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Public charter
Temple Terrace, FL
Students enrolled: 660

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10402 North 56th Street
Temple Terrace, FL 33617

(813) 708-1596
(813) 622-7704
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April 13, 2015
As a teacher who is now completing my 2nd year at Woodmont, I love it! I have taught middle school for 10+ years, and Bullying, fights, drama is all part of middle school. I believe our administration team is working the best they can to help each and every student. I know I do everyday when I go in my class. Getting Woodmont to be a successful school is a job that all the teachers, administration and students are working on together. #Wildcats1

- submitted by a teacher
August 01, 2014
As with any parent, I have been seeking a school that would take on the same principals as I myself would like instilled in my child. Our children are placed in their care and are subject to their guidance and it is important that we all share the same values. Woodmont has help guide my children these last two years, and I am pleased with so many aspects of the lessons they have learned academically as well as daily life lessons. Most of the issues do not fall on the staff, I personally believe that it is the lack of involvement with many parents. In which you would find in any school. EXCEPT for the fact that you find teachers at Woodmont that are completely aware of the scenario and choose to take on the daily struggles still. I/we thank you! Give credit when credit is due!! GO WILDCATS!!

- submitted by a parent
May 21, 2014
We can obviously tell that the person who wrote the comment on April 6, 2014 is an employee from the school. The person wrote " We take care of bullying". Really??? Not so smart or bright. This school changed administrators and even added a person to handle discipline. This is the same person who was from Woodmonts sister school in riverview. And from what I saw on the website, he was the same person over there and did not handle a thing. The school still does not have small group settings and the kids left are leaving because there is no plan. The new administration came in like if they were going to achieve something. However, they have not done a thing. So much for charter schools taking over the public. I took my child out, not because of bullying. But I took him out because they were not consistent, non responses as I would not get communication from the substitutes. That is another reason, the teachers their left and they now have only subs.

- submitted by a parent
April 06, 2014
I have read many of the reviews and can say that they are even on both sides. Some parents feel the school is doing well, while others don't. I disagree with the parent who had to pull her child due to bullying. At Woodmont we take care to prevent bullying from happening. Anyone who is being bullied is asked to report it right away and the bully is reprimanded and the parent/guardian is notified. There are consequences for everything done at Woodmont. Good actions receive good consequences and bad ones get bad consequences. It is the choice of the student which one he/she receives. Woodmont is a good school in which students are given every opportunity to achieve and get ahead in life.

- submitted by a teacher
January 13, 2014
Bullying runs rampant with no assistance from the administration or guidance counselor. After numerous emails to all levels of administration and parent teacher conferences with the other child's parent we ended up pulling our child out of this school. A reported instance to the guidance counselor was met with a "mind your own business". When a email addressing this concern was sent , no explanation was provided. The problem with my child was well documented on an almost monthly basis without a suitable or even noticeable outcome. No child should be subject to the levels of abuse and intimidation that my son went through (including physical violence and death threats). Unless major changes all around occur I would not recommend this school to my worst enemy. It's a shame, really. From what I could tell the teachers cared about the students, but the students are out of control and making an unsafe environment for those who want to be there.

- submitted by a parent
October 12, 2013
I have three children at Woodmont, all in middle school, grades 6th, 7th, and 8th. This is year three for the oldest, and year two for the two younger ones. Woodmont has seen it share of problems from the beginning, but like anything running in beta mode, the bugs are worked out over time. There is no such thing as a perfect school, particularly middle school. This age group is the cruelest in my opinion. I haven't forgotten my own middle school experience. Overall, my children are happy, and so am I. I believe Principal Epstein and the new dean, along with all the staff, are working hard to make Woodmont a safe learning environment. The most unruly children learn their behavior at home, and their parents will scream the loudest about their children's learning difficulties being all the school's fault. Not so! If you aren't teaching your children to respect others at home, they aren't going to do it at school. Mr. Fisher is the greatest teacher ever, and has helped my special-needs son tremendously over the last few years. My children are not house plants-I can't filter every bad thing out of their lives-so instead I teach them to learn positive, productive lessons from all things

- submitted by a parent
September 20, 2013
woodmont charter school it got every thing that the student need like laptops smart boards it is the best school ever

- submitted by a community member
August 13, 2013
I am very excited for my son to start kindergarten! I've had my nieces and nephews go there and its awesome! Its all how dedicated you are to ur childs education. I've came from horrible schools and I'm a succesful woman. Can't wait to see what this school year brings!!

- submitted by a parent
August 05, 2013
The school isn't bad its just the students ran the teacher`s out. I went there last year for 6th grade most of my classmates where making fun of the teacher`s.

