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It is possible to reassign your kid to a different school district, without moving from your residence?


Anonymous May 2, 2008

We recently moved and my daugther has serious problems adapting to new school, like insomnia, vomiting, lower scores, lots of absences. She said that there are gangs in her school, but she does not want to tell names to the school Principal, because she is scare. I talked to the Principal, he cannot take action on this matter without knowing the names of the students involved and he said that we need to move back, so that my daughter can change back to former school, because according to current zone attendance she must attend this school . I am not able to sell home and my daughter needs to change to the school in the other district even we live in this district (where school she is attending is located). I am really worried about my daughter, she used to be an excellent student and now she has really low scores and is so frustrated. I would really appreciated if someone have information about how she can be reassigned to other district, from Marietta district to Cobb district in GA.

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isismaat May 3, 2008

yes, you can. here in new york we have safety transfers for children who are at risk . you should look into if your school district has district family advocates for parents. these are the people who would help you with such a transfer.


Anonymous May 3, 2008

Oh Thank you! That's an excellent idea, because I can get support from families that has been in this situation or know simmilar cases. Thank you again!


marce24l November 6, 2008

what do you have to do to transfer to a different school


magnydi July 21, 2009

I know that the Marietta school system now has some school choice. Is your child in elementary school?

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