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Moving to Atlanta next summer looking for the BEST school districts(suburbs)


snbethel November 15, 2010

I am wondering what is the best suburb school districts for Elementary and middle school? any suggestions appreciated.

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tbell501 November 27, 2010

i moved here from michigan in june and was told cobb daughter attends campbell high and wants to move to either lassiter or roswell high. I would also look at schooldigger.....But East Cobb is prob the best area to move in!


magnydi December 18, 2010

East Cobb is known for many good public schools. Walton High is considered to be the top high school in the state (using SAT scores as the criteria). Off the top of my head, both Tritt and East Side elementary schools are highly regarded.

I'm not sure if it isn't better to send your kids to private school with the money you save on an identical house in a cheaper area though. I myself will have to make that decision shortly.


Tcclark1 January 1, 2011

Fayette county...hands down! All the schools in the county are A rated.

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