- submitted by a community member
July 08, 2013
First off the last post has some misinfo in it. The fights upstairs YES---but what school has no fights? FIND it! & the teacher hospitalized--she was trying to help a situation & she fell on the way. My child has been in this school since K & she will be in 2nd in the fall & she has not learned new words--she has not learned anything of what is posted below. Your teacher sounds like the problem---she left? HRM---you sure about that? If the teacher is doing what they should be then that kind of talk/actions would not be happening. Again I have posted on here several times, & my child loves the school, this yr will be better then the last. Our new principal is going to be great, as was ours last yr. I am a very visible figure at the school & continue to be. I find it sad that our school functions--carnival/bingo & such like we hardly get the parental precip, but we offer a FREE brkfst & get close to 400 to attend. You speak of problems? I wk w/ the public & have not seen more rude parents,& disrespectful parents, not following car line, using foul lang. on school grounds, that is the problem--Wonder where these children you speak of learn it? Lets get to the root of the prob here!

- submitted by a parent
July 07, 2013
I wish there was an option to put zero stars, this school is terrible. From fights upstairs where teachers get hospitalized to threatening letters that get sent to this school from children that attend the school. This school has it "all". We sent our son here in hopes of a better education than our local school and boy did he get an education.... He learned how to say every bad work known to man (HE'S SIX) and learned what the middle finger stands for and he learned to sound like he was from the hood. This school is TERRIBLE. The only redeeming factor about this school was his teacher, but she has left. This school is a nightmare, DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD HERE! I will not be surprised if this school looses it charter in the coming year or two.

- submitted by a parent
June 28, 2013
My son went to this school for a 1.5 years. The beginning of 2nd grade I was impressed..after 2 months the horror started. As a mother of a 7 yr old I know very well how boys look at the end of the day, and a teacher should know even better but to my shock my the teacher asked my son if he ever takes a shower! I was disgusted. I called the teacher and wrote a letter to her to inform her that my son has allergies which cause him severe headaches, the office told me to get a letter from his doctor, which I had intended to get. The samd day my son told the teacher he has a headache and she kept ignoring him asking him to be quiet. He started throwing up and was rushed to the ER! My poor son was terrified! I was a teacher myself and i know kids can be challenging at that age but if you can't handle it do a job where you dont have to deal with it! Instead of putting kids at risk! I let him go threre the next year but took him out in a few months because he had no teacher! He was constantly bullied and always begged me to take him out because the language the kids used he said was awful! I WOULD NOT recommend this school to ANYONE! I give it a 0 out of 10!

- submitted by a parent
June 04, 2013
I'm another disappointed parent of a 6th grader. I gave the school two years, I was involved, I communicated with all of my son's (ever changing) teachers at least weekly...and I'm sending him somewhere else next year. The poster that said the school is not going to improve overnight, that is correct. But if your child is a middle schooler, you can't wait for it to be better without it being a huge detriment to your child. I've met a lot of Woodmont middle school parents, and have yet to find a happy one. As for the review written by a 6th grader, that is exactly what I hear from my own child. There is something very fundamentally wrong if that is how the children feel. I've heard some great things from parents of elementary children, but I wouldn't recommend the middle school to my worst enemy.

- submitted by a parent
April 25, 2013
My daughter is in 6th grade at Woodmont and it has been a challenging sitution, to say the least. Every teacher is every subject has quit; they are on their 3rd teacher in language arts. They were without a math teacher for the whole 2nd quarter and only had 2 quizzes that the parents/students never saw the grades on. A couple of the teachers have decent control of the students, but the other classes remind me of the movie Animal House. They are academically behind friends going to other schools. No field trips; no working science lab. Some of the students are beyond rude and unruly and this doesn't seem to be being addressed. The kids that are there to learn have constant disruptions from the students who can't seem to behave. This school has set my child back academically and I will not give them another year to set her back further. I understand the lower grades are doing well, but the upper grades are total chaos, and the parent of the first grader on the previous review won't fully understand unless/until their child is in this situation; you can be as involved as much as you like.....it won't change the behavior of the other students causing all the disruption.

- submitted by a parent
January 08, 2013
I have started going to this school this year i am a sixth grader and i think this is the WORST SCHOOL EVER.I dont recomened taking your child to this school.I only get homework from two teachers thats why we dont really learn much.I have seven teachers and seven classes four of teachers have quit on the first month of school and some new teachers have even treatened to quit i know pathetic right?I have had a math substitute for about three months spring break is over and woodmont has not even bothered to get a new teacher and that is seriously not good.The only thing I like about the school is my wonderful friends the protection they give the kids at school i feel very safe there I also really like Principal Lewis he is AWSOME.I dont like that the teachers dont have any comunication with the parents so the parents dont know what grades their child is getting i dont even know what I am getting as my grades and I am a student.I have always gone to good schools and been a straight A student to almost failing first and second semester apperently.I really dont recomened taking your child to this school DONT TAKE YOUR CHILD TO THIS SCHOOL.You can see this is clearly not a good school..

