teachers is poor, they don't give enough support to the students, but they have high expectations from the kids, otherwise, all they do is recommend private tutoring. They try to cohibit children from being themselves, all in the name of the discipline. The parents don't have the opportunity to speak during meetings. The main subject for this school is donations, money, the remodel of their church.

- submitted by a parent

June 09, 2008
Compared to other schools in the area, the classrooms are over crowded. The teacher retention is poor. Not to mention the quality of teachers is gets worst each year. Kids are less prepare to enter high school. The parents are not given the opportunity to speak or give input during Home Meetings. (PTA) The focus at this school is money and how much do you donate!

- submitted by a parent

June 05, 2008
The classrooms are over crowded. The staff seems determined to feminize the boys. The quality of the teachers is diminishing. The school needs to be upgraded, it seems that some areas are falling apart.

- submitted by a parent

December 06, 2006
This is our third year at this school and we are very please with the school with regard to academics, extra curricular activities, and well...everything. It's a big school, with a small school feel. Wonderful learning opportunities with great technological resources. We couldn't be more pleased.

- submitted by a parent

April 18, 2006
St. Gregory has outstanding facilities as well as caring teachers. My daughter is thriving there and I could not be happier. Very disciplined approach with very involved parents.

- submitted by a parent

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St Gregory The Great School
200 North University Drive, Plantation, FL  33324
(954) 473-8169
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