- submitted by a community member
January 07, 2013
I will say that my son's 6th grade year was a rough & it was a rough one all around @ this school being that it was NEW TO EVERYONE...staff, admin, student, & community. My son has a 504/modified IEP so our school life is a constant struggle anyway, but, we have been blessed to have awesome teachers for the most part at this school. My biggest concern(S) are the lack of communication between teacher & parent & school staff & parent, the lack of VISUAL HOMEWORK, the lack of NO GUIDANCE COUNCELORS, the lack of ACCOUNTABILITY , poor attempts to enable parents to gain the volunteer hours when 1 or both parents work fulltime and have a fulltime extra ciricular sched for their child after school hours. Overall I like the ciriculum and I think it is challenging as long as the child is kept ENGAGED (regardless of the child's abiltiy or lack of interest!!!!) We are already committed to next year & my son is adjusted & comfortable at this school...I HOPE WE DONT REGRET IT!! I do believe in Principal Lewis, he is a fine man & a good leader & I like the assistant principal also, but, there needs to be HUGE strides between school & parent & again, WHY AM I NOT SEEING ANY HOMEWORK!!!!

- submitted by a parent
January 06, 2013
I put my son into this school because I wanted him to get a good education but I was wrong. My son has 6 classes and all six teachers quit before the first and second semester was over. My son got substitues in every class and the kids took advantage of this unfortunate situation. The kids learned to be disrespectful with their substitues and when given their class assignments, they refused to do their work. If I were to grade this school, I would grade it a "D" overall. I would not recommend this school to any parent.

- submitted by a parent
December 11, 2012
This is the worst school in the history of schools. My child has no teacher for more than 2 months and they have a substitute and they have not been learning anything. This is a 5th grade class and this is unexceptable.......I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- submitted by a parent
December 01, 2012
If you are looking for a school that will get your child ready for high school this is NOT the school..I place my son in this school for a year and half and I found out that he is still at the same grade level as he was when he first started here.. I have taken my children out of this school in hopes that they will be able to catch up before it's to late. Please look elsewhere for you child to attend. This was an awful place to put my children.

- submitted by a parent
August 19, 2012
My kids went to this school for half a year. It was a horrible school.The sixth grade teachers were leaving one by one,my daughter said she could not learn in that environment .They said my daughter needed help with reading.My son which was in K receive speech did not receive it due to the school losing his paperwork.I put both of them back in public school which my sixth grader was back in all honor classes not needing help with reading.After I withdrew them I was told they did not give their new school the paperwork until months later so my sixth grader was placed in classes based on her previous year testing before this school.

- submitted by a parent
August 12, 2012
My son was in K last year 2011-2012 and he had an awesome first year of school. I am a very involved parent doing all I could to help the entire school make it through a challenging opening year. I like the new principal and I feel he has a solid plan to move the school forward. The curriculum is great and the teachers are committed.

- submitted by a parent
July 25, 2012
I wish I could give this school lower then 1 star. I too am a member of the PTSC and VERY INVOLVED. I think that parents with only kindergarten then you may have high hopes for the school but any parent with a child over 2nd grade is very doubtful that the school will pull it around this year. I think a 5 - 6 year plan is hopeful. Mr. Verdier told me personally he felt the school would be where they wanted by the time kindergarten was entering 8th grade for me and my family that is too long to wait. I really wish this school the best but feel that it has too far to go and that administration isn't willing to do what is necessary to make this school great.

- submitted by a parent
June 18, 2012
This school has outstanding teachers who care about the students. I believe the new administration will take Woodmont to the next level of greatness, and I am happy with the education my children have received. We can't wait for next year to start to see the changes the new year will bring.

- submitted by a parent
June 07, 2012
This school is not what it claims. The students are out of control, and the staff is NOT supported by administration. First principal was fired, board of directors director came in the "clean up the school" never saw him there, and I have logged over 200 volunteer hours. The new principal seems to think punishing kindergarten and first grade students is more important then 5th & 6th grade students. I had high hopes for this school and unfortunately they were not met. The individualized learning program is non existent, they do not teach to each child as they claim they just teach the FCAT, they didn't even have science books all year,their emphasis of teaching is on those children that are behind the ones that are ahead are basically forgotten. Only send your kid here if you want them to learn the ways of the street, education will not happen at this school until discipline becomes a top priority and the teachers are supported. I will say you will find some great teachers and staff at this school, I just have my doubts about whether or not they will come back next year.

- submitted by a parent

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(813) 708-1596
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